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Reply To Maude

Filed under: General — dpex @ 8:17 pm Sat 6th May 2006

Maude says….

To take action against family lawyers at their homes will not effect changes to the system but will cause distress to their children and the children of the neighbourhood who, not surprisingly, find demonstrations outside their homes intimidating and frightening.

Simon Maude

One has to wonder exactly which planet Mr Maude lives on. It surely can’t be the Third Rock From The Sun.

If he did Mr Maude would never the mention the ‘distress’ caused to sundry children of sundry lawyers who have been subjected to protest.

He wouldn’t because Mr Maude would measure the distress caused to a few confused children of these lawyers with the vast distress of the children these lawyers daily destroy, and see the relative stress caused to a few lawyers children as facile in comparison.

It is the truly distressed children you and your ilk should be protecting, Mr Maude, not the cossetted, indulged offspring of the real destroyers in our society (aka, your feminazi members and the judges who indulge them).

Think of the 300,000 + children who are now fatherless, thanks to the man-hatred regime that so many of your members have created.

Think of the 1,000+ street kids on just Aucklands streets alone. Doing drugs, prostitution, and alcohol. Stealing to support themselves, and living in the cold.

Nearly every last one of them is a run-away from a social welfare home. And how did they get into such homes? Because your vile associates in this immense crime against children (aka CYFS) put them there.

Then think of the 10’s of thousands of childless fathers whom your members have helped to render childless.

Then consider the 10’s of thousands of these childless fathers who are weekly stripped of their income while the ex lives with her new beau, sucking the childless father dry. Having broken her contractural vows of marriage, slept with another behind her partner’s back, then accused the ex of vileness just to get the money out of him and him out of her life and that of his children.

These are the men who your members have helped lead to slaughter by aiding and abbetting the false-allegation game.

These so-called high-moral folk, your lawyer members, should not be subjected to protest, Mr Maude.

Oh no, Mr Maude, they should all be struck off.

You, Mr Maude, and so many of your ilk, are an affront to the name of justice.

Please supply your address, ASAP, so we can all let you taste the bitterness so many of us have had to swallow at the hands of your often deceitful, and extremely destructive ilk.



  1. Dear Pamela
    Can you wish Christine all the best when she takes to the floor in the TV One programme – Dancing with the Stars. I applaud the good intentions of ‘ For the Sake of Our Children Trust ‘ as the government have proved they could not careless about Children . People like the charlatan – Peter Dunne take great delight and credit for the recent Families Commission ( another white elephant ) – however they fail to see that the reality is a some – what sadder picture for large numbers of kiwi kids . The government has let Children down in every aspect of society . Children are powerless to express the sad predicament they face against a government content on ignoring the problem . The government and judicial negligence will cause huge problems for society as they concentrate on the rights of the homosexual activist minority while we are gold medallist’s in child abuse , teenage pregnancy and youth suicide !!!Not to mention 300,000 plus unhappy kiwi kids because daddy cannot read them a bed time story tonight- as the family court brothel has said so !!!
    At least your trust cares about kids ( pity lawyers don’t ) just like I do .You get my vote and I urge others to do the same .
    4 the kids -dad4justice

    Pamela wrote:
    Dear Peter

    It’s been six months since John Sax launched For the Sake of Our Children Trust at Sky City with a star-studded guest list. People came together from across the political and social spectrum, united in their passion to create a society where every child can be safe and to grow up to be the best Kiwi they can be. It was a great night.
    Since then we have gained the respect of many in the media as we continue to bring the issues to the fore and respond to what we still see is a reluctance to punish child abusers to the full extent of the law.

    Our relationships with like-minded organisations include radio stations (who often phone us for a comment), magazines and newspapers, and you can find letters and comments from us on the Sensible Sentencing website as well as our own site at

    Next Sunday I make my debut on “Dancing with the Stars” on TV One at 8.30 pm. While the skill element of the competition is important, even more important is the amount of public support that each “Star” is able to generate through texts and phone votes which translates into financial support for our chosen charities, in my case — For the Sake of Our Children.

    I would be very grateful if you would encourage your friends and contacts to text support for me as often as possible during the next few weeks. The texting campaign starts this Sunday after the first show and runs all week, and all you have to do is to text ‘Christine’ to 8981 or phone 0900 89 812. Each call/text costs 99 cents. The longer I am able to stay in the competition, the more money I will be able to raise for our work with For the Sake of Our Children.

    Thank you in anticipation of your support!

    My best regards
    Christine Rankin
    Chief Executive
    For the Sake of Our Children
    PO Box 12 056 Penrose, Auckland
    Phone: 09 579 3208
    Fax: 09 579 3407
    Enquiries to: [email protected]

    Comment by Peter Burns — Sat 6th May 2006 @ 8:33 pm

  2. ‘Since then we have gained the respect of many in the media as we continue to bring the issues to the fore and respond to what we still see is a reluctance to punish child abusers to the full extent of the law.’

    We don’t have a problem with this concept. What we do have a problem with is the vast number of wrongfully accused child abusers who remain with the stain on their lives, for life. Yet the false allegants walk away, scot free.


    Comment by dpex — Sat 6th May 2006 @ 8:42 pm

  3. The Americans would say the children are jsut Collateral damage

    Comment by Bob — Sat 6th May 2006 @ 11:49 pm

  4. [email protected]

    Wellington Family Law Centre
    7th Floor, Petherick Towers
    38-42 Waring Taylor Street
    Wellington, NZ
    Phone: (04) 499-6295; Fax: (04) 499-8565

    I can’t guarantee it’s the correct one, but only lawyers can afford to live in Mt Victoria!

    Maude Simon & Angela
    11/15 Roxburgh St Mt Victoria Wellington 0-4-803 3824

    Wellington Family Law
    Level 7, Peterick House
    (above Mr Bun Coffee shop,

    Comment by Al D Rado — Sun 7th May 2006 @ 9:14 pm

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