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Show Time!!!

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:09 pm Thu 13th April 2006

Hi all,

Me, being a bit of a dimwit when the mood takes me (read often) the fact that Mr Satyanand is actually now the Governor General and not the Ombudsman, failed to take root in my poor adled brain.

However, the good news is this. I am in receipt of a reply to my email to Mr Satyanand, but of course from Beverley Wakeham, the new Ombudsman.

Sadly, her reply came as an attched TIF file which I can’t seem to copy and paste to here.

Save to say, although short on words, I sense a strong response. She has promised to take my/our concerns up with the head honcho of CYFS at the earliest opportunity.

As we know, and as I have suggested in a reply email, the head honcho of CYFS will do a Telfon job on Ms Wakeham because all she really has is my unproven words and those of Julie.

And so I have asked for four respite before she approaches the HH at CYFS, during which time I will collect as many stories as possible, have them attached to affidavits, and forward those to her offices.

So this is it. This is show-time. The clock is ticking. If we want to utilisie this rather surprise benefit, then I need your stories, and I need them pronto. At some stage I will also need you to swear an affidavit. The proformas for them will be sent to you, and then all you need to do is visit any lawyer or JP, or Court Registrar to sign them.

For those of you unsure of the nature of an affidavit….They have the same judicial power as swearing an oath to speak truthfully in a court of law. Ergo, they carry a lot of judicial weight.

Thus each account must be attached to an affidavit.

C’mon people. This is the time to open with a few salvoes. But I need your help.



  1. My experience in the family court brothel affidavits are only fit for wiping your arse with -sorry if this offends but it is the truth .

    Comment by Peter Burns — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 7:20 pm

  2. Peter, while I share your observations, the affidavits won’t be going to the Family Court. They will be going to Beverley Wakeham, the new Ombudsman.

    Sure, they may prove to be immediately pointless, but their power will reside.

    And that’s the trick the feminazis have been pulling. By applying more and more substance, their power has expanded.

    We have to start playing them at their own game.


    Comment by dpex — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 7:41 pm

  3. you indicate that affidafits “have the same judicial power as swearing an oath to speak truthfully in a court of law”.
    If i can prove my ex’s affidavit to be false in a court of lawe does that mean any order taken out based on the affidavit sworn is automatically rejected?

    Comment by STAR — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 8:05 pm

  4. PS. i digress and apologies for that but i think this is useful information to have for those of us who are “legal illiterate”.

    Comment by star — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  5. Hmmmm.

    Good Q. The fact is, I need a knowledgable lawyer to set me righ on this.

    In a ‘normal’ court of law, I would say ‘yes’. If you can prove the affidavit was false then you would have cause to petition the Court to find Contempt. But I’m just not sure the current FC operates under such restrictions. It is this I ‘need’ to know.


    Comment by dpex — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 8:11 pm

  6. David it appears to me that family court judges have no regard for any affidavits while finding a ridiculous and false allegation in my ex’s, he took no notice what so ever of the affidavits of mine or my friends or even our visit supervisor and promptly ruled in her favour. So all all I can say is good luck if you tackle them on this one.But go for it, “any attack on this family destoring system is just great” Dave.L.

    Comment by DAVE L — Thu 13th April 2006 @ 9:38 pm

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