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F4J (UK) Moves to Follow New Zealand Bothering Campaign

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 6:11 pm Mon 15th January 2007

Dateline: UK
By: Intrepid
From: The Honor Network
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

In a move that is bound to turn heads F4J (UK) has made the first moves to copy the New Zealand MRAs bothering campaign of judges in response to the failure of any kind of reform from the UK establishment. Using a new term of “Judgebusting” they hope to apply more pressure on the government to not ignore their just demands. Ten of the UK worst judicial offenders have had their personal details, including addresses, published on the Internet as a first step in this new move. F4J wants family courts to be open to scrutiny so they may be gauge on what is happening, and believes there should be a presumption of equal access by both parents when court proceedings begin- instead of the social dysfunction that is put forward under the veil of feminist compassion.

F4J’s Guy Harrison said: We want to name and shame them rather than them standing behind the name of the family courts, so people know where they live and what they’ve done. Family court judges should be gunned for state sponsored child abuse.

Well to prove Guy Harrison right the professional spokesman came out from behind the Judicial Communication Office to say: The Government has recently consulted on whether family proceedings should continue to be heard in private, and many judges responded to the consultation by supporting greater transparency including allowing the media access to provide anonymised reports of proceedings, to improve public confidence.

This kind of government screen has been heard for decades and is an old tactic that is meant to outlast the public’s fast changing attention span. Back in 1990s Canada had a commission touring the country for a year, which was said to be compiling a just position on these issues of access, support & more. In the end little was suggested, nothing changed and the report wasn’t even distributed widely.

The Canadian government failed to inform men’s groups of the times and places for these meetings and had these meetings during the working hours of a workweek (which assured non-working women 100% of the seats at these commissions). I alone represented men over a decade ago at the Vancouver meeting, only out of luck as I stumbled upon it after working out at a gym, and hastily drop all my plans to be the lone man representing fathers in the afternoon session I attended.

Feminists were there in huge numbers for they had all received notification of the meetings far in advance and some stood behind the parliamentarians whispering in their ears. The point of this explanation is that this gone on for decades, so I repeat that these moves are cynically untaken by English speaking nations establishments to deflect mounting pressure in the hope that the public will lose interest. These tactics have proved to work time and time again against many causes.

To date in the UK government has tried to discredit the UK fathers & men’s movement with its use of infiltration, media discrediting tactics (as was done when the group stormed Buckingham Place and the media instead centered their articles on a government supplied story about an activist’s girlfriend’s merely break up with her bow), or in another example supplying the story about a fake plot to kidnapped the Prime Minister’s son (on the collaborating story of what someone said at a pub???). The mighty power of pub hearsay thus trumps millions of men’s shouts for justice!

More positively it is inspiring to see cooperation and absorption of tactics at this level (for repetition being the sincerest form of flattery), but lets take a moment and thank Hands On Parenting (and any other organizations in New Zealand that have taken part) for showing MRAs around the world an excellent method to raise the pressure on these governments around the western world. These modern establishments are now on notice that we aren’t going to go away and commit suicide quietly, like many other poor men who have no access to their kids, and we will not allow ourselves to be nibble to death by ducks in any form either. Instead, steadily we will escalate until actions are taken by governments to offer true equality to both parents, true equality in the work place for men, true equality in taxation and true public expenditure in health care- among other things for the list is long.

We have noted many in New Zealand have pooh-poohed Hands on Equal Parenting for their aggressiveness in being so impolite as to hold lawyers and judges responsible for the closed-door sessions in cutting off dads from access. In figures out of the US 92% of children go to women and just 4 % to men (with the remaining 4% often being children given to the state over a willing husband). The elephant in the room, that such appeasers play down or ignore, in their slow ineffective steps at not upsetting anyone in power, is the huge numbers of fathers committing suicide that have no access! If proof were needed to draw a scientific connection on this it would be well to do a study! But do not hold your breath, for my guess is they do not want to know (plausible deniability maybe)?

A patch work of special interests, that profit from this dysfunctional system, now grasp at straws by trying to make this an academic exercise in the rule by law (thereby saying judges shouldn’t he held accountable for that is undo pressure on their impartiality). By arguing this straw man, and to also act more compassionate than these angry men, is very cloudlike or aloof to other men’s pain, suicide and abuse and additionally shows something sadly deeper in these men.

What is really going on is many such men don’t like other men (as nature has made men rivals over the smallest of things) and can’t even be honest about their indirectness (consciously or unconsciously). Thus many such men think of compassion in female terms only. Thus talking compassion gets you into female Valhalla (or more actuality solipsistic heaven). These men, many of them claiming to say they are against what is going on, in drips and bites, never really muster the fortitude to thoroughly shake their effeminate upbringing (which many admit in a general way is a problem, but always involves the other guy- for “I’m all man”). This too could be said of me here too, in this argument, but the fact that I bring this up means I’ve considered that my dislike for these Appeasers, Uncle Toms or Manginas maybe nature based too. I’m sure when they read this they will say something like, Don’t label people or, Generalizations don’t help. These kind of expressions are related directly to simple (once learned) advertising campaign profiles, which uses these self-actualizes needs to feel good about themselves over really getting into this issue to fix it proper. These self-actualizers are put in 3 groups, I Am Me types, Inner Growth Types and Societal Concerned Types. The last one deals with those who falsely think they are involved, when in fact they are buying products that make them feel good for pretending to do something for the society. Instead they are dupes, who are subconsciously played for profit and play at helping the world (when in fact doing very little, outside of talking).

Here at the Honor Network we have given some of these men, in our blogger ranking system our Mangina icon, to let them know that appeasers can have good ideas in appeasement too.

As for the argument of letting judges impartially decide what is best for the family? First off, in the past families were not under the jurisdiction of judges unless a law was proven to be broken (at least in many advance western cultures), and second, legislating from the bench is a violation of the separation of powers that western countries used to have such forms of checks and balances. Once this is violated all bets are off, and thus impolitely calling of the new oligarchies is very moderate, and will be regarded as such in the future in this humble narrators opinion.

An oligarchy leading the executive level of government (PM, President etc.) is easily identifiable to the masses as a tyrant. The idea of parliament as a tyrant is understandable to Americans who refused to be ruled from across the Atlantic. Yet there are 3 clear identifiable levels of government, and the last one being the judiciary. The judiciary can cross over to be tyrannical as any other branch (as the classics point out repeatedly). If men will not stand against such power overreach who will (Women and children)?
Gandhi isn’t applicable to our situation for he was a nationalist and thus had the majority on his side, and thus asking for democracy in the voting box was a simple goal for justice, though all knew violence would come when Hindus and Moslems ruled themselves (instead of the British). Gandhi’s hope that they wouldn’t do violence doesn’t save him from responsibility, for the Greeks considered hope an evil!

As the voting public continues to grow in the female direction (from nature, suicides, men fleeing aboard (or going under the radar into the ghost nation), or are turned into Manginas these men arguing for the ballot box reforms will seem to grow fainter by the day. Throughout history oligarchies are incapable of reforming themselves, and when they are confronted only very late in the game offer trinkets in exchange for justice. This has been avoided by some western nations in the past. Yet, as we are constantly reminded these balancing leaders were all white men- who prized, the classics, checks and balances and the rule of law. Now these men of history are compared with Nazis, and so are not here to bring balance, but keep their head down, for the most part, and look out for #1. Instead we have solipsists all around us, who follow humanism (the new religion).

The new feminist oligarchs will not give up there power with out pressure (soft or hard). The vast majority of the effeminate voting public will not give up any power they have for they are slaves to their fears, and the leadership need only say the angry white men are coming, the angry white men are coming and at the drop of a hat the effeminates will greedily hold on to any list of privileges they have now.

Martin Luther King could never have won in the South by voting, for most living there were whites, as the Catholics are the minority in North Ireland. In the case of Martin Luther King he changed the laws through peacefully means, but not through the ballot box in Southern states! Or in Northern Ireland power-sharing was won, like it or not, through ugly violent bloody methods. Neither of these oppressed groups felt that they had a chance to win when the population was made up of those benefiting from the system that made them the last in line for everything. This points to things getting uglier, as the establishment will not change with out real pressure.


  1. Are you serious? Is Jim B. and Jim Bailey and Paul C part of the MRA? and that is only part of the men’s movement here. Are all the guys in NZ also part of the MRA? Is family for children also part of the MRA? Is JohnP and Hans Laven and Darryl Ward and John Brett and Moose also a part?

    I know Stephen would be.

    But seriously, have you asked them?

    Comment by julie — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 6:56 pm

  2. By the way, the only reason that I can see why Jim Bailey is disliked (as I her many reports) is because he is far too honest and needs a woman secretary.

    Most men’s groups are coming to this conclusion.

    Comment by julie — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 7:03 pm

  3. Well, since I have time on my hands. I just wonder… well maybe I will get a growling.. but have any of you guys asked your women for help? I have spoken to one or two of them and they stand by you. But I am sure you know this.

    Look. I am sure that you know the judges are bigger than the polititions regarding the Labor Party. In fact, the judges are the main players of the Labour Party. I have known this since a teenager because … circumstances … but believe me when I tell you this .$$$$$. I am sure you know “It is not what you know but who you know” The picture is huge. As a fact one Judge stood behind the Labour Party in Australia behind Bob.. you know thew Union worker whose best mate was the Queensland ruler. And the drugs…. well we won’t go into that..and the movement of guns into the wrong hands ….. you know we must have wars… no you couldn’t possibly delve that deep.. but I did. Too much for you I guess.

    Look guys, do you not know who own the banks in New Zealand? Yes, of couse you know, the Italian Mafia. There are five familes in Aussie who own ANZ and National Bank. My family was supposed to be apart of this. Well not the banks but they offered to invest in a world wide business but my grandfather refused to be a part, so they choose another which went world wide. They have their hands on everything. NZ as a state of Aussie? You said no but they said yes. It really is conspiracy, but hey … what do I know… you probalby won’t believe me as many normal folk won’t but we are out of the matrix aren’t we. Ask other guys on other sites. I am so sure they know.

    I am sure you know all this. The judges are part of a huge international sindicate. helen clarke (see Stephen how I use small letters) is a pawn.

    And I am sure you know that pissing them off, as in they earn’t their right to rule (so they stupidly think) after many years of work will be a
    brick wall.

    You have to play. Go for the wives. Get your women invovled. Get the women to play…. Stop being nice guys ….

    A Judge cannot resist his wife.. Oh, my God, the feminist rules also apply to him. If he has a wife with good morals .. he’s fu**ed.

    Either that or get a prostitude he visits to keep the condom he uses and insert it into a female on the pill and get him for rape. In fact why not just acuse him as a father. The law says that a female does not have to produce evidence.

    Turn feminsm on the guys that back it.

    My bet is that the Moari’s will save New Zealand and the Islanders and, well, Australia is so fucked up, that the Japenese didn’t win the war but they sure bought all the queen’s land. Only a mere half of the place. But if the Moaris have their way, then so will the Aborigines and so will the Indians. Have you ever wondered why you are destracted by feminists???

    Comment by julie — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 8:15 pm

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence

    Please refer to the **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** part of the HandsOnEqualParent website for the many Orgs supporting the Coalition and of course there are many individuals

    Please refer to the HandsOnEqualParent -E-Group for conversation with Matt-O and detail of the first F4J BOTHERING – Use the search machine. There has been a lot happen since then

    Liturally on a Judges roof – The JimB’s are a little frail for that sort of stuff and Kerry has no confidence for hights – The Judge foolishly threatened the F4J Protester with a shot gun.

    By the way anybody serious about the freedom to DEMO-Protest-BOTHER in NZ would be apreciated at Tauranga on the 25th

    Rod Hooker and I inside to defend the **Disorderly Conduct** charge as the result of 2 BOTHERINGS in Pillars Rd Tauranga in May – One being Margaret Wilsons home – I have forgotten the name of the other but the 16 locals from Tauranga on the BOTHERING voted her worst

    As many as possible outside to DEMO our right to PROTEST re the destruction of our FAMILIES.

    See **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Calendar/Planner for detail

    The defended hearing will be part of the Convoy to CS Conference if I get enough paying bums on seats

    $100 return includes billets but not food or conference entry.

    Leaving 15B Roseberry 10am Wednesday 24th returning a week later

    The War-4-Kids WAGON will not be going further than Tauranga if the $600-0 costs return from Wellington are not met to go to the CS Conference – Thats assuming I don’t get locked up.

    Most of you on this forum will be well aware why I simply have not the $’s to go further – Sorry to bore you if that be the case – 7 years of daily reminder has hardened me to rude remarks

    As Julie says Truth – WINZ refuse to recognise our **Equal** Orders – Thus ALL Parenting money goes to Mother who does less than 1/2 the Job and shirks as many bills as possible – She gave us a bag of oranges and some burnt CHRISTmas cake to see us thru the month Javan was with me over these holidays

    WINZ Recognise my disabilities but not the importance of the task I do re FATHERING Javan – Thanks God some of you do or we would of been down the creek long ago.

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 10:30 pm

  5. Well Jim, if you haven’t filled your seats I would be honored to go to Wellington with you guys. $100 you say. Yes, I can save that. If you can spare me a seat I would honestly love to be there. And I think Kerry is alot of fun also.

    Jim, seriously, you need a woman in your life to lighten your honesty. You probably read Hans Laven’s article on schools. Well, they are bias to single parents so I have them thinking I am not a single parent. That way my young boy gets offered more. You need to look for the pay off rather than what is right and you don’t have to lie but just keep a bit of truth to yourself.

    Comment by julie — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 11:26 pm

  6. Julie,

    Your on – 4 seats to go

    Need a Woman – well maybe if she is extraudinarily good in bed – totally loyal – absolutly gorgeous – independantly wealthy – adorse Javan, Roana and Hope – Tolerates my many paternal girlfriends and friendly X’s – willing to try before buy – YES

    Having made many mistakes on the romantic front – With three X wives and 2 Kids not born to either of them I am very reluctant to indulge

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Mon 15th January 2007 @ 11:49 pm

  7. Jim, Jim, Jim,

    You’re funny. Let’s pull this a part.

    Need a Woman

    Yes, definately. you’ll be balanced and she can fill out forms for you-especially funding. she could do your bookwork. (without your input)

    – well maybe if she is extraudinarily good in bed

    Yes, she needs to wear you out so that you let the boys sleep in.

    – totally loyal

    Of course. We can’t have you heartbroken as you are a lover of people and most likely love sincerely

    – absolutly gorgeous –

    Hey, for this one I think you would love the inside anyhow but I’d say not fat as in obese

    independantly wealthy –

    nah, that isn’t you.

    adorse Javan, Roana and Hope –

    Adores, no. You wouldn’t get any attention that way. Likes and tolerates yes.

    Tolerates my many paternal girlfriends and friendly X’s

    As long as you don’t flirt with them

    – willing to try before buy

    Can you spare the money. Afterall, your money get’s spent on men’s rights you know.

    Comment by julie — Tue 16th January 2007 @ 12:33 am

  8. Oh, oh, oh Jim,

    You forget to mention that you want a woman who loves you for who you are. And that she like you having a cause in your life. That’s special.

    Comment by julie — Tue 16th January 2007 @ 1:10 am

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