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Discontent within mens groups.

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 5:15 pm Wed 10th May 2006

There is some discontent within mens groups. Some feel protesting outside Judges and lawyers houses is going to far. The public is undecided – some disgusted with us, some curious, and some in full agreement.

On one of the recent protests outside Barrister Stuart Cummins residence, he came out of his residence and faced the protestors.

Mike Paterson challenged Mr Cummins saying to him,

“You lied in my court case.”

Mr Cummins replied,

“Yes I did”

Misconduct in the court is not uncommon, just unreported.

The media suggests that we are disgruntled fathers. Mr Boshier suggests that we are going beyond democratic protest.

In what we believe is a democratic country it is sometimes easier to live in denial than it is to face up to the human rights abuses that exist within the New Zealand Family Court. Imagine the damage to Helen Clark the great Human Rights Campainger, if Mr Boshier didn’t keep the lid on this one.

Quite frankly I don’t give a continental about her image, the governments image, or how embarrassed anyone gets. Is it too difficult to accept that this court has a direct impact in areas such as childrens ability to function at school, on suicide rates, on our work force, on the public perception of authority, on our value of society.

“It has all the hallmarks of personal vendetta by individuals who do not respect the legitimacy of the court,” Mr Boshier said.

Most people afford legitimate authorities the respect it deserves, and when they don’t, there is always a reason. If this court room is to regain its ligitimacy Mr Boshier will need to grow beyond a political patsey in a rubber stamp court room.

I’m with the protestors.


  1. Without my permission, and against, my specific request, Principle Family Court Judge Peter Boshier ‘published’ Judge Anne McAloon’s decision on the Femily Caught website.
    I wrote several times asking for it to be removed, but he refused. I also wrote to the Minister of Courts, Governor General, Ombudsman and many members of Parliament.
    I invite Peter Boshier to ‘publish’ the hearing transcripts alongside the Judge’s decision, thereby giving the full story.
    This offer will of course be refused, as it will show that the Judge is covering up multiple breaches of Family Court orders, perjury, fraud, child smuggling, immigration fruad, and obstruction of justice; all committed by the mother and her dispicable and dishonest lawyer.
    This would also of cousre put Boshier in a position, since he has refused to take his head out of the sand and investigate my complaints.
    It may also force the Government to initiat a Commission of Enquiry into my complaints, as it would be necesary to ensure that these crimes behind closed doors are put to an end, and some level of integrity is restored.
    BTW-in my case at least 5 sections of the convention on the Rights of the Child have been breached by the Femily Caught and those within it’s ranks.
    Helen Clark, I challenge you to do the honourable thing by initiating a Commission of Enquiry into the Femily Caught. Please wake up and put an end to this madness!

    Comment by Wayne Pruden — Thu 11th May 2006 @ 10:10 am

  2. the aristocrazy have no hounds to hunt, the family court is their last bastion for bloodsport…

    Comment by cwb — Thu 11th May 2006 @ 1:55 pm

  3. The comment attributed to me that I said I had lied in Court is completely false and is defamatory. I request that the statement be removed.The statement implying that I misconduct myself in Court is also false and defamatory and should be removed or a clarifying statement made.

    Comment by Stuart Cummings — Thu 11th May 2006 @ 3:57 pm

  4. Regarding the comment by Stuart Cummings on Thu 11th May 2006:

    go cry to boshier…

    Comment by cwb — Thu 11th May 2006 @ 5:02 pm

  5. Mr Stuart Cummings,
    I do not know you from a bar of soap, but I feel I must comment on your “go cry to Boshier” statement.
    [admin edit: this statement was not made by Stuart Cummings, it was by CWB]

    You will know that many parents who have been abused by the Family Court process have put thier concerns to Boshier, and from the comments on this and other websites, you will also know what Boshier’s arrogant response will be.
    You will also know that until lie detectors, external monitoring or auditing, open courtrooms, media representation, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the presumption that children have a right to foster meaningful relationships with ‘both’ parents equally, you and your like can lie and obstruct and do what you like under the vail of secrecy, protected by Boshier.

    I put it to you, that what I have experienced in the Family Court is very real and very damaging. It has permanently changed my life to the point where “I will not back down” until justice and the best interests of the child are both reinstated and guarenteed.

    The starting point must be ‘weeding out dishonest lawyers’. Perhaps you should consider a move to Australia, I hear the tax rates are great, if money is your thing.

    Comment by Wayne — Fri 12th May 2006 @ 8:09 am

  6. Does anyone have the contact address so I can cc Peter Boshier on a peice of correspondence? I want to get it right so I can rest assured he receives a copy – not that I belive he will reply.

    Comment by Al D Rado — Mon 9th April 2007 @ 2:52 pm

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