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Archive of November 2007

We’re marching for democracy again

Thu 29th November 2007:

. . A lot of deceit has gone on over the Electoral Bill but it is from the outside made to look so that the opposition to Labour cannot use their power of money. And yet at the same time Labour is using dirty political tactics to win votes. This post is only touching the […]

We’re Here To Help

I watched this South Pacific Pictures movie last night and recommend it highly to all. It’s about Dave Henderson’s real-life fight against the IRD that shafted him. Many have been shafted by government departments and Courts, but few battle as effectively as Mr Henderson did. Notable in the story were the gender issues. The problem […]

Justifiable Anger Management – Five Ways Forward

Wed 28th November 2007:

J.A.M has been developed by Jim Bagnall during and through his support for over 10,000 Fathers and a few Mothers going through the Family Court. The word justifiable applies to the context of the anger and its source and does not glorify anger in anyway. Justifiable is a word for an acceptance of that person’s […]

Small but important acknowledgement

Mon 26th November 2007:

Multi-Party Group Works On Family Violence Prevention Press Release by New Zealand Government at 3:28 pm, 22 Nov 2007 The Multi-Party Working Group on Family Violence is committed to working together to eliminate family violence in New Zealand, said Social Development and Employment Minister Ruth Dyson today. “The multi-party group is made up of MPs […]

A New Web Site for Men’s Groups

Tue 20th November 2007: has been developed by David Brindley. Drawing on experience as a Trustee of MensTrust in Christchurch, his own growth through Men’s Work and as a participant and organiser of Men’s Groups, David has worked to create an informative web site to support Men currently in groups and to encourage Men to seek and join […]

Events for Novemeber and December

Sorry for the short notice but we have tickets for free parking in a city carpark and free tickets for a special area where children will not only see the Santa Parade but receive free goodies and such. Santa Parade for single parents (mums and dads) Also free tickets for a family show from Southern […]

Waitakere Men’s Health Week

. . An awareness week for Men’s Health featuring FREE Men’s Health Check-ups, FREE Men’s Gym Sessions and a FREE Men’s Health Forum. Waitakere Men’s Health Week. Waitakere City is to have it’s inaugural Men’s Health Week from 19 – 25 November. This week, which features FREE Men’s Health Checks at participating local medical practices, […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The trouble with men

Sun 18th November 2007:

Sunday Star Times Callister, a senior research fellow at Victoria University, is leading a three-year, $1.7 million study into what has happened to those “missing men”. He says the plight of New Zealand men has historically been desperately under-researched. He blames a mindset which goes like this: men still hold most of the top corporate […]


Tue 6th November 2007:

Eyore Eyore he ought to tell that joke to everybody.

Gullible In Godzone.

Wake up my friends and fellow countrymen; it is not sufficient that we blame our errant youth, that we sacrifice their exuberance and energy to excuse our….. aberrance. It is us who have closed our mind to that essential propriety, which is the essence of society, and our children who suffer, not an enduring devolution, […]

We’re here to help

For all you good folk out there who have battled are battling IRD heres a must see movie. In February 1994, Christchurch businessman Dave Henderson walked into the Inland Revenue Department. Dave was not a happy man. His girlfriend had recently been there to collect a refund Dave’s company was owed. An IRD staff member […]

International child support convention

Sun 4th November 2007:

An international child support convention that will enter its final stages of negotiation on Monday is intended to ease the plight of single parents and their children worldwide. The International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance Convention, a widely-supported initiative that is due to be finalized later this month.    

More Superbowl Myth

Fri 2nd November 2007:

My email today to National Radio’s Nine to Noon is self-explanatory. I may make a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards organisation if the station does not correct the misinformation it has broadcast. Hello Nine to Noon Good on you for airing the challenge to t-shirts that appear to promote violence against women. The woman who […]

Mallard’s Violence in Parliament

Thu 1st November 2007:

Helen Clark has publicly described Mallard’s assault as “defending a woman’s honour” and on that basis has largely excused him for punching another parliamentarian. She believed that Mallard had already suffered enough consequences, although in fact he hasn’t suffered any of note. The tens of thousands of fathers who have had their paternal role relegated […]

Automatic Protection Orders.

Link : What National is saying is that they are going to give our Police the same authority of a Judge to issue an interim injunction. This is an injunction that will automatically stop one party from associating with any children in that relationship.

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