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The PMS Blair Which Project?

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 3:59 pm Sat 2nd September 2006

Dateline: London
Author: Pit Bull
Via: The Honor Network

One step forward a dozen steps back; I have just watched Tony Blair on the CNN tube and heard him test the waters for a new sweeping plan being thought up by his legions of gray suited weasels and their nanny feminist cohorts to intervene in the family at the earliest of ages to stop anti-social behavior & dysfunctional practices. Of course the problems stemming from future unforeseen problems are endless in this new grab for total control of the family, but this has never stopped social engineering from pro-nanny feminists and their mommas boys before!

After at first undermining the traditional ideas of the family, and that of private institutions & religions for decades (except the Moslem ones that have too many angry males who will fight over any knit-picking changes with rage), it now wishes to fix these problems it has caused with just more of the same- and I do mean “more of the same!” The father’s role, the cornerstone of the family, as many of the readers know on all of these men’s rights forums, is now deemed optional (like a floppy disk on your old desktop). The ever-expanding nanny state now has “seen the light” and recognizes the many problems in the families of England today. Aghast!

“Well we are the government and we are here to help”
-American joke

The chattering class could never say how wrong the single mothers are in bringing up most kids “badly”, for that would be taken by its effeminate electoral base very “badly” and cause them stress and lead to group hissy-fits (big yawn to you me, but makes weasels ring their tails in nervousness).

This would lead to expanding counseling fees, as the government would need to pay for feminist friendly shrinks, and much more importantly cost the government the votes of its effeminate electoral base. This is the cornerstone of most western government support in our nanny world, and to take them to task for not bringing forth the utopian vision thing, that the feminists have bemoaned, is political suicide for a weasel. Now Tony is not all weasel, but he is on his way out, so we will have to see if this is a sign of things to come from the next PM Gordon Brown. Or simply Tony covering his bum after the news reports of a mother found to be somewhat encouraging her very very young son to use heroin amongst his toys.

Still I’m very worried for it seems the state hasn’t learned any of its lessons, very stubborn of it (argued by feminists to be a male trait), and intends to go the Swedish direction of more control and more taxes. It is said that the new program will save us all money down the road, of course. Yet shouldn’t it have immediate tax savings and returns? This plan, if it really was meant to save us money- as Tony says- by turning dysfunctional anti-social yobs and medusa like little Madonnas (with no real daddy in site) into little nannies boys and older jaded nannying single women, then we wouldn’t need to pay anything for it. It would truly pay for itself.

The state seems to be heading in the opposite direction, than it should, in trying to straighten up the mess it has created. This isn’t a good sign for those moderate male activists out there in the forefront of the men’s rights cause building bridges to those in power. If you moderates could only get us stubborn bloody-minded anti-social dysfunctional adult males to go with the new weasel program in exchange for some votes for this new program. Well! All I can say is “sod off” and “get out on your bike, my son!”

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