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Judge worried by increase in boys’ violent crimes

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 1:43 pm Mon 27th February 2006

Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft is becoming increasingly worried by a surge in serious violent offences by teenagers.

Stuff Link.,2106,3586412a11,00.html

Judge Andrew Becroft has previously linked violent crimes to fatherless homes, however that is not mentioned in this article.


  1. Well I am going to be the first to make a noise over this – Judge Becroft knows that there is a great concern of our youngsters that have learning difficulties and they are the majority out there committing these offences – they start to lose all perspective on life from the time they step inside a primary school, if by any chance they are not able to keep up with the rest of them, the teachers are the first to distroy what self-esteem they may poccess, and then the peers start and it is all on from there – ADHD/ADD and other nuerological areas are the most under-rated in any conversation, there are children born with hormones missing that connect the frontal lobe to the left-side hemesphere, but they are looked on as naughty and that is the way that their life runs. We only need to look at the 60’s and the changes made in the 70’s by the government of the day and the excellation of everything that we didnt have when were growing.
    I hope that this makes sence, I know with the what I have researched, this is a great majority of what we have now in crimes, school susupensions, standowns, truency, no respect as they arnt given a chance, and our suicide to one of the highest in the ODC but we only hear lies, it is the same in Education.
    Moira Buchanan

    Comment by Moira Buchanan — Mon 27th February 2006 @ 2:27 pm

  2. Blame the “Domestic Violence Industry” for the Violence!
    Even the learned judge recognises fatherlessness as the primary cause of youth delinquency.
    Fatherlessness is primarily caused by Family Courts stopping fathers from being fathers, on the basis of unsupported allegations of violence.
    Mum gets rid of an unwanted man, keeps the family, eveyone makes money, eveyone feels self-righteous, (except for the dumped dad and his family- but hey who cares about them)
    So- full circle, chickens coming home to roost, the “Domestic Violence Industry” is responsible for the ‘surge in serious violent offences by teenagers’.Good business?

    Comment by John Brett — Tue 28th February 2006 @ 8:53 am

  3. Yes it certainly does feel like the last however many years of bullshit is coming home to roost in the form of off the rails kids from more often than not broken families and dear old sue bradford wants to take away our right to discipline our kids. watch it really turn to custard then!! the kids will be in charge of us because they will know we cant do a thing to them without being hauled off by the police. SHEESH

    Comment by MarkL — Tue 28th February 2006 @ 3:05 pm

  4. Whether Helengrad and her evil cronies like it or not, it is not their responsibility to raise children properly . That responsibility rests on the shoulders of the nation’s parents, and it’s about time that we all took that seriously before it is to late?

    Comment by Peter Burns — Tue 28th February 2006 @ 9:55 pm

  5. Well Guys, after reading the last couple of posts, I can see that the majority of you men are left out in the cold – I am a great beleiver in sharing, what ever the load may be. Our young people today are not just fatherless in many cases, but the carers are too scared to say NO! to anything. If any of you are ready and willing to start a revolution on this and other matters that of concern to us all, the fact that these children will be very shortly our (so called leaders) this is going to come a bit us all. What ever happened to close nit communities, the guys nest door that would keep a lookout, not just with the kids but the house if no-one was home, what ever happened to our values, morals, and respect for others. When you are ready to protest as a nation count me in…fight I will for what is right and just for all. I may be a woman, but life I have lived. i understand completely where you all are coming from.
    Keep it up, you have my support.
    Moira Buchanan

    Comment by Moira Buchanan — Thu 2nd March 2006 @ 10:07 pm

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