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Boshier 2

Filed under: General — dpex @ 7:24 pm Mon 7th August 2006

A transcript of some.

“You Sir, and your Alice In Wonderland court are a shameful act. We can but trust that Asher J’s reserved judgement will bring some sanity into this utterly insane environment.

Meanwhile, you may be assured that the protests against your staff and the sundry court appointed lawyers who work for peanuts and thus demonstrate they can’t hack it in the real world of practice, will both continue and escalate.

You have on your hands the modern-day equivalent of the French Revolution. It’s young and lacking force, but it’s growing.

Vive Le fathers! We have had enough.”


  1. not sure if i have said this before but the FC needs a good review into their decisions and an institution should be in place to which FC is held accountable to.

    that way these judges will tread with due care as is required by their oaths.

    Comment by starr — Mon 7th August 2006 @ 8:35 pm

  2. I should count my blessings that I got to spend the first 8 & 6 years as a happy normal , loving father to my adoring daughters . My daughters are coming up to young teenagers now and it is up to them now to come to me as I withdrew my application for access to them today . I told judge strettell I cannot take the corruption and prejudice from the judicial system any-longer . I derailed the gravy train of parasitic scum that started November 2000 when the maternal gran parents said to CYFS I was a child abuser . I told those lawyers what they were and said to the judge – ” You should be ashamed of yourself Sir .” He virtually admitted he is powerless in a situation where the mother will not cooperate !!! I said ” I am still waiting for the cib detective senior sergeant to get back to me after he said he would meet me 2 weeks ago after he left his calling card in the front door on the same day the judicial complaints commissioner struck out my concerns about his own conduct and behaviour “? The judge was lost for words when I said , ” no doubt more lies from the maternal family “. The security guard at the court said to me on the way out – ” Best thing you ever done as this court is a bloody disgrace. Don’t worry Mr Burns you’re daughters will be proud of you one day .” I said , ” Cheers mate as it feels good already getting this huge monkey off me back “. He laughed and all the lawyers looked the other way !!!!!!
    Hopefully the hateful system will back of me now as I have done all I can to try clear my name and I look forward to the day I can again experience supreme happiness and cuddle and kiss my beautiful lost daughters.
    Cheers to all the children denied their right to love their dad because of a vindictive mother who is backed by sick system .
    Regards from the trenches downunder
    Peter Boshier you are nasty low life piece of work who wouldn’t know the meaning of repectable .How long do you think you can keep on trying to hide your filth ?? Expect large scale protest from fathers who have nothing more to lose as your malicious court has stripped them of all dignity .Bring it on Boshier as you are just a pathetic puppet for the politicisation of New Zealand family law. We all know who pulls the strings !!!

    Comment by Peter Burns — Mon 7th August 2006 @ 8:41 pm

  3. Hi Peter,

    What you did today was a big step.

    That’s what I had to do in the end as the battle was taking my sanity. Well, to be truthful it took my sanity years beforehand.

    But what I did was spend the next year and a half getting it back, just caring about me. CYFS didn’t like it because I wouldn’t play no more and like I told them from the beginning happened. I said, “One day you will come begging me to take them back.”

    Oh, how hard they tried to not let my words be the truth but you cannot stop children from loving their parents or realising ‘family is the safest place to be and your family will love you no matter what, good or bad’ and they are the only one’s you can really ‘trust.’

    It was the best thing I did (in the end) because when they came I was ready for them. 100% of me, fully functional and without hate.

    Comment by julie — Mon 7th August 2006 @ 9:19 pm

  4. I,m taking my hat off to you people for doing what most of us don,t do,that is being pro-active and telling these nurds to stop trying to treat us like fools.I have been with my bro Peter Burns,on this 5yr hell ride.I find it hard to believe that the lawyers and judges have treated my bro to such a degree.He ,as you lot, are true warriors of the truth, that is lacking in so many parts of society today.Keep up the good work team,Karl Burns.

    Comment by Karl Burns — Wed 9th August 2006 @ 8:18 pm

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