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Surprise. Surprise

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:32 pm Wed 26th April 2006

A while ago I put my case to Ruth Dyson (Min of the CYFSterhood).

I showed, quite clearly, in my posit, that the CYFSterhood had simply created an opinion on my fitness to be a care-giver, and then went about digging up as much trash as they could to support thier opinion.

And that included a speeding ticket I got in 1989! And, that I have a firearms licence. See? It all just goes to show that I’m a speedy little bastard with guns ready to blaze away.

Today, I received Dyson’s reply.

All she has done is contact the CYFSterhood, got a repeat of the crap they have put before the court, and arrived at the conclusion that they are clearly quite right! Of course they are. They’ll all sisters, aren’t they. And it is their duty to drown as many of us predatory men as possible.

So what is it, precisely, we pay these parliamentry clowns to do?

Dealing with these people (and I use the term cautiously) is kind’ve like being in a court where the bench is staffed by wolves sitting in judgement on the fate of the Rabbit.

‘Off with his head!’

I see another contributor has mentioned the scandalous practices of the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

On that subject, here’s a funny. The Catholic Church still have a list of penance payments for wayward priests. To see more, and get totally outraged I recommend you visit the site of and read all about it.

But isn’t that exactly what we men are dealing with here in NZ? The ducking-stool justice system. If he lives he’s a scumbag. If he drowns he was probably a scumbag who just couldn’t breathe underwater.

Has anyone ever considered or actually contacted Grey Power for support?

I bet there must be an awful lot of seriously unhappy grandparents out there. Maybe it’s a source of support for us.

If nobody has made the approach then maybe I will.


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  1. Greypower is a good idea. I will suggest that approach to my parents too, (who have been allowed to see their grandson only once in his one year of life, for half an hour).

    Comment by paulM — Wed 26th April 2006 @ 11:49 pm

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