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Child Support Debt

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:23 pm Sun 28th January 2007

Media Release Parents for Children.

28 January 2007 For Immediate Release

Dunne Urged To Stop Tinkering and Address the Root Cause of the Child Support Debt Trap.

“Having just pushed through a major amendment to the Child Support Act 1991, United Future Leader, Peter Dunne is back to tinkering with this fundamentally flawed legislation. His latest brilliant proposal: pass more information between Government departments on parents who, it is alleged, owe child support and penalty payments. This is a precursor to a law preventing these parents leaving the country. Still tinkering and not addressing the cause of the problem, while knowing that such a measure is unlikely to decrease the level of alleged debt.” Observed Mark Shipman, of Parents for Children, when asked to comment on the changes promoted by Peter Dunne.

“The alleged debt is mostly made up of late payment penalties, and money “owed” to the government for benefit recovery, money that will never be seen by kiwi kids. With TVNZ reporting that about 75% of paying parents are experiencing debt problems there need to be some serious questions asked. One would think that this out of control debt spiral is a pretty good indicator of some serious problems with the Act and Inland Revenues administration of it. It’s pretty obvious that once a parent is assessed by Inland Revenue with an alleged child support debt they are caught is a debt trap that never stops growing. This is one of the fundamental flaws of the legislation, it creates the debt” Commented Mark when asked to comment on the cause of the alleged 1.1 Billion Dollar debt.

“It’s a Tui Ad solution. Peter Dunne’s latest tinkering will fix the problem? Yeah Right” Concluded Mark.

Ends For Further Comment Contact

Mark Shipman (021) 982222

Jim Nicolle (021) 800-586


  1. Keep up the Good work Mark and James

    Sunday- STOP PRESS — Focus on so called Child Support
    – Come tell your story at **Bacon Sandwiches**
    – Note on YOUR Calendar and WATCH the **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Calendar
    – Serious BOTHERING begins again 25th FEB
    – MEDIA and POLICE Welcome
    – In fact MEDIA and POLICE presence is requested so that the truth gets out and so called witnesses can’t be set up and Judiciary set-up as the Anti-Family Brigade tried at Tauranga on the 25th January — Hats off to Rod Hooker who exposed the political interference/skulduggery to BLOCK FREE SPEECH – Go
    – (LINK) Bacon Sandwiches, come tell your story, come hear others, MEDIA and POLICE welcome
    – Or go
    – Or go
    – (LINK) **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Calendar/Planer
    – Or go
    – Best NZ Debate
    – HandsOnEqualParent-NEWS-Debate-Research

    Onward — Jim
    (LINK) **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**
    Or go

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Sun 28th January 2007 @ 10:34 pm

  2. F*** you guys are so pathetic…do you think taxpayers should pay for your children? Can you birth a child ? Do you matter to them (ie effort?) You are the most wingy bag pathetic self interested babies I ve ever read about. AND I’ve had an open mind…you’re all pathetic and as I say to my sons ” don’t touch what you can’t afford” and kids aint cheap unlike whores…sex aint cheap unless it’s with a cheap whore…and REAL women don’t come cheap…

    Comment by klauderdale — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 1:46 am

  3. …And whats more Sh** for brains how much does a child (ie the result of a choice to have sex DUH!)cost to feed, clothe and house a week? Whose going to do that 24 hours a day (which is what it takes)? The man in the moon? Every baby NEEDS a mum for a few years and hopefully more..a Dad (non abusive and involved 24|7) is ideal but not necessary for survival. What a bunch of disrespectful pillocks you are we do all the work and you bitch and complain about it… you’re all homos but not man enough to admit it. Again go cry to your homo mates you’re an example of the breakdown of society with your non manly whinging, dependence on women ( usually not the mother of your children …way too threatening baby boys), and inability to work to support your children, look in the mirror and if you think this generation of children don’t know , and suffer the consequences of your weakness, you’re dreaming. So have a big BLUB and politicise your own inadequacy and inability and continue to blame others for the result of your own orgasms and wonder why you cannot be taken seriously. This site is full of the most pathetic bags of Sh** I’ve ever read or heard of. Men in my family died in wars for you pathetic sons of bit**** and you lot cant even pay your bills..give us all a break and go drown yourselves…at least the kids might get insurance (although I doubt you idiots would even do that) and a chance at education and life instead of it all disappearing up you and your “NEW” partners behind and leaving you kids with no chance..WHAT A BUNCH OF WAN****…if only…

    Comment by k.lauderdale — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 2:20 am

  4. k.lauderdale,
    Thanks for your Joe Sheeple comments
    If its me you are refering to the real truth is that I dutifully paid so called **Child Support** and reluctantly supported my Son Son Javan while fighting the X – her religious mates – the Law and Social Policy so that my Son could be **Equal** Parented. It was and still is my desire that my Son know and have **Equal** input from BOTH sides of his Family

    Paying that so called **Child Support** to his mother was the govt forcing reward on her for abducting our child for her use

    I have is fact **Equal** Parented me Son in time since 1997 – He was born in 1995 – I in fact paid so called **Child Support** and **Equal** Parented (Paid twice) for some time.

    I eventually confronted David UDY the CEO of Child Support in one of his flash Govt funded board rooms surrounded by his hirelings and me several coleagues that he, who in fact is a DAD and Grand DAD was blocking my Son from a quality of life and his Paternal family as I simple could not afford to pay his MOTHER to do the job, and do the job of parenting and fund vsiting his paternal family – Udy and his hireling were draining my Sons Parenting money twice

    Open your eyes joe SHEEPLE. So called Child Support is a Parent TAX helping to DESTROY Families not support Children

    Reading my website in particular my profile will show you and example of the truth as to how 300,000+ Kids some say 400,000 Kids have been deliberatly manipulated out of their Paternal Family some BOTH by NZ-Law and Social Policy and its administrators

    The MP’s who began and continue the henious attack on our families and those who administer the varoious acts should be prosecuted for the incredible damage they have and continue to cause.

    Joe Sheeples responding to generations of Govt Spin Doctoring has giving power to the lies exposed by your ignorance

    Wake up and join us Joe Sheeple

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 7:36 am

  5. k.lauderdale you tosser. some of us morally agree with supporting our siblings but very much disagree with the sledgehammmer used to implement the govt’s scheme.

    my biggest beef with the system is that

    a) my two kids that do live with me suffer compared to my eldest that has mountains of toys, 20 pets, and multiple overseas trips per year at my expense. there is no equality

    b) no matter how much her mum earns per year my assesment doesn’t drop nor the fact that she has re-partnered does not make any difference. Surely a ‘real men’ like you talk about should be expected to take on some of the burden of the family accounts instead of sucking on someone elses wallet?

    c) I have no way of stopping the money ($1100 per month at its max a few years back) being pissed down the drain on the above wastes of money.

    I doubt whether someone with limited intelligence like yourself could work it out but in order to be slapped with a bill like that means you earn a reasonable junk of money so pls fuck off with your assertions that we are all losers or debt beat dads.

    My wife and I slave our guts out for all three kids to have some form of equality in life and you fucking knowitall think your better than us who happen to disagree with some god awful legislation.

    Such a waste of good oxygen k.lauderdale. such a waste

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 8:15 am

  6. k.lauderdale – I think the turd tappers will be real unhappy about you calling us all homosexuals -haha ( I will TimTom know) -good one you acid tongued viper.
    FYI I have paid child support for 6 years since my children were abducted by a psychotic ex and sinsiter court system and I had access to them 11 times. I pay my way but the crown won’t let me play with my darling daughters.

    laudedale you deluded bogey… do me a favour and go away ….in other words get snotted you fetid fungus!!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 8:48 am

  7. klauderdale you sound very hurt. There are women and men who have found themselves in sad situations over raising a child, there is no doubt.

    Maybe if you explain your situation instead of being abusive your say would be worthwhile. It is important to hear both sides. IMO

    The Child Support Act needs to be sorted so both sides have a chance to survive and hopefully move on in another relationship or if not, a fair chance for a future of their choosing. And Child Support is afterall about the children. There is no doubt the children will suffer when parents split up. Common sense prevails here.

    However, when a relationship breaks up it is over. If there was a life of luxury or even a chance of looking forward to a financially stable future because of the relationship, that is also over.

    The 2 parents go their seperate ways yet they both need to raise there child as the child needs a mum and a dad.

    You are right in asking, “Should the tax payers pay to raise the children?” The answer is, “No, they shouldn’t have to.”

    But neither parent should be supporting the other parent in any way. That is individual responsibilty. And be careful on this one because if you think that the person who dissolves the relationship should be responsible for the other parents, remember women dissolve the relationship in 80% of cases.

    Comment by julie — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 8:56 am

  8. klauderdale there’s just one minor thing to pull you up on. Where did you get the idea that real women are not cheap? Real women are not cheap (sleeping around terms) in the sense they are hard to get but they most certainly to not expect men to waste their money on them and they certainly do not overblow budgets.

    Look to what is being shown you on TV now in an attempt to teach those that are thrifty spenders. Real men and real women are saving money and only spending it on neccessities. Only 5% of millionaires spend up big while the other 95% are careful with money. They are trying to teach others in NZ that buy what you need and not what you want so that your future, your retirement is secure. And in todays standards, there are few 2 team players so if I was you I would be saving your money for a rainy day and be as cheap as you possibly can be.

    Comment by julie — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 9:12 am

  9. Just an update for everyone so they are aware.

    Ms Lauderdale phoned me at about 2.20am this morning and left a five minute message on my cell phone.

    Obviously this is a woman who has been very hurt by the effect a relationship breakup has had on her.

    I will not be responding to her comments as I have better things to do with my time.

    I would note that people often complain that I vet calls before answering them – this type of abuse is my reason for doing so.

    Its a decision I made when the likes of this caller upset my boy by abusing him when he answered the phone becuase his dad speaks out on the injustice of the Family Law and CS systems.

    But if Ms L and her ilk understood anything they would know that we are not going away and we will bring about the political change required.

    The sleeping giant is awakening and those opposed to the best outcomes for kiwi kids are shuddering.



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 11:34 am

  10. Touche

    Janet Lauderdale has left a long costly message on my cell phone which stays in the War-4-Kids WAGON – I will not be responding either however I would like the opertunity to speak face to face with her should she be prepared to be rational and share openly and honestly

    We desperately need people with the courage to speak out as she has shown she has

    Hopefully at least one of us will get the chance to share our passion and hopefully work with this passionate lady

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 12:11 pm

  11. K.Lauderdale,
    You are seriously demented. There is no research anywhere in the world that proves that mothers are better than fathers at caring for children of any age, and ideally a child needs both.
    It took me ages to convince my partner to have a child with me (she didn’t want another…she was getting the DPB already so why would she want to have another child, and she had already secured NZ citizenship by virtue of marrying a peadophile and placing her daughter in his care [good mum eh!]), and then after she became pregnant she wanted to abort our child (my first and only child) so we entered into an agreement where I would raise our child. I was the fist to hold our child when he was born, first to dress and even bottle fed him. I was his primary caregiver and doing a bloody good job!
    Then three weeks after my 8 month old son had open heart surgery and a few days after our three years of being together (you know…when she can legally claim my home) my partner left me for another man, abducted our child and made a claim on my home. I have lost my home and spent three years trying to remain in my son’s life. Is this mother the sort of person you are defending…and the sort of person who you THINK is a better carer for my son than I am…and the kind of immigrant you want flooding into our country?
    You keep taking your medication Lauderdale.

    Comment by xsryder — Mon 29th January 2007 @ 1:19 pm

  12. Not all of us here feel your views are valid Mrs Lauderdale. While you may have reason to feel defensive over a challenge to the Benefit system which SO MANY people openly abuse. Not all of us were given the means with which to insure an income for 19 years for raising our wonderful children.

    Are you a real mother? / father? Do you Honestly do everything you can for your children? I doubt you do.

    This is not about people complaining “Oh no they are taking my hard erned money, what am I going to buy my beer with?”

    This is about being financially crippled, segregated and extorted buy a government who’s actions create more problems by simply adding a TAX to something rather than fixing the problems.

    OH no, Auckland needs new trains “TAX PETROL”
    Oh No, Smoking is killing people “HIGHER TAX’S ON SMOKES”
    Oh No, People are getting to FAT “Increase TAXES on 90% of Food products”
    Oh No, People are having unprotected Sex and there are too many Solo Parents – “Tax the Non-custodial parent – Make them Pay the GOVERNMENT MORE if they are late – And lets Take money away from their Families too – Cut their Family Support for their Partners Children until they can find a job and earn some money to pay for children who’s mother chose to go it ALONE”

    but hey! i could be wrong.

    Comment by M.Dally — Wed 18th March 2009 @ 11:34 am

  13. k.lauderdale a child does not require a mother for a few years to survive. A child can survuve and do OK under the loving care of his/her father just fine. It is not only ideal but extremely important to have 2 parents raising a child. However if you are talking about survival and basic development, a child doesn’t require a mother beyond birth.

    You do raise a very pertinent question though. “how much does it cost to raise a child?” That is precisely the question that Child Support should be based on. Unfortunately it is not. What we actually have is an income tax for selected members of society. The current system has nothing to do with supporting children. We want a system that is based on the true costs of raising a child in a split family. Isn’t that what you would like too?
    You wrote: “…we do all the work and you bitch and complain about it.” Does that mean you support our efforts for shared care of our own children? Or don’t you want fathers do be allowed to “do all the work” as you put it?

    Comment by Dave — Wed 18th March 2009 @ 4:15 pm

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