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Seem All Too Familiar?

Filed under: General — dpex @ 7:22 am Wed 10th May 2006

…..Cameron Todd Willingham is the first and only man executed in the United States for suspected arson after his three children, all under the age of three, burned to death at their home….

Willingham’s neighbour testified he “knew” Willingham was a drifter, “knew” he liked to drink beer and play darts, and “knew” he had trouble holding a job. The neighbour also “knew” Willingham didn’t try hard enough to save his children.

This evidence was, apparently, sufficient to damn Willingham as a father.

Then the now-proven-incompetent fire marshal, one Manuel Vasquez, stated, with the absolute authority of the self-styled “expert”, that the house fire “must” have been arson.

The jury decided that because no other person whom they could find was likely to have set the fire, it “must” have been Willingham.

Twelve years after Willingham was convicted on this so-called evidence, he was executed. Two years later (this year in fact) real experts have discovered the fire was actually accidental.

Seem all too familiar???



  1. While not in the same league check this out for anti male behaviour by police. And the pig in question is on full pay still….. sheesh

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Wed 10th May 2006 @ 2:59 pm

  2. I could write a book collection about the police feminazi influenced corruption & cruel behaviour I have encountered with cops after false allegations surfaced in the cesspit family court brothel 2001 .At least the pious legal gravy train all got paid !!!!!……. f..k what my children and family think eh !!!!My present partner Gladys has a permanent limp courtesy of Ashburton police after they assaulted her in front of her two terrified teenage daughters Christmas 2003 excuting a unsigned family court search warrent ????????. She complained to Police Complaints Authority and they said she should expect to be assaulted living with me !!!!

    Comment by Peter Burns — Wed 10th May 2006 @ 5:04 pm

  3. A thought how many men in this country have gone to thier grave because of false accusation and the non investigation of this by the system that rips our familys apart. [THE FAMILY COURT]I know that its not same the thing, but the result is the same is it not. Some parents have lost thier life because of the horrific stress heapped upon them at this time of huge emotional upheaval.Is there any wonder when the FAMILY court destroys contact between a parent and child that they love as only a parent can do. BUT if you are one of these parents dont give up, just fight back with THE many others that are building in numbers right now.We Owe It To Our kids.

    Comment by DAVE L — Thu 11th May 2006 @ 4:16 pm

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