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Arrested Mother, Suspected to have Killed 2 Kids, Blames Man

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:42 pm Mon 5th June 2006

Dateline: June 5th, 2006 Japan (Intrepid)

A mother, whose daughter drowned just over a month ago in a river, is now under arrested in the murder of a neighbour’s boy, while police are now reopening the investigation into the daughter death.

After the police shied away from arresting another very suspicious mother again for the strange death of her daughter over a month ago, the same women has gone on to be arrested today for the killing of a neighbour’s innocent boy.

Asked in an interview by journalist touring the neighbourhood for the mysterious daughter’s death earlier, before the second suspected murder, the suspect states on camera, there was a strange man in a van that may have been the one who killed my daughter (and then threw the boy’s lifeless body into a lonely ditch by a river).

Well for men in the men’s movement we have heard this before. In the US women murders often point to some black man and are later given a softer sentence, despite the usual outrage that surrounds bigoted racism. Yet generalizations, it would seem, about black men & men in general don’t lead to harsher sentences in this equal world. Who knows how many men where killed or lynched on the word of a pure women, or a mother of irrefutable kindness.

At least this perfection of motherhood is unlikely to avoid the hangman’s noose. That’s right, although many like to claim the US is the only first world nation that has capital punishment, it isn’t true. Japan, and Korea, both use capital punishment and if Mommy Dearest is found to be convicted she will have some justified nastiness done to her (unless the UN wants to go to bat for her on the bidding of its feminist leadership).

Maybe Japanese men are more on top of things and this is why there culture doesn’t give up their seats for women, but expect younger women to do so for old men. Who are you to judge! Multiculturalism is all about learning from other cultures. If you pick and chose your multiculturalism you are using other cultures to push your agenda. Quite a bit less principled sounding, don’t you think?

It is interesting to note that the arrested women was seen bossing reporters outside of her house to move their cars and not photograph her house. I guess she has received self-esteem training and thinks that asserting herself (modern style) and then crying later (old style) will get her off the hook! As we know building the self-esteem of woman is always a good thing…right?

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