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Blokes in teaching

Filed under: General — Costley @ 9:04 pm Wed 25th April 2007

I’m Nigel Costley, a Nelson-based journalist, writing a story on blokes in teaching, specifically Nelson College headmaster Gary O’Shea’s idea of training teachers at his college. It could be an answer to getting more men into teaching. ‘Per’aps?
Researching this, I’m interested to talk to any bloke who has been through teacher training in recent years. Or has some hands’ on experience in this field. If said bloke would be up for half hour conversation on their experiences. I’m trying to keep clear of the highly-polarized gender politics. If possible. Probably not.
Please contact at: [email protected]


  1. Nigel,

    All 3 – Jim Bagnall, Kerry Bevan, and Celia Ashley have been teachers here in NZ

    I will send you contact details off Blog

    Jim Bailey

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 7:35 am

  2. Hey Jim,

    I thought the same thing as you. We have male single parents that did a teachers degree but not recently as the journalist wants. Too bad, eh.

    It would be positive if the mens movement were there for the younger generation. But then wait… Man Alive is.

    Sorry to dig … but then only an organised group would think of the future.

    Oh, wait… the feminists are thinking forward. LOL

    Like many in the addiction world say.. So sad.. Boo.. hoo…

    But then again … wait for it… Christchurch men (another enemy) are caring for the next generation.

    Maybe we have a hope afterall.

    As they say,

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

    Courage the things I can,

    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    Comment by julie — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 8:25 pm

  3. Julei,

    the Mens Movement as you claim to know so much about is split over these matters.

    Men who are allowed to FATHER their own Kids don’t need a movement to do it

    The movement who Men-Tors Kids all to often is supporting the destruction of our families by playing into the hands of those who destroy the family rather than supporting the part of the movement that wants to place the task of Parenting **Equally** square on the shoulders of the Biological Parent not Bureaucrats or their hirelings, ManAlive, Etc.

    Recently trained Teachers will have no understanding of this. Kerry and Jimmy do if they can get the chance to speak

    As so called treasurer of the Republicans you best get a grip on this fundimental very fast.

    As a FATHER doing the job I am far from dependant on sayings and formula’s offered those still in recovery

    The serenity prayer is usually misunderstood by those in recovery as a defence of these matters – It is NOT a defence but a demand to gain wisdom, have the courage to make the changes neccassary and thus gain the serenity – Not hide in the despondency and thus help the enermy of recovery

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 11:18 pm

  4. Dear Jim,

    How can I possibly know about the men’s movement in NZ?

    I am not a male. You don’t invite me in.

    I just … well I am … well I just… well I don’t know anymore.

    But what I do know is that our country is in real danger. What I know is that feminism is more than just women wanting to be equal. How can I just be and get on with my life now … knowing what is install for this country. How can I know something that most people in NZ don’t know and not speak up about it.

    And beside that … how can I hear the moans of women in Government telling me how boring the men in Government are and not think the Republic men are special?

    You have two choices (seriously)

    1. You shoot me

    2. You negotiate with me

    By the way, did I mention I am the last person you want around. Did I mention I will be your NIGHTMARE until I have my way.

    And by the way, my way means you meeting with some top people.

    Comment by julie — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 11:48 pm

  5. Gosh,

    My last comment sounds crazy. OK, you don’t have to shoot me.

    But you do need to meet some top people. And yes, I do think you crazy to know me. LOL

    Comment by julie — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 11:58 pm

  6. Julie,

    Its not a matter of inviting you – Its a matter of you can’t

    I have many more than 2 choices

    I chose to respond to YOUR Night-Mare (Note mare)in the hope that you and others may begin to Wake-Up

    I want to like you (Women) as **Equal**

    I don’t want to be invited into the female world

    Nothing would revolt me more

    I don’t want a fourth wife in the normal sence of the world – Certainly not like the last 2 that I had – I want an **Equal** who respects My space – My cave – My person – Sometimes sharing intiMATEley for mutual pleasure be it friendship – Kids – support – love – sex or whatever

    To tell me that you are the person that I am to have around is not showing the respect needed to be around

    I am surrounded by TOP people as you put it and am quiet willing to add to that list – However it is me who choses who they are – I doubt you (Woman)could seek them out for me (Man)

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Fri 27th April 2007 @ 12:22 am

  7. Jim,

    Deleted last post for as you say men don’t care what women think. That’s cool.

    You and I are equal. Just get too much in my head somethimes. LOL. The men’s movement will be what it will be. And equal sounds pretty good.

    Comment by julie — Fri 27th April 2007 @ 8:10 am

  8. Hi Nigel,
    I completed training to become a primary school teacher in 2002 but decided not to teach in NZ. I don’t live in NZ now, but would be willing to be interviewed by corresponding with you.

    Comment by Stephen — Fri 27th April 2007 @ 10:48 am

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