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United Future does care for fathers

Filed under: General — Julie @ 7:50 am Fri 24th November 2006

This is just a couple of e-mails between us.

Dear Gordon,

I am very concerned about the way this country is going. I beg of you sincerely to take some time to step back and be still to see that we are headed in a downward spiral.

Our femenists have gone overboard and this has created powerless men.
In turn this is creating out of control youth and our young children are being taught from primary school that girls are more important than boys.

As much as I love some of these PHD’s personally, they have become out of touch with reality in some ways and if we continue trying social experiments we will end up with a Hitler Youth race as we are heading in the same way.



Dear Julie,

Many thanks indeed for your thoughtful email.

One of the primary motivations which prompted my decision to stand for Parliament was my deep concern about the way in which New Zealand family life has deteriorated during my lifetime, but more particularly, during the last 25 years. That is why building strong families through pre-marriage and other relationship counselling courses during marriage or cohabitation combined with strong parenting programmes, at all stages of a child’s development, are a core United
Future policy.

With that in mind I attach hereto a copy of our party’s principles in relation to New Zealand families.

Keep up the great work you are doing Julie. It is vitally important to our nation’s future.

With all good wishes,

Gordon Copeland MP

Dear Gordon,

I know that you are busy and that I not making it much easier as I
threatened to take things to the streets, and put you e-mail on the
www.menz site. I am doing neither at the moment and want you to know
that I do not exploit others for my own gain.

Something has to be done about the way this country is going and I am
going to try to do my part. I have only recently starting getting
involved in the bigger picture and I am very dissappointed in what I

We will go to the streets at some stage in the near future for a
peaceful demonstration.

Thanx for your time.
Auckland Single Parents Trust

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your further email. Please feel free to put my email on your
website if you think that would help the cause.

With all good wishes,

Gordon Copeland


  1. Julie,

    Peter Dunne has been responsible for driving through changes to the Child Support Act that are all about getting money for the consolidated fund and not the impact on parents or the best outcomes for children.

    UF need to understand this approach has and will continue to cost them votes.

    The brave words of other UF voices in the house is inconsistent with Peter Dunnes actions. Actions speak louder than words!

    Dunne took a hospital pass from Labour and UF are and will continue to pay the price for accepting that pass.

    Please note that I am not knocking the postive media from UF on a number of issues and encourage them to continue doing so.

    Where I stand they claim to care, but the casting of their votes in the house raises serious questions as to how much they really care.



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 10:27 am

  2. Scrap,

    I know you are focused on child support and that you have done alot of work (immeasurable hours and personal sacrafice) but it is time to work with them. You will never have a chance when femenism has control over you. No policy will mean sh*te. No voice will be heard. You will be considered a deadbeat and a loser just because you are male.

    I am sure United Future (just like any normal person) is going to learn from mistakes and if Helen Clarke (clever lady) gave the Child Support Act to United Future while she gave the Families Commission then they were SET UP. They were doomed before they knew it.

    Look to the big picture. You guys are going to have your blood drained, you are going to be a foot cushion for women. You are nothing. Either you accept that or you stand and fight smart as well as hard.

    (Sorry to be so hard but you’re f***ed.)

    Comment by julie — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 10:44 am

  3. Julie,

    Please dont misrepresent me. I am focused on enshrining in NZ Law equal parental rights and equal parental responsibility.

    My reasonong for this is that the best outcome for kids occur when the boths parents share the parenting of their children.

    If you are so focused on the big picture then at least try to understand it.These issues affect men, but they are not just mens issues, they are issues that affect the outcomes for parents and children.

    The big picture is the matrix of family law and its construction and Child Support is the bridgehead to change.

    As to fighting smart.Read about the War in the Western Desert and Montgomerys startegic response that led to the development of the modern democratic army and the defeat of facsism. Its about preparing and being equiped and not attacking enforce before sufficent resources are available to defeat the enemy.

    Attacking with insufficent resources leads to defeat against a well resourced enemy.

    While the sleeping giant is awakening, building resources takes time and 2007 will see those resources applied to build the bridgehead for total replacement of the current family law matrix.

    You are seeing things as they are and saying why, I am dreaming what can be and saying why not.





    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 12:05 pm

  4. Julie,
    I’m afraid Mr Copeland of the United Future party can utter all the sacharine platitudes they like and it won’t make a jot of difference. There will be no united families, let alone a united society until certain legal issues are resolved.
    I refer to the ridiculous and family- divisive situation whereby divorces can be attained unilaterally for no more than ‘feeling bored/detatched’ from one’s spouse.
    Add to the that the secretive ‘family’ courts who don’t even keep records of proceedings, yet from vast anecdotal evidence over many years tend to favour women. These two things alone represent huge obstacles to justice and social harmony prevailing amongst families in nz. That’s before even considering Child ‘support’ and false accusations of DV.
    And so I have to agree …….you’re right
    nz’s fu**ed right now.
    Men in nz are not only as you so aptly put it foot cushions for women, they’re paying the bill for their own castration by way of the taxes they pay for institutions which feed off their lives and labour like leaches.
    Keep up the rhetoric Julie.
    nz needs far more women with bold compassion like yourself.
    I’ll keep exposing feminzm to the world….it’s gangs of unparented…’s dpb scams….it’s lying gynocentric ministers……mass feoticide……..
    as John Tamihere put it – a nation run by amazons……..It’ll be interesting to see how much more shit Kiwi men will take…..
    we’ll see what Kiwi men are really made of.

    Comment by Stephen — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 12:15 pm

  5. Scrap,

    I could feel embarrased but I choose to be amazed. Of course you know what is going on and of course you have something planned. How could I ever doubt that.

    But I am telling older people and they are getting angry and their anger is turning towards me. “You have changed Julie, You are a go-getter and a leader and now you have become a speaker” Half these leaders in NZ have lost the respect of the people because they became talk and no action.

    If I should just step out that’s cool for if you really do have it under control I will just wish you the best and get on with the simple life I am wanting to dream about. I have been through enough sh*te in my life and I would love to watch a flower grow. But if I can help I will as I am already too deep in this.

    Actually, I will not step out whether I have to make a fool of myself or not.

    But please don’t leave me in the dark to what you are doing unless you are saying that the Republic Party is going to save NZ because I am not waiting for all YOUR mistakes to occur. Politics is not an easy job for you have to watch everyone’s move and always be watching your back. You guys may not have the underworld skills to know how to play. The longer we leave this the deeper my sons are doomed.

    Comment by julie — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 12:31 pm

  6. Stephen,

    Your brothers in NZ are blind. I just saw 4 of the most respected on TV this morning promoting white ribbon.

    They spoke of what good and supportive men they are to women and they down graded the work of the professors that are saying DV is equal. I sat there waiting for a chance to phone in where I was going to ask which 2 out of you 4 are the rapists the stas also talk of but the phones were not open.

    Your men are being played and they are dumb to it.

    Comment by julie — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 12:36 pm

  7. Yes Julie,
    I can well believe it.
    Some of our nz academics are the worst of the lot.
    For goodness sake consider getting your sons somewhere else safely away from feminzm.

    Comment by Stephen — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 12:50 pm

  8. Yeah I see those white ribbons and I think of celebrating my sixth consecutive Christmas alienated from my daughters because of false allegations of domestic violence .My girls are very sad they are not allowed to see their daddy . Guess I just say fuck it all !!!!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 3:47 pm

  9. Scrap,

    Sorry for my last comment. But this whole thing has made me angry and I have made others angry. All this anger has to go somewhere.

    I think we have to take it to the streets and we have to let the country (those who were born here more than those who are just greatful to be here) know what is going on. Older people are retired or close to retiring. It is not their job to step in although their minds may have them in tommorrow. I think that I am about a few years after Jim Bailey and Jim Bagnall. I wish I was the type of person who just took people’s words for it. I would be going alot easier with all your wisdom.

    But I would like to know what this sleeping giant is?


    Where is anyone going to be safe from this and for how long?

    Comment by julie — Fri 24th November 2006 @ 4:14 pm

  10. Julie,
    From what I’ve gathered to date there are certainly many much more male friendly places than nz these days. Asia and Latin America to name but two.
    However, with the push being made by large parts of the UN (feminists) to feminize countries I can’t say for sure for how long these refuges will exist. Many Islamic guys are resisting mightily it seems.
    One thing I’m convinced of is that western/ised hyper-chivalrous men are only half the problem. The other half of teh problem is the feminist inspired misandry that is now unconsciously held widespread amongst enormous numbers of western and westernised women. It’s got to the stage where demonising myths about men are being passed on intergeneratioanlly.
    Every day I’m reading horror stories posted by good men principally but not exclusively in the west who’ve been shafted by feminists.
    With American men already in deep shit, I dread to think of Hillary Clinton as president of the USA with it currently excercising considerable global hegemony.
    Scary woman. Scary scenario.

    The point I’m getting to is that men can only do so much in their own defense. Even if every man on earth woke up tomorrow understanding feminist misandry and resisting it I believe there would be still be millions of women unconsciously treating men as expendable worldwide. So really what’s needed is for women’s awareness to be raised beyond their pathetic and disgusting ‘victim’ gender politics.
    Then it will be a much safer world.
    I’m not despondent though.
    After all we’re talking about the sex which organised amazing things – cathedrals, symphonies, political movements, space travel, powered flight, nuclear reactors, electricity, cubist art, languages, quantum physics, and on and on I could go. It’s surely onlya matter of time before men figure out how to innoculate themselves against feminism’s misandry.

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 25th November 2006 @ 12:03 am

  11. Stephen,

    One thing I’m convinced of is that western/ised hyper-chivalrous men are only half the problem.

    I never expected that. Are you worried that I am leaning too far the men’s side now.

    I am aware of radicals and how their changes can also bring about other problems.

    The Moari Party is going National. Great. The Islanders are getting leaders. You won’t turn those mothers against their sons. My suburb is femenist.

    Look, I have nothing to lose. No-one is going to hate me for I am not going to deal with women that are way beyond help through HATE. I wouldn’t be suprised if there are heaps of women centres just waiting to speak up.

    And the biggest bonus. I will learn and I will grow.

    If you have some time to read a few pages, this is the best women’s movement site I have found to date.

    Tell’s you who are the groups, what they are about and how they plan to take over the world. Basically, everything you know but still very interesting. I had to laugh when I read the that they know the working class women will be the hardest and if they don’t get them they will not be successful.

    Comment by julie — Sun 26th November 2006 @ 9:33 pm

  12. Julie,
    No, I’m not worried about how pro-male you are. I hope you keep pushing for Men’s rights.

    Don’t be so naive as to believe that if you don’t hate others that they in turn won’t hate you.
    Many Men’s Rights Activists have been for a long time and still are despised despite approaching their anti-male adversaries with total respect.

    The article you gave a link to was boring. A rehash of fem 101.

    A better analysis IMO is provided here


    Interestingly it distinguishes feminsm from women’s liberation in stating that women need liberating FROM feminism!!
    I Love it!!

    Comment by Stephen — Sun 26th November 2006 @ 11:15 pm

  13. Stephen,

    Your link was good. Oh, but since you called mine boring I will tell you, your’s was too short. LOL

    I often find people hate you at first but in time they come back and thank-you. Being challenged is uncomfortable but it makes you a better person if you use it wisely. I often find people lose faith in their own work because they don’t see results while the work is being done. Often the fruits don’t show until they are ‘out of sight.’ But I am sure there will be some. Just not those whose opinions matter to me.

    I never studied fem 101. So I am glad you say it is a rehash as I am at the beginning and I would recommend my site to anyone who doesn’t know about feminism to read it. And it is better than doing a fem 101 paper.

    Comment by julie — Mon 27th November 2006 @ 7:15 am

  14. Stephen,

    There is a catch to not being hated and that is that you have to walk the walk. Walking the walk gets you the respect. Respect changes hate to admiration. You can’t admire someone and hate them at the same time. IMO

    Comment by julie — Mon 27th November 2006 @ 7:23 am

  15. Julie,

    This is simply bollocks and hogwash.

    All Dunny-boy and the rest of our self-serving politicians care about is:

    1. Their excessive pay cheque
    2. Free lunches at Bellamy’s
    3. Tax payer (you and me) funded junkets to exotic locations for them and their lover-boys
    4. Passing useless laws like the civil union bill while New Zealand society goes down the toilet.

    Lass, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    Comment by Ethos — Sat 9th December 2006 @ 1:11 pm

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