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Archive of March 2007

Judith Collins – What does this mean?

Wed 28th March 2007:

We have to accept that dads are important, it does take two to tango, after all. They should be encouraged to take more responsibility for child-raising. A survey by the Ministry of Social Development showed that around 30,000 children have no other parent contributing towards their development. Fathers must be responsible for their children and […]

Is Helen Clark Taking the Piss?

Mon 26th March 2007:

What’s up with Helen Clark these days? Before she announces yet another of her personal opinions, she’s taken to first saying “Any reasonable person would agree that …” (insert personal opinion here). The implication is that: a) reasonable people don’t differ b) she is a reasonable person. In the real world, someone who suggests that […]

Coalition Against Nanny State’s Anti-Smacking Law – March on Parliment To Protest Anti-Smacking Bill

Tue 20th March 2007:

FYI Wellington peaceful protest march details MARCH ON PARLIAMENT Against Anti Smacking Bill DO YOU VALUE THE RIGHT TO RAISE YOUR CHILDREN THE WAY YOU CHOOSE, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE? Then do something about it BEFORE it’s too late! Join us in a PEACEFUL protest Wednesday 28th March 2007 Beginning at Civic Square at […]

Aunty Helen and Aunty Sue

Aunty Helen and Aunty Sue Like all Aunties know what’s best for you! So remember at the end of the Day It’s the Aunties who have all the power and say Aunties always know what’s best; You can’t smack a child in the family nest! Because Aunty Helen and Aunty Sue Want power and control […]


With all due empathy towards those unfortunate women diagnosed with breast cancer, the process of feminist pressure on Pharmac, the health system, and on (and from) the feminist government keen to promote female interests has been selfish and callous towards men. Pharmac has already recommended a short course of Herceptin therapy for early breast cancer, […]

Carol May Clayton

This woman was yesterday convicted of murder. She manipulated her two male boarders to throw the molotov cocktails that killed 71-year-old Joan Betti, through which she also hoped to murder the woman’s daughter and granddaughter out of jealousy. Aside from this being another case of a violent femme, it’s notable as an example of that […]


Mon 19th March 2007:

I heard an interview the other day about NCEA, how schools were increasingly losing faith in this qualifications system and increasingly paying to bring in the Cambridge examination system based on external standards, i.e. able to measure objectively one student’s performance against others of the same age in the wider population (… basically the system […]

The March on Section 59.

Sun 18th March 2007:

Even at 80 — 90 percent opinion is no defence to subjugation, you actually have to fight, not for freedom, but for that part of freedom you are not willing to sacrifice. Will nzers takes to the streets or have they been snzers (snoozers) for too long. From Saturdays Herald, it looks like Bob McCoskrie […]

Where is this leading?

Fri 16th March 2007:

To get to the thinking behind the anti-smacking legislation, it’s useful to look back at the last census, in particular three questions. The questions asked if you cooked your own meals, gardened or cared for children. There may be many reasons why the state wants to know this, but what these three occupations have in […]

Fe-Cullen-t Economics.

One might pose the question: is our economic strategy a sum of reason, or a product of externality? There is a reason we put “no exit” at the bottom of a street sign so I would favour the latter. There is a parallel here between the politics of section 59, and the politics of our […]

Another Violent Femme

Article below from Stuff, preceded by my comments. Worth recording here I think. Golly, aren’t men violent. We definitely need some more expensive anti-domestic-violence campaigns to stop male violence against children. Seriously though, this woman’s violence was not only terrible physical and emotional violence against a very young child, but it appeared to be serious […]

Jigsaw: Another government-funded agency in the service of feminism

Thu 15th March 2007:

FYI: The reply from government-funded “Jigsaw”, a patronizing letter typical of feminists when challenged for telling fibs. My original letter (previously posted) below Hans Greetings Hans Thank you for taking the time to write to me and express your concerns about my statements on national radio last week. I appreciate that you have a different […]

Hypocrite Helen.

“They do not trot a harassed mother in a supermarket off to court. They will not under Sue Bradford’s change. What they will be able to do is successfully prosecute people who beat children.” Oh the Devil, she walks in hypocrite shoes.

Section 59 Therapy

Wed 14th March 2007:

Support your local economy and by a New Zealand made t shirt, with a Section 59 Theme. T shirt suggestions I smack So lock me up. Or I smack of Love Bradford smacks of Left wing lunancy. Or I’m a Criminal Parent. Please feel free to add your own candid T Shirt suggestions in the […]

Russian Retreat

Any of us that have advocated reform of child support are well aware that the methodology of the tax is to attack the isolated and vulnerable recently separated father. The ideology of the tax is if I have your child, you have my income. The essence of father is reduced to a puerile and degrading […]

Section 59 going Awol.

We didn’t say you could do this….. The guidelines for dealing with complaints under the new law are likely to be delivered to police officers as soon as it comes into effect, which will be days after its final vote, as early as a fortnight from now. Police headquarters said yesterday it could not comment […]

What They Are Saying…

Tue 13th March 2007:

FYI: I found this in a newsletter of the “Women’s Health Action Trust”, Dec 2006. Note that it claims women are overwhelmingly the victims of violence. It doesn’t mention that overall in society men are more often victims of violence, and of course it fails to mention at all the many cases of domestic violence […]

Sorry I’m off Duty.

Police management are suggesting off duty officers should not act but should call back to base if they come across a crime. What utter stupidity. Any sensible police officer who sees a crime he can’t handle would call for assistance whether on or off duty, however when off duty we expect a police officer to […]

The Maori Party Dilemma.

With Bradford’s section 59 Bill hanging on the support of the Maori party, they have been delivered a test of credibility. They must decide whether or not they will allow their members a conscience vote, but more important their opening statement is about to be tested. At the formation of the Maori party they told […]

Boshier will not meet Fathers Coalition

Mon 12th March 2007:

So Judge Boshier will not meet with interest groups ie parents, despite medaition from the Families Commission? Perhaps the Court needs to see itself more as the servant of the people, not the other way around?

Femme de la Femme.

Fri 9th March 2007:

Femme de la Femme. Start with Theresa Gattung, in this mornings Herald, bemoaning the representation of women in the New Zealand commercial sector, in fact she even suggests they are going backwards in percentage representation. “The reality is, in the bigger picture women have lost ground,” she says. How could this happen when schools are […]

What you’ve Dunne.

Wed 7th March 2007:

I don’t know how much longer Mr Dunne, your party will tolerate your skin deep credibility, and the lies and duplicity behind your facade of decency. Dunne has clearly left his party behind, both in principle and purpose, as the compurgator of a desperate and crumbling regime. You have turned your back on our country […]

Herr Confusion

Herr Confusion The hour glass of credibility is running low. Nobody did anything wrong, and don’t worry your selves about what has happened, I will fix it. Well you can’t get any higher than the top for another quick fix. Nobody did anything wrong, so everyone did everything right. Of course, it was an act […]

Feminist Justice

FYI, my email to National Radio today: The feminist lynch mob wants Mr Rickard convicted on the basis of inadequate evidence. They appear to want any man accused by any woman to be considered guilty regardless of due process. When a man is acquitted in a fair trial by a jury that closely inspects the […]

Greens Support Women’s Choice to De-Father Children.

Tue 6th March 2007:

Media Release Parents for Children. 6 March 2007 For Immediate Release Parents Group Condemns Greens Support of “Women’s Choice” to De-Father Children. “It’s a sad day for Kiwi Kids when the Greens are espousing that it is a women’s choice to deny a child the right to know his or her biological father.” Commented Mark […]

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