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New Polls Tell MGTOW a Fact

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 2:07 am Sat 20th January 2007

Dateline: USA
By: Timocrat
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

New stats out of the US tell of the clear effect of feminism on marriage. This combined with other stats, like those out of the UK and other western nations, show that men don’t want to get married. Last year for the first time in the US more women were not married than married 51%. In the feminist hated 1950s the average number of single woman was 35%, and since this time has steadily dropped to the present 51%. The mainstream media continues to interview woman of the reasons, and the excuses are endless. On the ABC news (US) program men weren’t even asked why this was so, matching gradualism agenda perfectly. By removing them from this story the MSM can make this still a woman’s issue still now.

Also even more telling are the numbers for African-American women who are not married, which now is a whopping 70%!! Ophra Winphrey can take some credit for this indeed. She should be opening a school in Africa called, “ The school for teaching girls how not to get married.” The KKK wanted to lessen the African-America population grow, but had no effect. Instead it has been leaders, like the likes of Ophra Winphry, that have set the population of African —Americans to now being less than the Hispanic population. Billy Cosby is right to be taking shots at such leadership.

These stats must include gay marriages to, for it wouldn’t be PC to exclude them now, would it? So the real numbers of traditional male/female marriages are even less! I guess this explains so many governments finding so many ways to connect any man to any woman for child support.

Some examples of the present discourse: Never had sex with this woman to be the father? Tough. Never met this woman, let alone had sex with her? Tough. You are too young to have had been the father, never met the woman, let alone had sex with her? Tough.

If a woman says you are the father (and all the above cases are increasing by the year) that is good enough for the state, and you must pay up or they will put you in jail. Can’t pay, while you are in jail? Well that’s no excuse for the state will take you passport, garnish your wages and not fund any services for men (at least no where near the numbers as woman). Unless something is done the states of the West will fall, for other poorer nations are the ones suffering from over population, not western nations.

When the full weight of the baby boomers comes into play the state will make its play for hidden taxes matching that in excess of Sweden’s one time 74%. Or instead of facing their mistakes will open up the boarders to immigrants from any nation, which will have ramifications as unseen as the last batch of ones that cause the mess we are in at present have done. Men must stand up.

22 Responses to “New Polls Tell MGTOW a Fact”

  1. Stephen says:

    Interesting thoughts Intrepid.
    Our current finance minister in nz has horded record surplusses whilst dishing out record 20% pay raises to nurses. A huge and unprecedented handout for any civil service group in modern times. As the old addage goes – just follow the money.
    This suits the fems nicely (nurses are 95% or more of women). It suits the boomers – the largest cohort in society soon needing home help nurses, rest homes nurses. It can be used as leverage to ratchet up other women’s work too. Lollies all round for the girls!
    Men in western nations are however as you allude to in your opening waking from their slumber, so to speak, and increasingly recognising that marriage is now so onerous, so racked with risk of huge trauma and loss, that sensibly their opting out and we’re encountering more and more MGTOW – men going their own way. In a sense this is men standing up. They are in effect saying – ‘well, this is a crock of shit I want no part of!’ and it’s leading to the further demise of marriage already terribly undermined by feminist family law. Talk about a hollowing out of your society! Shit, Mao would be proud!
    The feminists will be happy – their getting what they wanted all along – women unhooked from what they see as an oppressive institution. But the stupid arrogant buggers haven’t factored in the millions of women who’ll grow to hate feminists and all things feminism because it’s putting off men mating with them and their subsequent self fulfillment as mothers. All those barren wombs will be increasingly shreiking methinks. Already there’s a growing desperation from women trying to guilt men into accepting the shockingly bad anti-male family and relationship laws and forming relationship and families with them. And I’m increasingly seeing something I never imagined – more and more sites are springing up for western men going their own way (MGTOW) and opting out of marriage indeed any close relationships with women. It is an awesome phenomena to witness.
    That which has been dubbed the ‘women’s movement’ is therefore imploding under it’s own internal contradictions.
    Feminism is about giving women power, yet disempowers millions of women by making men into the enemy.
    There is the option as you point out for western nations to import millions of people from overpopulated nations to fill the ranks of societies not breeding and replicating themselves and the greenies who want everyone to have thier own 5 acres, windmill and solar buggy won’t mind in the least. They’ll gleefully accept population decline in the west. But if western populations are replaced with millions of emigrees they’ll will bring their traditional values with them which will surely clash with western feminism and boomer liberalism. It’s interesting to speculate and definitely worth keeping tabs on.
    If it turns out to be what I’m envisaging the worse case scenario will be (increasing feminist hegemony over men and affluent oldies controlling the vast majority of national resources squeezing everyone else too much I’ve got my escape from the west pretty much mapped out. There’s a psychologist Eric Erikson who has a great human lifetime developmental model in which he says people typically undergo 7 stages of crisis in their lives. The last but one stage is generativity Vs Self absorption. It means people reach a stage later in life where they have amassed a harvest of resources, knowledge and cultural artefacts. Their internal dynamic crisis is therefore in deciding do they be generative and pass it on or be self absorbed. Never before have we had such a large cohort of people entering this phase as the boomers have. It’s going to be facinating to see which fork of the dynamic they choose.
    Amidst all this specualtion there’s one thing I’m clear about – If the west ends up going Titanic, I don’t intend to go down in ‘her’ to save any women either.

  2. julie says:

    I have also read these sort of stats and articles and what is being said on TV programs. Radical feminists have almost won what they went out to do. It is not the men’s marriage strike that is keeping women unmarried. The women are just not interested in men anymore, for marriage. It is the same for almost all single mothers in my group. They don’t want to know but just enjoy their freedom and choices. It will be interesting however, what this year brings under radical feminists fot their next step is to put the women to work and increase wages of women that care for children. Hillary Clinton says, “It takes a community to raise a child” which I suspect means they intend to raise the children themselves, their own way. The men’s marriage strike is the men’s point of view. They also don’t want marriage.

    Unfortunately, as we have seen in articles, young women and men here in NZ are holding on to the traditional marriage because their parents taught them this. This was found by researching the pay gap. The article and the women doing the research even said, “They (the women) do not realise that is not in their own interest to want to be stay at home mums”

    All we can do for the men’s movement is make the men equal to the women. Why should they have to protect and put more money into a relationship than the women. Don’t worry though, bacuse if we don’t bring that soon, they already have a time set for doing it. It is the women they want to sort out first. Then they will sort the men out who wil have no choice but to follow as the women will already be brainwashed by then.

  3. Stephen says:

    It is not the men’s marriage strike that is keeping women unmarried.

    This is laughable.
    I accept there are some women who have bought into feminism’s disparagement of forming relationships with men, but you only have to look at the magazines, e-zines, TV programs to see that the vast majority of women do indeed yearn for a comitted relationship with a man and to form a family with a man. Women literally buy this message using billions of dollars there and globally such is their drive to catch a man.

    At the same time I notice there’s a growing number of sites being set up (mostly by young men) to encourage a men’s marriage strike because marriage and relationships with women in the west these days are so horribly stacked in favor of women, and reasonable men don’t want to see themselves shafted like a whole generation of wstern men have been under feminist hegemony.

    I’d suggest the solo Moms Julie says are happpy without a man are simply putting a brave face on the fact that they can’t get men – they’re saddled with kids already which is unattractive to many men all of which is taking place in a misandric system increasing numbers of men are sensibly opting out of – western marriage.

    Besides which it’s primarily the male wage and salary earners who are supporting these solo Moms with throught their taxes. And sensible men have had a gutsful of being used thus to create further feminist bastardry.

    For those willing to take a look I’ll happily point out a dozen sites from different western countries promoting the men’s marriage strike.

  4. Intrepid says:

    Stephen is right on the button an all counts here. Women pride themselves on seeing past into the soul of other people, with their superiour people skills.

    The question Julie is why do you take what comes out of other women’s mouths so unquestioningly? Is it that to challenge them to prove they don’t need men (via the state support), like you challenge us here on Menz, is to end these aquaintances( called close, close close every lasting friendships).

    It seems the best of friends means never shattering anyones doll house!

    Is not the reason they come to such functions, in fact, not a sign they don’t have anyone at home to talk with at a serious level? How good would it go over at such a meeting to say, “Well I’d think you are all full of it!” Would they be invited back or scratched off the tea or coffee party set?

    Woman are all about going with the flow, and save there angry for other men, for we can deal with it better. Men have been women’s punching bags, for they cannot deal directly with the rest of the world. Men have ended this and all that is left for woman are these aquaintances masked as close,close, close “best of freinds” hug hug kiss kiss (back stab later).

    It is real just sad, that so many women can’t turn off the need for frivolous talk and being with others, and forfit family and husbands so they can meet the expectations of there , for intence of purposes, strangers!

  5. julie says:


    I don’t know what to say on this. I am aware of men’s sites that discuss the marriage strike.

    Look, I am going to step aside here. I should not be fighting a man on men’s issues. (I don’t know how many times I say that line.) Even got you confused with another man on another site. This is getting out of hand. Your friends don’t like me and I am sure my friends won’t like you. Plus my boys would get mad at me for disrespecting you and mad at me for talking to men that are abusive to women. This is your war, not mine.

    I am wasting my time and energy.

    However, I will still work with men’s groups. Maybe, I can get my website to be like this one.

  6. julie says:

    Sorry Intrepid,

    Missed your comment. I am quite happy to take your word on the men’s marriage strike affecting women getting married. It just hasn’t hit my area yet.

  7. eye of the tiger says:

    I know of women in their late thirties who have chosen career over family are now desperate to have their first child. They either can’t find willing men who want to get involved or they have learnt to have such contempt for men that they can’t make the commitment themselves. Feminism is nothing but a self interest movement for women; it has nothing to offer men or children.

  8. Stephen says:

    Plus my boys would get mad at me for disrespecting you and mad at me for talking to men that are abusive to women. This is your war, not mine.

    What an arrogant insult!
    Yet again Julie can’t get sensible men to agree with her so she starts throwing out ungrounded accusation. Thi s time that she’s talking to abusive men.
    Julie all I see is men showing enormous patience and respect towards you whilst YOU ABUSE THEM by characterising them as abusive because you can’t get your own way.
    And people wonder why increasing numbers of western men are getting sick and tired of women and are becoming MGTOW (Men going there own way)!!!!!

    But you don’t just stop there. Oh No! There’s worse to come yet.
    You then hide behind your boys and declare this someone else’s war, not yours. Talk about throwing rocks at folks then ducking for cover! Typically effeminate abusiveness in my experience.

    I think that as well as being abusive you’re also being naive in the extreme because as you yourself have pointed out on more than one occasion the fems will come for you too. So to claim there’s s war going on but it’s not yours makes no sens – SO I BELIEVE THAT LIKE IT OR NOT (AND WHO DOES? NOT I FOR SURE IT IS YOUR WAR TOO.
    I really now wish you’d do some of us a big favor – Go away and form your website, stop hanging around here and stirring up shit wasting people’s valuable time by throwing around baseless accusations and uninformed comments on stuff you’re obviously ill-equipped to pontificate upon.
    I dare say your constant flip-flopping on issues, wooly prevarication and arrogant insults are a tiresome burden we can do well without.

  9. julie says:

    Shit Stephen,

    You’re right. Of course you are. I don’t want to insult you or anyone else. You have been great to teach me.

    Yes, I think it is well overdue for me to move on. (I have been here already a year)My comments aren’t making sense anymore becuase I have moved on to other interests. They can’t help your cause anymore. I find the conspiracies much more interesting and the war now. And…blah, blah, blah. They are more of immediate threat and effect me greater than feminism. My children and my grandchildren will get through feminism s best they can just as you and other men have. I am sure the MRA will be huge by then.

    I don’t know whether this marriage strike will affect me or not and I already have children so…

    And for my boys, whether they join men by going EAST or they stay and enjoy having their choice of women is up to them. It is not the right time for them to leave the country yet when they are ready they will join MTGOW.

    Most of the males in the MRA say the women will sort it out when they come to their senses and realise they don’t have husbands. I am not part of that group of women. And 2 or 3 generations seems …. I can just get on with living and watch it happen. I will be very old or most likely dead by then.

    There is nothing for me to do and my way is not the right way. I think differently and am not happy to just waffle on about men’s rights. I just make enemies over it. Radical feminism, I thought was about breaking up families but it seems men will get their rights by also not being a part of a family. (men going East don’t affect me in New Zealand. So …. see ya.

    I will be a WTGOW while you are MTGOW.

  10. Stephen says:

    (men going East don’t affect me in New Zealand. So …. see ya.

    They won’t necessarily go east Julie, they’ll live amongst nz women whilst keeping themselves emotionally and financially as safely detatched as possible from them.

    Marriage strike
    From Wikipedia.

    A marriage strike is the avoidance of marriage, especially by men. The term is often used by masculists to suggest that many men avoid (or should avoid) marriage out of a conscious fear of financial devastation in the event of divorce.

    Advocates of the marriage strike hold that through the combination of laws permitting no-fault divorce and prevailing conditions in divorce courts that are substantially more likely to favor the wife over the husband in disputes over child custody, visitation rights, ownership of the family residence and other shared property, child support, and alimony, it is possible for a woman to divorce her husband unilaterally while simultaneously depriving him of the right to see his offspring and financially crippling him. They argue that since the divorce rate is high, and since women are more likely than men to seek no-fault divorce, scenarios like the above are a likely outcome of marriage, and that many men, fearing such an outcome, choose not to marry. There have been numerous studies showing that a range of 60 to 93 percent of no-fault divorces in the United States were initiated by women, usually against a man who works a blue-collar job, for grounds cited as “emotional unfulfillment.”

  11. wendy says:

    Just Read this on stuff

    The number of unmarried couples setting up house has hit a new high, with de facto relationships twice as popular as they were 15 years ago.

    The trend has brought warnings that couples need to have their eyes open about relationship property claims in the event of a break-up.

    According to the latest census, 380,000 New Zealanders are in de facto relationships, or 13% of those aged 15 and over. That’s up from 6% in 1991. Over the same period, the number of people who are married has drifted down 5% to 47%.

    But while marriage may be waning in popularity the increase in those shacking up means that coupledom is not only the norm, but on the rise, with 61% of the adult population living in a relationship.

    However, one in three marriages ultimately turns sour, with 10,000 couples expected to divorce this year and unknown numbers of de facto relationships terminating.

    Lawyers are warning the financial costs of these break-ups can be crippling if couples are unaware of their rights and liabilities.

    Since 2002, de facto and same-sex couples have been covered by relationship property law. Whether married or not, couples who have been living together three years or more have to split relationship property equally, except in exceptional circumstances.

    One 50-year-old woman interviewed by the Sunday Star-Times went from a position of financial security, living in a debt-free home inherited from her parents, to a situation where she was forced to raise a mortgage to pay off her ex-partner.

    The woman had attempted to draw up a property agreement in the event of a break-up but her partner had refused. As well as a half share in her parental home, he also received a portion of her superannuation.

    Wellington family lawyer Wendy Davis has noticed a trend among those contracting out of the law to more aggressively fence off their wealth.

    “There are agreements now where people are saying `everything is separate, we’re not sharing anything at all’.

    “Fifty years ago in most relationships, an integral part of the relationship would be the sharing of property and the sharing of wealth. I don’t necessarily think that is seen as an integral part of a relationship now,” she said.

    But Auckland family lawyer Geoff Harrison advised against being too selfish in locking up assets from a partner. Not only could it undermine a relationship, it could also lead to a contract being overturned later by the courts as unfair.

  12. wendy says:

    Its sad that marriage is lossing out. My personal belief is marriage is the essence of life. I wonder myself, what will happen to my son? do I encorage him to marry or not to marry. Honestly if I were a male in the world as it is now, I would castrate myself and go bush! (not a recommendation to anyone however). It is horriable that I even say that! but watching males go through the torment that ‘a small select few’ women do to them…..well what do you do? a marrage strike sounds less painful than my option.
    As far as heading east there maybe no point. I keep an eye on the womens movement and the east. And the feminism is very very slowly getting in there too.

  13. julie says:

    Good on you Wendy for your comment. Yes, I also fear for my sons. Sometimes I feel lucky to not be so eduacted but then… I also feel those now who are leading our so called ‘Uneducated’ are leading men and women astray.

    I don’t know how many women (lost count) I have had discussions with about using common sense after hearing what their counsellors say.

    This shit has been going on as far as I can remember. Why has taken it taken men and women so long to click onto it. Oh, I know the boomer’s era. Their parents being my grandparents went through the depression and hoared everything. then the boomers came along with all their, “I am free’ and became selfish, consumerist and so forth.

    The police tell me that many of the youth on the streets come from good, healthy, sophisicated homes and they don’t understand why.

    They enjoy listening to me, I am sure. I was one of those kids. We hated all this money grabbing and free me from responsibility crap. The youth today are just another link in the chain.

    It is our generation that will put a stop to this whether we are 30 or 60.

    And about the men of today. Don’t even get me started. All this me, me, me has got to stop. And exactly the same for the women.

  14. wendy says:

    I personaly haven’t seen any men say ‘me, me, me’. But have had them say ‘help, help, help’. Then again I don’t really get out much as I have to stop and help the cries of help. So I lack knowledge in that area.
    As far as the kids on the streets. Well, I took off and lived on the streets of Sydney and NZ for a number of years as a youngster. I came from a good family and honestly I can not tell you why I did it. However what I saw around me during that time is one reason why I support the family and MRA. To many kids and adults who never grew up with dad or mum.

  15. julie says:


    You do see the men that are me, me, me. They are all around you. Look on the TV, on the news and current affairs programs. Look to how many men don’t care for their brother’s lot. It is as if we have a society that thinks. “As long as I am OK, then all is OK” No-one wants to put themselves out. But maybe it is a man thing.

    If I or you said to a bunch of guys, “Hey guys, come help your brothers who are dying on street.” They would say, “Well, that’s there problem.” And if we were lucky enough to get a conversation out of them, we would be asking ourselves, “Why, What are they after. ” Well, sister, they are not out to care for their brothers. No, they are out to care for themsleves. I for one can tell you that it is my sisters that give more of a shit than the men. (of course unless the men are hurting) But the men will join them because they will get a telling off if they don’t. That seems to be all that motivates them. Sorry. Scary but true.

    There is a group that I am particurlarly interested in regarding males and that is the ‘University students’ and the ‘Rebel Youth’. These one’s have no problem caring and getting off their arses to help.

  16. wendy says:

    Oh, now I know who you mean.

  17. julie says:


    There are ways to stop the deline of marriage in your own family. There are many, many, many eduacated men, or should I say clever men that have been aware of this coming for along time. They are everywhere in the world. Not just in NZ or Australia but in Europe, being the Dutch, the Germans ans so on, in the middle east and India. And all the countries that exist. We are just knew to this. My own grandfather told me not to worry. My boys will be just fine. It is all about raising your family the right way. Have you ever wondered why family trees are so important to the Maori’s and the Indians. Hmmm? All this started happening after WWII and many families prepared for it. All I can say is take all this knowledge yourself and prepare your family. If you are a good mum, you will get on just fine with your daughter-in-laws. Men often marry their mothers and women often marry ther fathers. Well, not them but that is the stick their potential spouces much reach to be good enough. That’s how important family is. Both mum and dad.

  18. MurrayBacon says:

    The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
    It’s completely personal—and their way of protesting a world they believe has turned its back on them.
    The article gives a very blunt overview…….

  19. Downunder says:

    Thanks Murray, interesting read,

    Despite all the rhetoric about ‘equal’ rights between the sexes, the gynocentric, misandrous bias of the family court system is illustrated by the raw data.

    Along with the survey of judges personal views; children belong with mother

    I was interviewed by the Herald somewhere back around 2006 about how men were changing their attitude to engaging with women. As we know the Herald, of course it turned into a one-sided waste of time article, about women.

    And they wonder why?

  20. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    It’s a shame Murray that the surveys and research this article quoted, regarding FC judges and lawyers attitudes, litigants’ suicide rates, were from the 1980s and 1990s. One would have thought that going to all the trouble of preparing the article the author could have found some more recent studies. Whether much has changed seems unlikely.

  21. Men UNC*NTED.
    No more MeatHole.
    Nothing to enslave your life to.
    Post Red Pill men are now in
    A time of TOTAL FOCUS.
    Water is wet and women just ARE.
    We no longer care.
    There is no hate.
    Just cost benefit and we know thegame is rigged.


    Funny how the Feminists play their only card weak card…that MGTOW
    is a “hate group.” Just guys who realized
    the game was rigged and went fishing.

    I will remind you all…
    WHO SLAUGHTERED 1.5B (Billion!!!)
    in their Feminist holocaust. They killed
    more babies than in all the wars combined.

    Like the Klingon back turning.

    Many men departed “Feminist, Inc.”
    and returned to trade school.
    The end game… own our businesses,
    keep them private and keep Feminists out.


    GHOST NATION. <<< We are here.

    We are happy that….
    TO CORPORATE SLAVERY. They got what the Jewish
    women planned for them. A corporate slave drone
    job. So they are being
    Darwinianly DEPOPULATED.
    The Jewish gals set up the non Jews
    as their slaves. Goym.

    The Feminists Spinsters are MGTOW's
    economic slaves. Yeah…we allow cats.

    Nobody is trying to stop Feminism. Why would we?
    The women cannot find a guy and online dating
    is a p*ssy store.

    By using STEALTHY MGTOW tactics…
    You do not talk about Fight Club…
    You do NOT talk about MGTOW…
    The Marxist Feminists have sh*t.
    They are powerless to stop the model citizen
    Gandhi would be proud.
    Women crapped all over men for 50 years so
    men "NOTHINGED" women from
    their peaceful and sweet solitude lives.

    There is no "strike" but a BIBLICAL EXODUS
    of free and happy men whom…
    Went fishing for good. We are not returning.

    THE MAN "ATM" wallet is now closed…

    Now…the women HAVE to perform
    and live like men. And they are
    VERY unhappy. You can laugh now,
    clink beer mugs.
    WE WON!!!!

    I am the man who loves his life.

    After my corporate doxing I took
    the severance money. We now had
    corporate funding. Just like
    Fight Club and I was

    I city hop in a
    sweet RV and red pill men.
    Our brothers write MGTOW on
    the currency. At urinals…
    MGTOW is Freedom messages are left.
    UBER drivers are given vast thumbdrives

    Our MGTOW LIBRARIAN captured ALL the
    YouTube comments from all the deleted
    MGTOW channels and it is circulating
    via thumbdrives to key MGTOW.

    There is no network to smash.
    Thumbdrives are the new carrier pigeons.


    By using STEALTHY MGTOW tactics…
    We all becone SECRET AGENT MGTOW
    and our economic embargos dash
    any companies who degrade men.
    We gave them a good *ss f*cking to the
    tune of $12B. And we have decades to go.


    1. STEALTHY MGTOW…Yes, you get to
    be a secret agent of your own cool life.

    2. Zero violence… if anything…
    Shop late at night. Do not date.
    Do not cohabitate or marry and

    A life of the self.
    Nice and quiet.
    MGTOW are Sigma men.
    NOT Alpha idiots.
    (I get more ass than a toilet seat.)


    4. FIRE..
    Financially Independent
    Retire Early.
    (Use index funds and real estate)

    It goes like this…
    Dem to socialist to Marxist.
    Feminism…the used our women to destroy
    the Western world.


    Buy remote lands, build a cabin and pobd.
    Stock it well. Get an RV…see the world.

    You need frugality skills.
    And stash your cash.

    1. Master Gardening.
    2. Master being CHEF MGTOW.
    See Yourube, Almazan Kitchen.
    Cook with your garden bounty.
    3. Live frugal and invest heavily.

    We now migrate the freedom concepts
    of MGTOW to the GHOST NATION.
    There we practice MONK MODE.

    We keep evolving the terminology
    to stay ahead of the

    And for sport ..
    You can sell the Feminists a
    dream…and pump and dump.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

    Yeah guys…you never expire.

    Later when you are wealthy and
    Go "Johnny Appleseed"
    and have kids with women in their 20s.


    Let them depooulate themselves.

    BE A….









  22. DJ Ward says:

    Yes I see MGTOW in society.
    Many older men that exclude relationships from there lives.
    Many single women as well.
    Burnt by child support.
    Burnt by the violence industry.
    Burnt by the sex allegation industry.

    Sadly MGTOW is a resultant.
    What did Hate Men Feminists expect.
    There is no respect from vindictiveness.
    Or the matrimonial assets financial predator.
    And using children as income, or hurt.

    What then of MGTOW.
    Who benefits the most.
    One family needs one house.
    Two families need two houses.
    Grin goes the bankers, and landlords.
    Grin goes the industry’s of vindictiveness.

    Then MGTOW is a resultant.
    For the greedy.
    For those wanting to persecute.
    Driven blindly by ideology.
    And for money.
    It’s filthy grip, could bleed, even a stone.

    But MGTOW can only be a short path.
    Hate will grow, antidepressants like lollies.
    You will not have, nor give.
    And they will not give, nor have.
    Morality will become destitute.
    Culture no longer human.

    I to look to MGTOW as an option.
    But it is no option for my children.
    Or anybody’s children.
    Sadly MGTOW is real, as some men’s only option.
    I see the broken men, and confused women.
    Lonely people, with temporary smiles.

    So then MGTOW is not loving.
    Feminism itself is not hatred driven ideology.
    Equality is a worthy aim, for humans.
    It’s greed that drives the hate, with propaganda.
    Ever expanding bureaucracy, and ideology.
    Industry, gynocentric, protecting women.

    Destroying men.
    It is a last resort, then MGTOW.
    A short path.
    Women more depressed.
    Men, more selfish.
    A path with a dead end.

    Broken children, become broken adults.

    Yes, a short path.

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