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Feminists Storm, Disrupt and Verbally Abuse Battered Men’s Conference

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 11:59 pm Sun 10th December 2006

By: Pit Bull
From:The Honor Network

I’ve said in the past that I don’t know why men aren’t jumping to find ways to unify. If this video clip doesn’t get you to place your ego in check for the greater good of men…well nothing will. This Gender War is now getting very hot very fast. For those of you who say men’s pain is to be respected, well you should check with the feminists first to get their OK, for this clip will set you straight on whether your pain really means anything to these ****!!!


  1. Intrepid,

    Thanx for this post. Definately an eye opener but what really got to me was the woman in the isle who was in the late stage of pregnancy. Fancy that. Here are these women abusing men over being perpertrators and a female places herself between the men and the women who is PREGNANT. She placed her unborn child’s life (at 7 or 8 months pregnant to me) on the battle line.

    That was a volatile situation and something could have gone wrong. Either side could have snapped and here a baby could have been killed and someone would have been charged with murder and would have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives.

    I also hear your message.

    Comment by julie — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 9:06 am

  2. Here are these women abusing men over being perpertrators and a female places herself between the men and the women who is PREGNANT. She placed her unborn child’s life (at 7 or 8 months pregnant to me) on the battle line.

    My eyes can’t see that she’s pregnant, she coud just be fat. I don’t know what you mean by passing on the term “perpertrators” in reference to the men. These men were abused, they haven’t perpertrated anything! They stay true to form and to not touch the agressive feminists, though I’m sure the feminist were trying to get these men to attack them to prove they are abusers instead of abusees.

    I think Julie you should see the trees over the twig and thus see the villians here and not turn this into trying to make a women a hero, as they do in the media at large, for you would be partaking in the same distortion of events based on the emotional need to find good woman in a sea of women sitting around doing nothing and a sea of men who are in a no win situation( fight back lose, don’t fight get called a wos).

    Comment by Intrepid — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 11:31 am

  3. Sorry Intrepid,

    My comment was not mean’t to say ‘the men are or were perpertrators.’ I know they are victims. And after a closer look (though the screen was a bit blurry) I see it was the ladies coat and the way she had her hand that gave me the impression she was pregnant.

    I would nver consider a women in that situation pregnant ‘a hero’ but instead I would be questioning her right to be a mother.

    Last night I heard of a protest that happened here in NZ on White Ribbon Day. There was a femisint group which the fathers protested outside. One of the fathers walked in, down the isle and up on to the stage and spoke. Everyone listened and they understood where he was coming from. Then the women speakers spoke of the DV from the Maori and the Pacific Islander women on men.

    I wish now I had of gone but instead acused them of being low to hold a feminist group in a church.

    I also got feedback from another group that have been working for the last 20 years on men’s rights and they told me of a meeting they went to where they spoke to women about DV against men and the women thanked them saying they never get to hear the other side.

    Your post shows a very bad side of these feminists. I don’t think NZ can ignore reality anymore.

    Comment by julie — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 1:13 pm

  4. Very interesting, yet coming on stage to give your side, or protesting outside is very different than all coming forward at once and shouting out loud and being total disruptive.

    This was a tactic of the communists & Nazis in Germany after WWII who would come to opponents meetings, shout out until the meet was closed down and if need be bust heads. These women may have some principles that allows them to not take this final step, or may just bust heads indirectly by using the state to do what these others did more up front. They are unable to take the final step directly for they would fail, and maybe failure is what stops them and not honour. We need to make a distinction between men who could do this, and women who can do not and find indirect methods to bust heads. It’s like the Fox and the Grapes, with the fox saying poo poo to direct violence because it can’t not do so to the lions and wolves. We need to say poo poo to indirect fox methods from those who have no more direct way to silence all opposition to their designs.

    Comment by Intrepid — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 3:25 pm

  5. Yes, I agree, Intrepid because what is happening is that the big players fund the little players who start off with all the good intentions of solving the problem. The the PC crap (socialism) comes in, BANG, everything changes and all of a sudden the help isn’t really achieveing anything. But by the time this happens everyone is quietened in fear that they will lose their funding.

    I am already seeing this happen.

    And the big players just keep getting rich and vainly enjoy their power.

    But here’s something? Why did the Jews march off so quietly to the gas chambers?

    Comment by julie — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 6:31 pm

  6. Very good question Julie! Your play by play in your last email is correct it what happens to people with good intentions.

    As for the Jews marching off. Well the Jews, if you read the bible, were very hubris in the time of the Romans. Their Lion males of Israel fought every chance that became available in the Roman times of old. They had wished to take back their country then.

    Their past exile, in present day Iraq, didn’t teach them much in the areas of war. Undoubtedly this is what happens to those who avoid war and both survive and breed and then rationalize how they don’t need to be lions in life.

    While some of those who win at war rationalize it as cure for everything (the Germans & Moslems). The Jews in the end had no lions left in any number and became like weak nomadic peoples roaming everywhere. To fight was to be crushed, so they rationalized never fighting to stay alive at sometimes any cost. Like many to most women do in deeds, talk doesn’t count.

    The route to success in other coutries by Jews bacame via academic study, which the Jewish people are certainly good at with the study of there religious works(like the Moslems do with bobing up and down as such).

    They had to fit in where they could to survive in alien cultures where they had less freedom to chose directions. They were successful at this. In some cases this bred jealousy in countries like England, Russia, Gemany etc, but they followed the humanist & female rhetoric of fighting directly is always bad and this was almost a law for them until WWII proved history sees serious problems with pacifism.

    In some cases the Jews earn their rep, for examples being the tax collectors for the Polish occupying forces in area of eastern Europe. Or when they made up 77% of the Soviet bureaucray when they took power in Russia, and were partially responible, as a people, for a Soviet holocaust killing of their own particiaption, that was worse in numbers of death than the Nazis one(but no one seems to care about).

    This then led to those having lost to the Soviets( strangely surviving to save their skin too) to then tell their reason for defeat was not of their saving their own skin or theri need to fight better, but blamed those who indirectly helped the Soviets.

    The question of the Czar excluding Jews from power and encouraging pognoms, was bound to make Jews join the ranks of the Soviets. Then again the Communists were all about indirect war themselves and therefore might have been appealing to men and women who have been taught fighting directly never solves anything. So in the end they begun to feel as we do now in the west (the police and army never fight to save us from crime and enemies, but the indirect power of talking and pacifism effeminate style wins peace always) Or at least until someone is at one’s door to commit a crime and then screw pacifism where’s a scary looking man that doesn’t understand anyone feelings, to hammer this criminal now and not talk to me on the phone to comfort me while I’m raped.

    These lovers of always turn the other cheek think the Nazis and Moslem terroists would have and will come to our ways enough if we talk to them nicely and indirectly manage them into allowing all of ideas of effeminate culture to trump their high theological principles.

    This kind of mental gymnastics lead the Jews into the hands of the Germans & now the Moslems who have won in their history by coming back harder next time in war.

    The funny thing is in Western nations we have had the best balance of when to fight and when not to, but we maybe lost to many in winning! The Germans blamed the Jews for WWI lost.

    In WWII the method that had allowed the Jews to stay alive in other countries so long, became the reason for them marching to the gas chamber with little fight( some did fight though in Warsaw and Eastern Russia and in the allies army groups). This pragmatic role, which women tend to usually fill, could not save them this time and it will not save us with terrorism. Partly it could have been their religious ideas, or their culture established in foreign lands, it is hard to see which was stronger.

    Yet when they finally came to terms with never fighting back doesn’t work, like fighting back at the drop of a hat doesn’t either, they went for a chance at their own country big time. Then they took on all comers and won at war against a huge opposing forces. The Moslems, like the Germans, have a history of regrouping and later winning by force of will, and now their indirect talents of war are upon us. They stoop lower and lower to win, as the Germans did with gas in WWI and WWII.

    I come from a long family history of those who fought and survived. I will fight the new tyrants in indirect form on the inside over those on the outside for our history in the west is chosing our fights not saying never or always.

    Comment by Intrepid — Mon 11th December 2006 @ 8:20 pm

  7. Thank-you for that Intrepid,

    Very informative and interesting. Some of the older generation here who fought in world war II (there isn’t many of them left) tell me that this is our time to make things right, that we will have to do what is neccessary for own generation. Others who are still old enough to know of the war (but not the one’s who fought in the war) say that what we need is a war for war has it’s value.

    Personally, I can’t find anyone who really wants to go to war although I think there are quite a number of teenage males that would be open to go to war. Killing fascinates these young ones and it is plain to see that on their computer games. And they are pissed off with life in general with no decent role models.

    For me it is just the fact that death is final and that we are all disposable. But in saying that, I would also go to war. Seriously!! And I think the gang members and others alike would go to war.

    Anyhow, the way I am seeing it is that men are not getting funding here in NZ for groups so they sweat it out helping others after work and in between possible visits with their children. I can see this to be a positive thing because no-one is comfortable and it is hard work, physically, mentally and emotionally. They will have to come together becuase they are not achieving individually and the funding they had received is getting tighter. Add to this men and women are now devided and many men are staying bachelors meaning no women to soften them. (I am sure you have heard that a fighter is not to have sex some time before a fight)

    Then you add all the anger in many of our youth and the unhappiness in our younger boys for they don’t look happy even in primary school because schools are not designed for them anymore but for females to be happy.

    And, gee, wow, you can start to see that we have a problem. And it is not just me who is seeing this. Even to take anti feminism out to the public is a fear of some of the media.

    This is the problem. We already have small wars going on but people are devided. If people all of a sudden woke up to the fact there was a bigger oponent who was responsible for all their hardship then they would unite.

    Feminism in NZ is taking a risk. They think they can control the people but in reality leaders are coming forward who are serving the people instead of throwing pathetic laws at them. Gone are the days of ‘do as I say’ for now we follow actions.

    Hmmm… who will the people follow?

    Comment by julie — Tue 12th December 2006 @ 9:03 am

  8. Juile wrote: “Here are these women abusing men over being perpertrators and a female places herself between the men and the women who is PREGNANT.”

    I’ve had a good look at it. No not pregnant. Fat, like the rest of them. very ugly too. If men were to hijack a women’s DV meeting the cops would be swarming all over the place in no time

    Comment by eye of the tiger — Thu 14th December 2006 @ 8:03 pm

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