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Women Only, Father Amber

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:36 pm Sun 28th January 2007

Dateline: Ontario, Canada
By: Sharpened Pen
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

A few weeks ago, on December the 13th, the Durham Regional police force ran an ad in the Oshawa this Week News paper. Not surprisingly, the picture showed a large silhouette of a black police officer, and a female police officer front and center. There is one white male, representing approximately 40%+ of the population, but a mere 14% of poster population. Apparently this advert is plastered all over the UOIT as well and I must wonder what Law and Security students must think of this, especially those who happen to bear the dreaded title of “white male” on their application forms.

While the imagery which these pictures conjure up in terms of quotas in policing are reason enough to tear each and every poster to the ground and burn them up on sight, even more disturbing is the byline which reads, “January 9, February 6, and March 6 are dedicated to women interested in policing!” Note, the bold printing, underlining and use of exclamation mark (none of which were added by me).

So let me get this straight, there are six days in which interested applicants can attend information sessions, BUT, only three of those days are open to the public at large and three of the days are held exclusively for women!? Why should this be? If we said that three of the information sessions were for MEN only, there would be a terrible outcry. We would hear nothing, but how biased the police force was against women, but when men are treated in the self-same manner, it suddenly becomes okay? Well, I think it’s disgusting and an affront to the meaning of equality.

Speaking of the police, and inequality: what does it do to a society to behave in this manner? To shirk all responsibility and to kick justice and equality to the curb? Does it do anything to improve public perceptions, or does it merely undermine what little credibility our justice system has left?

Amber Alert Used on a Dad
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Let’s answer that question with a “THIS IS AN AMBER ALERT. THIS IS AN AMBER ALERT. WE INTERRUPT THIS BROADCAST TO UPDATE YOU WITH INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS LATEST AMBER ALERT. POLICE HAVE DECLARED AN AMBER ALERT FOR A KIDNAPPED GIRL, BELIEVED TO BE HELD BY HER FATHER…” This message continuously flashed across viewer’s t.v. screens on a number of stations, sometimes interrupting regular programming, with side scrolling AMBER ALERT messages rolling in at the bottom of the screen.

I decided to write City TV (Toronto) news with my thoughts on this so-called amber alert, and they follow below:

Dec. 18/06:

I think this “amber alert” broadcasting repeatedly through the hour of a missing child named Valeria Olivera-Ordonez is beyond disgusting and here’s why:

Number 1: she was taken by her father, who was in all likelihood denied custody of the child due to an ongoing bias towards mothers as custodians in the courts. I’m sure she is far safer with her father than with almost anyone else. Of course the man’s depressed – most men these days are: they’re second in line for jobs, education, child visits and are torn apart just as their families are, but that in and of itself, does not suggest an intent to harm the child. If such an intent were felt, he never would have been given even his paltry visitation rights in the first place.

Number 2: to constantly broadcast the above as a sort of “Amber Alert” diminishes the many other crimes taking place in the city. I would like to know if City News believes that providing intimate details on this man, in the hopes of having him arrested, is more important than finding the perpetrators of true crimes like: rape, assault (sexual and physical), and murder. Surely there are murders, debilitating assaults and rapes taking place right now in the city of Toronto, cesspool that it has become under socialism. Surely, these dwarf your so called “amber alert” perhaps constituting “red alerts” and yet we hear nothing of them. Why is that?

In truth, not only would I not help in the apprehension of this man, I applaud what he is doing. The courts stripped him of the custody of his child, and all dad’s who’ve gone through it can tell you that, without a doubt, he didn’t get a fair shake in the courtroom. In fact, if I did know his whereabouts, which thankfully I do not, I would shield this information from the media and police.

When the courts and media cease to treat men with the outright disrespect that has become so common in recent years, then perhaps you’ll see far less of this kind of thing.
Amber alert indeed.

Addendum: This vicious, malicious man was later found, (the same day — 10 minutes after sending the email above). This terrible brute was found treating his daughter to dinner at a Brampton restaurant, and was carted away in handcuffs. His crime? Trying to spend too much time with his daughter. Duh duh duh. Duh duh duh duh dum! Case Closed on the delinquent daddy.

So, to summarize, it is okay to have woman-only police force orientations, whereas the reverse would be wrong to the point of reprehensible; and it is ‘just’ to carry out amber alerts, and province wide searches to find a daughter having dinner with her father, to provide intimate details of: his appearance, the vehicle he drives etc., and to slap handcuffs on him in front of his young girl in a crowded restaurant, but to divulge information about killers, rapists and other thugs and to call for “amber alerts” for their apprehension — well that would be a violation of the criminal’s rights?

A man’s world you say? What planet would that be exactly and is it too late to book my starship?

“If the pen is mightier than the sword, best keep it sharp.”

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