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Archive of June 2007

Govt ensures 850 sex abuse victims left in the cold

Fri 29th June 2007:

Govt ensures 850 sex abuse victims left in the cold It is a bitter shame that the only agency that is solely dedicated to helping male victims of sexual abuse is struggling to keep its doors open due to lack of funding, said United Future social services spokesperson Judy Turner today. “The Male Survivors of […]

United Future news and views with Judy Turner MP

Below is Judy Turner’s newsletter (all quoted) Last week a very significant piece of legislation passed its Third Reading, and United Future supported its passage. The Bill was an amendment to the Social Security Act and made some major changes to the principles under-pinning our benefit system. The Bill introduces a work-focus, stating that “Work […]

National Male’s Awareness Month gossip

Thu 28th June 2007:

A year has passed since the males took to the streets and started protesting outside lawyers homes and once again we will see the same thing happen in Napier/Hastings this coming July but outside the Family Courthouse. July is the month for male’s awareness and it is a big deal to all those who stand […]

The injustice of justice in NZ

This is for people who cannot understand why they are getting poorer. They think they voted for the social justice government of New Zealand. That’s those who rob from the rich and steel from the poor. Now read that again — I didn’t say rob from the rich and give to the poor. The NZ […]

KIWI Saver and Child Support

Wed 27th June 2007:

There has been much noise around the introduction of Kiwi Saver and little information. Like Bevan I have for some time been concerned about how Kiwi Saver will be treated by IRD if you are a “liable” parent. I emailed Peter Dunne, Minister Responsible for Child Support and United Future leader, with some questions that […]

HB Protests

For those who want to ring the number is 06 8783013 To get an idea of what will be happening you can look at teh following web site See you there!!!

Shared Care Lunacy in the UK

Tue 26th June 2007:

Not much different from what happens here A lawyer was jailed yesterday for refusing to pay child support to his former wife, despite her pleas that he should not be given a custodial sentence…….. Cox, who represented himself, told Southampton Magistrates’ Court: “I have been referred to as an absent father, but that’s not what […]

Hawkes Bay Events

It is now time for me to announce Dates and times for the events coming up in Hawkes Bay There will be a protest outside the Napier Family court on thursday 26/7/2007 from 12noon to 1pm. There will be another one outside the Hastings family court on Friday 27/7/2007. Then the Republican party will have […]

Professor Freda Briggs – at loss for argument

Mon 25th June 2007:

The Press June 23 2007 Extract : “Yet Briggs remarks that the “vitriol” of the attack surprised her. She says some of the letter writers continue to make “outrageous claims” on men’s advocacy websites, and that Ross Francis emailed her university bosses accusing her of making false claims about her research and credentials. She portrays […]

Child Support and Shared Care

One of the major barriers to achieving presumptive shared care is a fair and reasonable child support system to support the presumption. There is no doubt that the current Child Support Act 1991 was designed at a time when shared parenting was a “rarity” and the assumption was one custodial parent and one liable parent […]

Sat 23rd June 2007:

From Stuff….(link) I don’t believe I have just read this; please just let NZ drop off the bottom of the planet — save us the embarrassment. “In recent time we had a recruit (NZ Police Recruit) being taught by a consultant, literally, how to write letters of the alphabet by drawing within bubble letters in […]

Police 10-7 video of callout for female offender

Thu 21st June 2007:

During a domestic argument, you head-butt your partner in the face; breaking their nose and spraying the children with blood. You would expect the police follow their mandatory arrest policy, lock you up overnight, take out a domestic protection order, and charge you with assault. You might be seen to jail, or depending where you […]

The “No Smacking Law” gets worse

Wed 20th June 2007:

Police today released a practice guide on the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act which comes into force this Friday. They have had a difficult time figuring out how they will enforce this law because “Non Consequential” is vague as well as other definition of words. this is the law New Section 59

Family Lawyer Throws in the Towel

Palmerston North Family Court Lawyer Penny Clothier throws in the towel. Family Lawyer throws in the towel Well worth a listen Regards Scrap

Child support help needed

Hi there, I have just recieved my second child support bill? in the mail. It is $450 per month for a child that I have never seen or been able to see. The boy in question was born 3 years ago yet the child support demands only emerged last month through the IRD. Imagine the […]


Mon 18th June 2007:

Do you see the events under single parents on the right hand side of this site. That is our group and we organise events for single parents and their children. But we are not just for parents that are single and looking after children full time. Most of our parents are in some sort of […]

University Graduate Stats

Latest University stats warn of looming crisis ? ? The latest annual survey from the NZ Vice-Chancellors’ Committee has shown a massive and widening gap in the make-up university graduates, says United Future education spokesperson, Judy Turner.? ? “Over the last ten years, males shrunk to just 41% in 2005, down from 48% in 1996.? […]

Looking for Alan Radford

Sat 16th June 2007:

Can anyone put me in touch with Alan?? I cant find a phone number and the two different email addresses I have give delivery failed notices Cheers

MP Judy Turner’s Latest Newsletter

Fri 15th June 2007:

Straight talk… (all quoted) The 20th Century may well be viewed by historians as the ‘Women’s Hour’, the century that saw women progressively get their proverbial feet on the rungs on the ladder of opportunity. The notion was that women were human beings too, of equal value to men, and not mere chattels, and I […]

International Men’s Health Week 11th – 17th of June

Thu 14th June 2007:

Did you know about this??? It doesn’t seem to be much of a big deal. And men only get a week while women are getting a month just for breast cancer. So what is happening in New Zealand for this extremely important event considering the statistics that men are in dire strait needs for health? […]


Wed 13th June 2007:

Mr Cullen is not supporting his baby, and will revenue minister Peter Dunne be collecting child support from this delinquent deadbeat who is having a multi million dollar overseas fling at the expense of New Zealand Child Support Payers. Many Fathers simply have no choice, their child support is deducted from their pay at source […]

Child Support Data Matching – Submissions Needed

Mon 11th June 2007:

Look what Mr Cullen, with full knowledge and agreement of Peter Dunne, Minister responsible for Child Support and United Future Leader, is trying to slip through. This is laying the groundwork to stopping by tax-police at the boarder. Not for the commission of any crime but because they are a member of a group of […]

Churches working together

Sat 9th June 2007:

Last Sunday, I attended a church service. I guess I just felt like it. It was huge. Not just the building but the amount of people that attended. When I was a young Catholic, churches were anti each other as if which ever church you belonged to was right and all the rest were wrong. […]

Media Bias vs. Media Corruption

Fri 8th June 2007:

Publicly, we all know that media contituents are biased even though most of us will not admit it. All reporters lean one way or another as it relates to the subjects and/or people they cover. Mainstream media leans to the left, while the alternative media, such as talk radio leans to the right. Whether it […]

Judicial Corruption Corrodes Rule of Law

Thu 7th June 2007:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” ~ Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887. Around the world corruption is undermining judicial systems, denying citizens access to justice and the basic human right to a fair and impartial trial, sometimes even a trial […]

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