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Support From Professionals

Filed under: General — dpex @ 4:41 pm Sat 20th May 2006

The below is the NZ Herald address for a most interesting article. It seems even highly professional teachers have seen the damage the feminazi has caused society.

BTW: One quoted person, Paul Baker, is the Rector of Waitaki Boys Highschool. If you get a chance visit their site and read the Faculty list. I think you will be both amazed and edified.


New Zealand Herald:
Boys – the classroom timebomb

Picture this – a society of uneducated, unemployed, unsocial and increasingly violent men. This possibility is all too real, according to some in the education sector. And as the gap between girls’ and boys’ achievement continues to grow, they are warning it could have dire effects on society.

Many in the ministry of education are stuck fighting the “girls can do anything” battle, he [Dr Paul Baker] says. “There is a huge reluctance in the ministry to accept that emphasis needs now to be more on boys.”

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  1. Thanks for the posting dpex.
    I’m dismayed yet unsurprised at Steve Maharey’s response to boys underachievement.
    If you read the Herald article I believe you’ll see he’s saying boys and girls should be treated and taught the same way.
    As a professional teacher I find that alarming on at least 2 counts.
    First BOYS ARE DIFFERENT. They have roughly 4 times the amount of testosterone swimming around in thier brains effectively creating physiological and personality differences from girls. Go figure Steve.

    I teach a subject traditionally dominated by girls – languages, yet my boys do as well as my girls.
    In my classes I treat boys and girls very differently – the boys learn by moving much more physically and dramatising with thier bodies words and expressions. Thier speaking with body language is awesome. The girls tend to be much more physically passive and verbal.
    Anyone old enough to drink coffee has probably noticed these major differences.

    I’d also add our school has a policy of HIRING 50% MALE TEACHERS, so unlike in many NZ schools the boys here DO get men as role models. It’s not some jobs for the girls club trying unconsciously to replicate itself with a ‘girl’s can do anything / boy’s, who mentioned boys?’ approach.

    Secondly Mahrey seems completely confused insisting that boys and girls will only benefit from ‘quality education’ and don’t need different teaching startegies when his own ministry perpetuates a ‘girl’s can do anything’ ethos which already TREATS BOYS AND GIRLS DIFFERENTLY because such affirmation and support isn’t endorsed by his ministry for boys.
    He adds that he’s seeking more information!
    So Steve your absolutely certain boys don’t need anything different from girls YET seeking more info about the subject. How moronic is that!

    Much sadness and cruel irony exists in seeing our minister of education so completely out of touch, and where is the opposition party’s argument against this idiocy. Mute.
    Alongside this there’s the molestation hysteria in NZ schools and shitty pay.
    It’s not a place I’d recommend any man go.
    Shame for New Zealand.

    Hmmmm….Now I’ll just go hunt that lower tax rates in Australia article and the blog about teaching in ‘patriarchal’ Asia……….

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 20th May 2006 @ 6:31 pm

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