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Father Arrested For Painting Courthouse Doors Purple In Holland

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 12:54 pm Tue 8th August 2006

Dateline: Holland
Author: Kurt Anderson
From: F4J (US)
Via: The Honor Network

AMSTERDAM – A man painted the doors of Assen courthouse purple on Tuesday morning to highlight what he says is system’s bias against fathers seeking parental access.

Police arrested Gerben Rorije, a member of the Familie4Justice group, for vandalism.
Rorije said purple is the colour for equality, which is a principle that is lacking in the law governing parental access. He accused the Child Welfare Council of preparing inadequate reports which were always to the detriment of fathers in divorce cases.
The protest at Assen in the north-east of the country passed off peacefully. Several supporters of Familie4Justice were present but were not arrested as they did not physically help apply the paint. The protest took place before the court was open for business.

Familie4Justice is an organisation that campaigns for equal rights for fathers and mothers involved in divorce proceedings. Figures by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) suggest a quarter of children do not have regular contact with their fathers in the first few years after divorce.


  1. Only yesterday I thought that our local family courthouse here in Christchurch badly needs a flick of purple with a 4inch – F4J all the way -Bring it on – in solidarity -dad4justice
    Below is a article from the dom post today that might interest a few .

    Fathers’ protests stir law society
    08 August 2006


    Auckland District Law Society is trying to broker a truce with protesters against Family Court lawyers.

    Fathers’ rights groups have staged weekend protests for months outside the houses of lawyers, judges and court-appointed psychologists, as well as targeting court buildings and MPs.

    The “botherings”, as organiser and men’s advocate Jim Bagnall calls them, have frightened lawyers’ children, led to the arrest of a woman for squirting a hose at protesters, and rocks have been thrown. Top Family Court judge Peter Boshier accused the men of pursuing vendettas because cases had not gone their way.

    Protests have been held in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Havelock North. In the latest, in Auckland’s Grey Lynn, a group set up with banners including a swastika and shouted “Give back our children”. They accused lawyers’ families of living off fathers’ misery.

    Auckland’s law society has called a meeting for tonight to try “to progress things”. President Gary Gotlieb said he told the protesters he would meet them if the protests paused, but he had to talk to society membership first.

    The society accepted a forum was needed to identify and resolve real, if rare, miscarriages of justice in the Family Court, he said.

    Retired judge Sir Thomas Thorpe had recommended the Government set up a Miscarriages of Justice Commission, and such a body might also look at Family Court cases.



    But the protesters were going about things the wrong way, he said, with individual lawyers attacked simply for representing a client in acrimonious cases where a winner and a loser were inevitable.

    He believed legal action against protesters was possible, but would prefer a constructive truce.

    Protesters say the Family Court is biased and unfairly gives mothers custody, depriving men of contact with their children. They say it is too easy for a parent to make unsubstantiated allegations against the other.

    Mr Bagnall said the protest group wanted a way for parents to resolve issues outside the courtroom, as less formal discussions could take some heat out of the process. The law society had been asked to consider acting as a go-between in such cases.

    Mr Gotlieb said the society could not act on particular cases, but could advocate systemic changes.

    Comment by Peter Burns — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 1:07 pm

  2. ges the reason Boshier wants a “constructive” solution is because it would look like he is trying to shut down a group protesting for the injustices should he proceed with legal action so he must be “seen to be acting reasonably”?..

    Comment by starr — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 1:22 pm

  3. I guess this man who painted purple did wrong as tagging is against the law. But I can understand this man’s state of mind and that he wanted to make a stand and by tagging at night he wouldn’t have got the point across as he did. But still, what he did was vandalism which doesn’t make a good and healthy stand.

    I wish I had got the news about the meeting with the law society. I have been e-mailing one of them about this as the men’s stand does make other charity trusts wonder, what is really going on. From my learning, they had been thinking about doing this for some time and they are also pressuring the FC for changes. One of them being that judges should not be the mediators anymore but that mediators should be independant of the court.

    I just hope the guys behave themselves. This is an important step forward and not a place to protest. It is a time for negotiation.

    Comment by julie — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 1:29 pm

  4. Good on this Dutch Guy. I am really surprised no body has burnt a family court down yet???????? Because it will be done someday soon no doubt. There is a holocaust occuring in New Zealand, a holocaust whereby children are taken from their parents and denied to them by judges, lawyers and bastard family members. Holocaust may be a big term but us parents are getting slaughtered by the system every day, why pay tax, why obey law when the system is against us, and when you least expect it will turn on you.

    I don’t know how but someday the government will have to heed our cries…..or else the only option is REVOLUTION.

    Comment by Heidi Poudel — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 2:12 pm

  5. Sorry, no time to post, I’m off out painting….well, if the brush fits.

    Comment by Wayne — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 7:54 pm

  6. I heard thru the bush telegraph the law society scum turned their backs on the good honest fathers who turned up to debate such a serious issue !!! Lawyers pretend integrity and piety and they made me vomit – I will go slap the dozens involved in my case in face with a purple paint brush – stuff the convictions !!!!Now thats bad behaviour Peter naughty boy !!! Who cares I don’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Peter Burns — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 8:14 pm

  7. Seriously, during my walk I had several people approach me to sign the petition who I feel were on the edge, and I am concerned that sooner or later someone is going to lose control and do something rash.
    This would be bad for them, thier family, and us, as the likes of Boshier would simply say that the action justifies protection orders, DV myths etc.
    I am however amazed that so far there has not been any serious ‘retribution’ for the injustices that are going on.
    Personally, I find it difficulty to restrain myself when I read/hear comments made by Boshier. He is so smug in his confidence, knowing that if any judge should be on the recieving end of any retribution, it would unlikely be him.

    Comment by Wayne — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 8:16 pm

  8. Glad to have you back Wayne, and thanks from everyone abroad. I prefer to paint by the numbers in situations like this.

    So are you saying Peter that they didn’t let fathers into a meeting to discuss reforms? Please I need to know details for that is a story in itself!

    The saying of “information is power” is once again revealed here. Many seem here to be getting emboldened by hearing what is happening in other countries, and that therefore they aren’t alone. At the local level it helps to see you aren’t the only one suffering, yet it would seem that when New Zealnders see the steps being ignored or undermined abroad they are quick on the take too.

    Yes, this is happening in all the western speaking nations all at the same time.

    All over Western Europe the same BS is going on, and it goes almost unreported. The only way to stop repeating steps already taken by activists in other countries is to have are own media network and stop watching those who seem to pick and choose stories according to PC principles.

    Use your energy, derived from the injustice, at finding ways to work with those who are reasonably flexible and involved.

    Quality over quantity


    I have heard over the years that others have tried and failed many times. My experience is it takes time, but I see success after succeess as those who do not cooperate get left behind, as others who see the need step forward to cooperate.

    Comment by Intrepid — Tue 8th August 2006 @ 10:16 pm

  9. Thanks Intrepid,
    you make an awful lot of sence.
    Learning from the lessons of others quickly can save a lot of time and a lot of misery. Given that injustice in family law appears pandemic among western nations, our propensity to act, analyse, learn and distribute reports internationally is very important. Our own ‘media network’ as you described.
    I have for a long time watched the news reports and websites from international campaigns, but not until recently did I consider that they might also be watching us.
    I guess it’s a bit like a community dance in a large hall….every one stands around watching what others are doing, but once one couple is brave enough to go out on the dance floor, it doesn’t take long before the whole hall is abuzz.

    As far as the Lawyer’s “How Do We Stop The Botherers” conference tonight, I haven’t been able to learn much at all. Has either Jim posted anything anywhere? I’m keen to know what transpired.

    Comment by Wayne — Wed 9th August 2006 @ 12:00 am

  10. Dear Intrepid,

    There is no information out, yet, that I know of regarding the meeting with the law society and the men’s movement. However, this a link you need to know of that belongs to Jim Bailey (there is some interesting stuff ther from Aussie at the moment)
    Handsonequalparenting yahoo group and Scoop where you can find stuff for Parents for children (scrap_the_ CSA, James and Mark)
    and Child Support from Stuart Birk Stuart Birk is noted by many men’s groups
    and this is a great page of his to get information gender issues
    and this is the link for the Father’s Coalition

    Sorry for my spinning out at the moment but I need a break to clarify my thoughts etc. I think I am in burn out mode.

    Comment by julie — Wed 9th August 2006 @ 2:45 pm

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