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Little daughter is marching.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:39 am Fri 14th September 2007

Herald Link: Jim Hopkins – Big Mother is watching. – Highly Recommended

“Enough!!!” shouted Inspector One. “Citizen 3124583, I’m recommending you for immediate re-education as an unsuitable parental entity. Do not approach your child unless supervised and do not attempt to escape. We will be waiting outside until your re-educator arrives!” With that, the two grey figures clicked their heels and left.

It is a wonderful comical story featured by permission of incongenerous mockery. Is it a veiled warning to us, could this actually happen. If someone could think it, could it become reality?

Here is an extract from my family court case.

I’m sitting in the witness box, and having just arrived there, I am surveying my new perspective of the room. Beneath the tables behind which the parties sit and at the feet of one femi-facist wannabe lawyer, there is an obvious array of every public statement recorded in the media, which I had ever made. As she began her tirade of questions regarding my suitability as a parent it became apparent that the publication that aggravated her most was a green covered glossy magazine. Rising to her feet she waved the publication furiously in one hand and wagged the index finger of other at me, (multi tasking). She tried to question everything from my political opinion to my personal involvement in politics. If she had been allowed out from behind her desk, I am sure I would have received a good slapping. My cheeks would have been tattooed with an insipid shade of green, and reverse image of the embossed type imprinted in my face: Corrected upon looking in the mirror it would have read “Court of Injustice.”

I was only there to be a father, and I had to play her silly game. But to her, it wasn’t a silly game. The bitch was serious. Her teeth were flashing, with a rabid growl rising from her throat. She was a menacing crossbred watchdog, there to protect the children of the state, and I was the enemy, and it is not a story from an overactive imagination, it actually happened right here in New Zealand.

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  1. The focus to remove smacking as a measure of discipline was exactly what Jim Hopkins writes about.

    The functionality of that law change gets inside the heads of every person and that’s where the damage justifying the subjective aggression of the substantive oppressor demands to take its effective toll. You don’t need the police but you know that they are only just one short sharp phone call away.

    I don’t believe it is necessary to hit children but that requires training. To expect that you any are capable of exercising the kind of experience we demand by sending students for training to acquire is an absolute nonsense in logic. Mum is dropping her marbles.

    In my mediation conference, where all I did was argue with the judge about the necessity for demand of a presumption of equal shared parenting and ended up with (of all things) a protection order (no violence), the lawyer Shona De Luen (I allege) did a similar stunt getting into the room when there was only me in it having been told to go in their on my own by the attendant (I figured it was a set up as soon as the lawyer walked in without the judge present) took out my affidavit to the court and started going through it with a yellow highlighter pen, one may presume preparing to slaughter me on these points, but what she did that was more sinister, in my opinion is she composed her split skirt so it was open and riding high up on her naked leg without recomposing. It was me who repositioned myself to mitigate this game play. I haven’t mentioned this before because at the time I though that to take exception to this would have put me into the condition of being paranoid and she would have exploited that better than for my writing, which others whom I respect for their critical observations (Dave) supported as well written.

    Comment by Benjamin Easton — Fri 14th September 2007 @ 11:44 am

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