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Seeking advice for obtaining formalised 50:50 child sharing

Filed under: Law & Courts — James @ 5:50 pm Sat 22nd April 2006

While new to this site, after entering the world as a newly separated Dad or 2, the impression I have gained from my brief reading suggests that various processes and systems allow women (at times seemingly wrongly and perhaps manipulatively) to remove children from the grasp of their father. While I am currently in current good standing, after years of hands on fathering, I am fearful for being gripped and pulled from my informal 50:50 child sharing arrangement by the “DV” opportunities, which seeminly could be invoked after unsupportive DV evidence is presented.

While every situation is different, I am wondering if there are recomendations for:
1. Best formalising 50:50 access and/or
2. De risking the chances of a loose DV case being thrown at oneself.


  1. Dear James,

    To provide you with comprehensive advice solicited from all of our resources within the “Fathers Coalition” I would suggest that you make a direct communication.
    John has information on this website regarding Domestic Violence which is useful and provides insight into the Systemic approach of your de-marginilisation towards your children.
    I am happy to facilitate your request of assistance in this matter utilising the extensive resource of our “Coalition”.
    Albeit we are fighting a stacked one sided and corrupt system but we do achieve numerable results.
    I can be contacted on (09)271-6326 or e-mail [email protected]

    Kind Regards

    Comment by paulc — Sun 23rd April 2006 @ 12:49 am

  2. Hasselhoff Custody Details

    May 5, 2006

    The bitter separation between former “Baywatch” star DAVID HASSELHOFF and his estranged wife, PAMELA BACH, led to a final custody agreement arranged by the court yesterday.

    ET has obtained court papers that detail joint custody of their two daughters, TAYLOR ANN and HAYLEY AMBER.

    Both children will split 50% of their time in the custody of each parent during the school year. They will alternate holidays, and their individual birthdays by year.

    Pamela will receive full custody for Mother’s Day in all years, while David has been granted Father’s Day each year.

    When school is in session, David or Pamela must pick the girls up from school. During summer break, the parent beginning a custody period has been ordered to pick up the children in front of the other parent’s home.

    Both parties must meet and confer in making decisions on matters such as enrollment in school, beginning or ending the regular practice of religion, mental health counseling or therapy, and non-emergency medical treatment.

    David filed for divorce on January 12. Both parties made claims against the other — Pamela cited physical abuse, while David made claims that Pamela was abusing prescription and illegal drugs.

    On March 6, a judge ordered David to stay 100 yards away from Pamela except for peaceful contacts related to court-ordered visitations.

    Comment by cwb — Sat 6th May 2006 @ 1:38 pm

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