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Milky Science

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:07 pm Thu 13th September 2007

Professor Woodford is currently attracting plenty of media attention for his book that will expose the research and public management of research concerning A1 and A2 milk. A literature review was commissioned several years ago by the NZ Food Safety Authority who then discarded the lay summary the author had made for public release and also wrote news releases that did not accurately reflect the literature review. This may have put the issue on the back burner until Prof Woodford has now ensured the public are given an accurate picture.

Manipulation of the public through misrepresenting research is rife among feminist organizations and has been a major weapon in their war against maleness. Recent examples include the Children’s Commissioner’s commissioned review of the literature on smacking. The review was obviously undertaken by authors who had a pre-existing bias against smacking and who knew what the Commissioner wanted. The authors covered a biased selection of research, preferred studies with poor methodology and then drew conclusions that even ignored much of what those studies had actually shown, because in fact many of those studies had concluded that no harmful effects had been shown from mild and ordinary levels of physical discipline. Another example was the “research” conducted by Neville Robertson and associates into a few women’s gripes about their experiences when obtaining protection orders. This creative propaganda was commissioned by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and clearly had been designed to manufacture exactly what fitted the authors’ and the Commission’s bias. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations made far beyond anything that the study could ever have justified.

Commissioned reports like these are seldom published in professional journals or subjected to peer review. In reporting these and other pieces of feminist propaganda, New Zealand news media generally avoid critical debate and searching questions, and fail to seek any comment from representatives of men’s and fathers’ groups.

Sadly, because our country does not have a Ministry of Men’s Affairs, men’s studies departments in universities or in fact much in the way of any publicly-funded agencies protecting the rights and welfare of men, there is nobody like Professor Woodford to expose such misuse of science towards political ends.

The radical changes to law and to fundamental principles of law plus other social engineering that this fraud is used to justify bring the most serious risks to social stability, child rearing and development, mental health and health problems such as those related to stress and suicide. Society also loses a great deal when science itself is brought (further) into disrepute through politicization.

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