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Collins Fails Parents And Children Again

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:08 pm Thu 26th April 2007

Media Release

Parents for Children

26 April 2007

For Immediate Release

Collins Fails Parents And Children Again

“By describing parents who have unpaid child support as neglectful parents Judith Collins has yet again failed to address the underlying cause of the alleged debt: Fundamental flaws exist in the Child Support Act 1991. Real neglect rests with politicians and their failure to admit that the Child Support Act 1991 is in need of significant reform.” Commented Mark Shipman of Parents for Children, responding to Collin’s comments.

Ms Collins National Party created this mess when they passed the Child Support Act, but it’s easier for her to demonise parents and have tax police arrest parents at an airport than to address the cause. Parents and children have been failed by politicians like Collins who never address underlying causes, focus on symptoms and use selective interpretation to demonise parents”. Observed Mark when asked what was National’s contribution to the solving the problem.

“Parents feel highly offended when Judith Collins states it is her opinion that if you owe money to child support then you are a neglectful parent. It’s just another example of her fixation with punishing parents by presenting selective figures that support her inflexible vendetta. Surely it’s obvious to ask the question: Why are so many parents put into debt by the child support act in the first place? The challenge for Collins and her ilk is to look for the causes, not the symptoms” Concluded Mark.

For further information contact
Mark Shipman 021982222
Jim Nicolle 021800586

Parents for Children is a national organisation seeking legislative change to enable parents who have separated to continue parenting and supporting their children.
This requires:
1. Presumptive shared parenting
2. A fair and reasonable child support system
Parents for Children advocates that best outcomes for children of separated parents is ongoing equal sharing of parental responsibility by both parents.


  1. Yes Scrap, right on the buton mate.
    It looks like it’s either Lationan or Naibor – a grim lack of choice. Both parties look like uncaring oafs when it comes to addressing the issue of child support.
    No wonder more and more men are turning to a marriage strike – what’s the point of being a dumped husband, then getting crushed by child ‘support’ and easily impeded visitation to your kids?
    It’s a no-brainer.
    The system doesn’t respect men, but only uses them, so men should opt out of the system as much as possible to force the system to be sensitive to them for a change.
    Meanwhile my condolences extend to those who like myself in days goneby are ensnared in this horrible matrix of nz family law including child ‘support’.

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 10:37 pm

  2. Right-On MEN,

    So called **Child Support** NEVER did my Son any good – My paying it stole money from my FATHERING Resourses and thus slowed down the process of me securing and administering that function which only I could do.

    Judith Collins FAILS our KIDS and those who want to and Parent them for the sake of VOTE Catching bullshit

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Thu 26th April 2007 @ 11:26 pm

  3. Stephen,


    Same fence paling stuck fair-square up their ar*e – the only difference: one side is painted red and the other blue.

    And you have to surmise that both Lational and Nabour (love it!) have $600 MILLION in “unrecovered child tax penalties” firmly embedded in the budget.

    Collins is just like all the others: spreading warm fuzzies while waiting for her next [over-sized] pay cheque.


    Best wishes for the reminding.

    We may yet hope that Dunne has enough human decency left to be appropriately ashamed when his mercenary part in this abysmal mess is brought into full view of his electorate.

    Comment by Mark Shipman — Mon 30th April 2007 @ 2:05 pm

  4. Judith, Judith, Judith, what can we say?

    You’ve f**ked it up AGAIN darling and, worse, got caught doing it!

    Bad girl! Naughty, naughty!

    Stop the self service, Judith.

    Remember who you represent.

    Remember who pays your wages.

    Have you done your ABSOLUTE best to be an elected representative?

    How can you sleep at night knowing what you have done and are doing?

    What a mess.

    Comment by Sparx — Mon 7th May 2007 @ 11:31 am

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