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Lizzie Again

Filed under: General — dpex @ 5:16 pm Sat 20th May 2006

Clearly the wee dear likes our site. She must because she visited it again on Thursday night and copied a whole bunch more posts including; just for drill, my Song For Al. Sadly, the judge, having read the earlier affidavit, (43 pages of MENZ posts) or parts thereof, dismissed the second offering and requested Lizzie take it back. I couldn’t decide whether I should be offended, or just laugh. But given the subtle glare I think I got from the judge, shutting up seemed like a good plan.

Hells teeth! For a short moment in time I thought my Song For Al might have gotten official recognition. :–))

Anyway, I’m working on a whole bunch more songs and thought I might spend a few bucks at a recording studio cutting a CD. This could form the basis of a fund-rasier for Mr Hell-On-Wheels and the Frequent Visitors troop.:–))

I’ve been toying with matching vocals to that famous song with the chorus, “She’ll be coming Round the Montain, when she comes, when she comes….” but I now realise it would be deemed as an utterly sexist derision on female desire….or fantasy.

Mind you, a 1680’s Maori warrior name Kawharu was deemed a man mountain, so maybe that’s when the song was first written. Although, when I think about it, there weren’t four white horses to help ‘her’ come around the mountain:–))

NOTE: Given some crazed female teacher in England has recently successfully had the words Baa Baa Black Sheep, banned and officially changed to Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep, on account of the former is racist…I kid you not… I can only imagine we will soon have the lyrics to the earlier-mentioned song seriously modified to ensure children are protected from learning about female orgasmic triggers.:–))

Geez. Given NZ ON Air have just snaffued a huge cash grant to support local artists, we might even get some of that, and get almost guaranteed air-time. :–))

Good evening Lizzie. Having a good weekend scheming up ways to wreck more families?

Sadly, my grand-daughter’s footy team lost the match today…Thought you needed to know that. Mind you, the ref was a male, and was from the opposing camp’s parent body, so that could be the reason. Darned males. Can’t trust them, eh?’


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  1. Hi dpex.
    Fristly, how do you deduce your dear Lizzie is skimming the site? I’d love to know, and find out if any interested parties have been paying particular attention to my posts.
    Secondly, remember rugby produces bullies. The Sisterhood has already told us that. Is your G’daughter at risk of becoming a bully? Or (question for The Sisterhood), does it only produce boy-bullies?

    Comment by Al D Rado — Sun 21st May 2006 @ 3:11 pm

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