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How Parliament deals with complaints about CYFS.

Filed under: General — domviol @ 12:23 am Sun 4th February 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been upheld.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made by falsely accused parents or caregivers.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made as a result of malicious or vexatious notifications.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made by parents who are involved in custody or divorce proceedings.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made about registered social workers.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made about unqualified social workers.

CYF doesn’t know how many social workers have been disciplined as a result of complaints made about them.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been made about managers.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints have been misplaced/lost.

CYF doesn’t know how many complaints are waiting to be investigated.

CYF doesn’t know why they don’t have national statistics on complaints.

Don’t they use Key Performance Indicators for their managers?

Shouldn’t the KPI’s include accurate information about client satisfaction?

Aren’t complaints procedures an important method of discovering gaps in service shortfalls?

Aren’t complaints about staff linked to Human Resource records?

All of the above queries could be easily answered after a week’s work by a competent SQL analyst/programmer.

Could the minister be prevaricating?

5 months ago in Parliament . . .

Questions And Answers – Thursday, 24 August 2006

Thursday, 24 August 2006, 6:03 pm

Press Release: Office of the Clerk

Child, Youth and Family–Complaints

3. JUDY TURNER (Deputy Leader–United Future): to the Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment (CYF): Does Child, Youth and Family record the number of complaints received from those who feel unfairly treated by the actions, procedures, or decisions of the department; if so, how many complaints have been received in the last 5 years?

Hon RUTH DYSON (Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment (CYF)): I am advised that all complaints that the department receives are thoroughly investigated, but currently there is no central database that captures all complaints made to Child, Youth and Family staff.

Judy Turner: Does she agree that Child, Youth and Family should be accountable to an organisation outside itself, given its statutory powers; if so, will she support the call of United Future to establish an independent complaints authority for Child, Youth and Family?

Hon RUTH DYSON: I certainly agree that the actions of Child, Youth and Family staff, like all other public servants, should be accountable. In terms of the latter part of the member’s question, I am certainly prepared to review existing pathways for complaints to be made–for example, the Social Workers Registration Board, the Office of the Ombudsmen, the Privacy Commissioner, the Human Rights Commission, and any others–and will discuss the outcomes of those considerations with the member.

Georgina Beyer: What is Child, Youth and Family doing to strengthen its complaints procedures?

Hon RUTH DYSON: I am pleased to advise that work is under way to develop a new national database that will ensure that complaints can be collated centrally. The database is just one of the benefits we are seeing as a result of the merger between Child, Youth and Family Services and the Ministry of Social Development.

Judy Turner: Is the Minister aware that the Police Complaints Authority–for which the Child, Youth and Family’s equivalent could be considered comparable–costs approximately $2.1 million per year, yet its effect on public confidence and accountability is considered priceless; and, if so, is not a Child, Youth and Family complaints authority a very small cost for a very significant and necessary benefit for parents and families?

Hon RUTH DYSON: Yes, I am familiar with those figures and I will certainly take that information into consideration when undertaking the existing complaints pathways review.


8 Responses to “How Parliament deals with complaints about CYFS.”

  1. Jim Bailey says:

    The Govt will do NOTHING as it is their intention to destroy the **Whole-NATURAL-Biological-FAMILY** and CYFS – WINZ – FC – CS – is doing just that


    Onward – Jim

  2. julie says:

    I here what Jim is saying although I am pleased they are making some positive steps.

    currently there is no central database that captures all complaints made to Child, Youth and Family staff.

    Yes, that is a problem.

    I am pleased to advise that work is under way to develop a new national database that will ensure that complaints can be collated centrally.

    And yes, that is a solution.

    But in saying that I wonder how many staff you can make complaints to without it affecting your own case? And I wonder how many parent’s would be bold enough to make the complaint while they are desperatedly trying to please CYFS to get their children back?

    Still not enough. Keep going Judy Turner and others. We must have that complaints authority up and running ASAP. It will not solve the problem for parent’s rights but it is a positve step forward. There must be accountabilility for CYFS SW as we do the police.

  3. Jim Bailey says:

    Positive steps – What rubbish – Spin Doctored rubbish while the Govt grows the 300,000 Kids some say 400,000 Kids without DAD every night some without Mum as well

    Wake-Up the ManAlives of this world are helping these figures grow

    Why do you think Maharey Loves ManAlive and dispises MensCentre in fact stated publically that he would not feed us to his DOGS

    Onward – Jim

  4. julie says:

    I can’t understand why you guys are so pissed off with groups that help manage anger. Gee, the women would love to have groups like this in existance. But then we had this discussion when we met. I said “I even want help for the men that ARE bad.” In my eyes they also have rights.

    But I will surrender for this site ONLY. Not in my life.

  5. dad4justice says:

    A response against injustice is necessary , but always futile in feminaziland .For example :

    Non -custodial parents rights are nil, and Father’s Rights are a delusion !!

  6. julie says:

    I think I will expalin comment 4 a bit better. It is not that I don’t understand your frustration but there are men and women out there like myself that have to take responsibility for things we have done in life for our own well-being. Not all men are innocent and set up. But not as many as statistics tell us. Some have learn’t behaviours from their fathers and their fathers learn’t it from their fathers. Same goes for the women who learn’t it off their mothers and their monther’s mother. It is a chain.

    Then there are some that have been a victim as children and they acted out negatively. And then there are even some that just made bad decisions, hung with the wrong crowd and so forth. Breaking up families and fatherlessness is creating more of these people every single day.

    I don’t see the point in leaving these people out of this nor the people that want to help these people. This movement does not have to be just for the innocent. People do change and the system the way it is does not give them a chance. What about the males that did a 10 year lag from the age of 15 or even 19. Ask them what it is like to start life at 25 and 29 with no hope. Can’t we help them too. Don’t you know how many of our youth will be telling their story after 10 years. We talk about the prisons and what males have to endure. Being beaten up and even raped. Just been talking about a male who was falsely accused of sexually molestering his onw child. He was to go to prison but instead choose to kill himself.

    Alot of these men that teach anger mangement (probably not Man Alive but others) can help in this area. If you want men to have full rights, it has to include these men. IMO

    We need to look for the common ground and not the small differences. They can help. They are not majinas. They are real men too.

  7. Jim Bailey says:


    You be doing some great work here but you are making the mistake of those that expand the industry as porns of the Socialist Femi-Fascists who designed it.

    Convinced of their new found cure which is actually for themselves not the populace who don’t have the problem

    MOST People are not sick

    It does make those who are to think so as they can then feel acceptable, even useful

    The industry makes those who work in it feel good because they beleive most people have their disease

    In that they treat ALL clients, especially those who have been given them by those who want to assume they are sick (FC to ManAlive as our favourite example) and they do what you have just done so the cycle, the business expands

    Just a thought

    Onward – Jim

  8. julie says:


    I see what you are saying and I will think about it. But…. (they say everything after the but is bullshit, LOL … we will see) if we are to think about things this way we have a much bigger fight than I first presumed.

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