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Pro Bono

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:34 pm Thu 13th April 2006

And again,

It seems to me we need to expand the regime on all fronts. More protests in person and many more protests by letter an email.

However, protests gain attention but they don’t necessarily gain direct results. Protests can be seen as an energy-creating processes. More protests=more energy=more recognition. More recognition=greater attention. Greater attention=more substance for when the real fight begins. So let’s work at ramping up the frequency of personal protests and hugely ramp up the mail-campaign….Over the weekened I will get as many email addresses of as many targets as I can, and publich them here.

Your task…as writer….will be to send your story, unemotional, credible, factual, but evincing the vast pain you and your child(ren) have suffered, to all and sundry.

The real fight.

It seems to me the real fight can be sintered down to the fact the Family Court does not operate anywhere near normal burdens of proof. Yet it is a Court which should lawfully be constrained to deal with fact and not opinion. Sothat’s the final target…To have these Courts operate like a Court, not some arbiter of opinion.

My concept is to pick a losing case, especially one where it is demonstrable the CYFSterhood and LFC have effectively subborned the ear of the FC, and take this case to appeal at the High Court then, if necessary, the Appeal Court.

This is an expensive mission (hence the call to set up a fighting fund) but we must also know the rules of engagement. Does anybody know a really good Family Court lawyer (preferably a barrister) who will provide us with some pro bono advice? ….Albeit on th basis that on the day the actual fight begins we will pay him/her from the fighting fund.

Lastly, John P warned me against being too vocal here, because the CYFSterhood and sundry LFC monitor this site, and that he has seen letters to this site held up in court against the writer.

My position is:- I don’t do pussy-foot. If I believe I have a valid case of any sort, then I take it right out there and ‘Damn the torpedoes.’ Seems to me I’ll porbably lose round-two anyway, so I have little to lose. But even If I felt I might win round-two, by keeping my own counsel (staying silent) would help, my integrity wouldn’t allow it.

Nope. It’s fight time. And so, if any of you know of a possible pro bono lawyer, please let me know, pronto. Please assured him/her, they will not be working on my case. I simply need to know the rules of engagement…ergo the rules which control the FC.



  1. Good, on you Daivd. Right beside you 100%. What you have said is right. Keep protesting, its the only way. Also needs to go more international. International crimes Court and United Nations. Show them that NZ governement ppl, are corrupt and discriminating against Fathers and abusing children!

    Comment by Jadie — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 8:12 pm

  2. I’ve lost the right to parent my son without a shot being fired in the family court or by CYFS. This seems to be because when parents separate, we currently have ‘Presumptive Solo-Parenting by Mothers’.

    I know that many have had long horrific experiences with the family court and CYFS, but I beg to differ about how the real fight should be defined. For me the goal is ‘Presumptive Shared Parenting by Both Parents’ or “Equal Parenting Rights for Dads’. Not just enshrined in law and social policy but widely practiced and accepted, so that unilateral solo-parenting becomes as socially unacceptable as drunk driving.

    So yes, let’s end the corruption and get government agents like the family court and CYFS to behave responsibly. That’s a worthy goal but I also think there’s a bigger battle.

    Comment by PaulM — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 9:39 pm

  3. Thats right Paul, children are born with two parents and it should never change. It also is not just the governement agencey’s that need to change but socitey itself! One comment I had by an older couple was, ‘But women have done a good job of rasing the kids’, I said, ‘No Mum and Dad raise the kids’. Thats what we need to change, the perseption that not just mum rasies the kids but dad too. My Father was a house husband and raised three girls and one boy, while mum worked. I dear anyone to say to my family that mum did a good job of rasing us, as all four of us kids will jump to dads defence! Thats why we need public exposure and protests, so everyone can see. Writing to the ‘Officals’, just hides the message we are trying to get accross.

    Comment by jadie — Fri 14th April 2006 @ 10:10 am

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