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Quebec Father Hunger Striker Thanks Supporters From All Over the World (Including New Zealanders)

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 10:38 pm Wed 3rd May 2006

From Gerald Nicolas (Translated from French to English) :

“I’m fine, tired, I lost lots of weight but I’m ok, my hunger strike is now over, because of heath complications, (I was on a very strict hunger strike no food, only 2 liters of water a day) after doctors visit to my tent. I lasted 9 days, in the cold, the rain, the wind, just in front of the court house. I receive satisfaction from the head Chief Justice, and all my revendications [claims] to help dads, in my Province Quebec are in the hands of the Justice Minister.
“I received support from fathers all over the world. I receive letters everyday of support from all of you and all theses words was my food during the cold and lonely night of hunger. I wish all of you the best, and like the doctor told, me, you have fight a great battle and achieving lots of visibility for all fathers across the country and the world, dying here will not serve your cause no more, you have to get well and continue the fight now standing up.
“I will now do just that, continue the struggle for fathers civil right, by standing and walking tall. I won a great battle with my sacrifice and help many people. Thanks to all of you and the fight is not over until victory is in our hands.

From Tecumsa (aboringal leaders who united all the tribes): You, strong brave, take this arrow and break it. It is easily broken by the brave. Now take these 7 arrows that represent all our tribes. Brave takes the 7 arrows but was unable to even bend the arrows, let alone break any.

How should the tribes of fathers & men fight? Should we fight in isolation and not get involved with a Quebec man’s fight? Here some men worked together in a small way and we have a victory. The question is: What is stopping you from cooperating with other men worldwide in a meaningful way? Are there too many chiefs and not enough Indians? Hollywoood heroes do it all alone, but in life in takes cooperation, as any rugby player will tell you. Do you want to be the next Hollywood hero? Or do you want to get something done with the numbers to make it work?

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