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Taxing Men or Child Support?

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:14 am Sat 25th November 2006

Dateline: USA
From: Central
Author: Kent Mallet
Via: The Honor Network

NEWARK — A proposal from the Licking County Prosecutor’s Office might put an end to an Upper Arlington man making child support payments to his ex-wife — even though she died in April, and he has custody of their three children.

Joe Randolph, 44, has been instructed by Licking County Child Support Enforcement Agency officials that he must continue the payments until a court tells him he can stop. Thus, he has been paying more than $1,300 per month to nobody in particular.


  1. The profanity of American Justice is simply astounding. Recently I managed custody of four kids and believe mw I had to be “Better” and almost a ‘Saint’.

    This commentary comes as no surprise, America is a weak Nation, governed by fools. The idocy of wrong doing, completly, totally escapes any thinking persons idea, of common sense.

    Heck Americans vote for dead people…What would you expect in the living World; retract that ~ Americans are commonly known as the “Older” generation of 12 year olds…Immature and stupid!

    Comment by Michael — Sat 25th November 2006 @ 9:19 pm

  2. First off I’m not an America, but Canadian. If you Micheal said the above stuff about Marois, blacks, women or other deeply PC protected groups (take your pick) you would be roundly labelled a whole range of adjectives that would make your head spin. As open season has been declared on Americans and Isrealis by the those who often call themselves the humanitarians I’m not surprised that few will object to such sweeping blanketing of others. Again blanketing statements about men, Americans & Isrealis is tolerated while generalizing about women & Moslems is blasphemy.

    But if times were to change you’d be oppressing all those that are defended today and I would be the one defending the minorities that have a media pateorian guard around them today. When some minorities are attacked people lose their jobs, sites shut down and hysterical attacks insue. When the targets are fashionable all I can expect is someone to say, Well I don’t think we should make generalizations about anyone.”

    Reading the levels of how we treat these 2 groups we can gather that people haven’t changed to a greater humanistarian perfection, but instead have simply changed whipping boys.

    Let’s see how you get treated even with my attempt to test the waters.

    On a note of pragmatism how on earth can the men’s & fathers’ rights movemnet unify if we exclude more than 60%-70% of the English speaking population of the world from participation because of their very nationality. You sir would damm the movemnet to the sidelines at minimum and to oblivion if given any leadership position. You help the establishment by using the same scapegoats as them. If you are part of the Helen disinformation brigade then buzz off for you are unlikely to have anyone take up your flag of the modern form of acceptable racism.

    Comment by Intrepid — Sun 26th November 2006 @ 2:01 am

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