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Women’s Violence

Filed under: General — dpex @ 9:18 am Thu 4th May 2006

Given that we men can be accused of violence for merely swearing, why is it that so many of the ‘experts’ refuse to acknowledge the non-physical, but equally damaging violence in which so many women indulge.

When it comes to the application of manipulative, emotional violence, women lead the numbers by a country mile. But because the bruises are not readily observable, they are either ignored or refuted by authority.

In other words, what so many men do with their fists, so many women do with their tongues.

Is not false allegation, especially of sexual improprietry, one of the most violent acts on record? Unlike a punch on the nose, the results of such false allegations stick to the accused for life.

Is not having such false allegations promoted in court, resulting in an innocent male being separated from his innocent children, an act of intense violence?

Is not a woman falsely accusing a partner of violence and having the partner removed from his own home, and then having the new boyfriend confront the removed partner, incredibly violent?

Is not a woman informing a man’s employer, his sports club, his friends, etc, that she has a protection order against him, when such order is based on a fiction, an intensely violent act?

Is not a woman constantly denigrating her partner’s work, sexual, and other performance levels, intensely violent?

Is not a woman who constantly needles a man, putting down his friends, suggesting he might be having an affair when no basis for such a charge exists, intensely violent?

Is not a woman who has an affair with another man acting in an intensely destructive (therefore violent) manner?

Is not a woman who witholds reasonable sexual contact acting in an emotional destructive fashion?

And then, such woman threatens her partner with dire consequences (of the false-allegation variety) should he choose to find greener fields. Is she not acting in an appallingly violent manner?

And none of the above includes the many women who are also physically violent.



  1. Dave, do you mind if I email this to a couple of people? thks

    Comment by jadie — Thu 4th May 2006 @ 12:21 pm

  2. This is the same violence that my husband was subjected to by a NZ primary school teacher! (and mother of his child) and now being subjected to him by his own family after she managed to manipulate them!

    Comment by jadie — Thu 4th May 2006 @ 12:29 pm

  3. Yes David,

    Your correct to say these things. I wish NZ women were confronted more about such matters.

    Kia Kaha bro.

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 4th May 2006 @ 2:28 pm

  4. Jadie,

    Fill your boots.

    Email it to the world if you have the world’s email addresses. :–))


    Comment by David — Thu 4th May 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  5. As said to someone asking the same question later: Women and fox personalities get a free pass because their violence is indirect or distanced from the deed. Even on this site we hear about bullies again and again, but nothing about foxes and weasels, for we aren’t directly hurt by them, so it is easier to deal with. The effeminate society understands foxes ways and rationalizes them(politeness, sensitiveness, done with the best of intentions, I was too afraid to leave my husband so I killed him as he slept etc.). The state, especially in peace time, is filled with fox leadership and will resort to corruption to save face and their thin skin. This indirect war has made states fall throughout history, but foxes like to point the barbarians at the gates or the rioters from the inside as the cause. Why? Because they are weasels of course, and they must hide their evil!

    Comment by Intrepid — Thu 4th May 2006 @ 10:56 pm

  6. I totally agree with David’s comments. The term violence should be recognised in the subtle use of vindictive and manipulative behaviour which destroy relationships between children and their parents.

    Surely in this day in age our community can rely on support from authorities to prevent this type of abuse from occurring. In other words this behaviour should not be tolerated under any circumstances and the consequences should be real, not the patronising bull we hear at the Mediation Conference. Enforcement should be as immediate as possible not the three years of insanity that I’ve been put through.

    The problem is once a person gets away with it and sees that no one is ever going to stop them this will behaviour will continue.

    Just like a punch on the nose should never be tolerated, emotional abuse must similarly become

    Regards Shane

    Comment by Shane — Mon 8th May 2006 @ 5:56 pm

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