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RTE Equals Political Correctoids

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 7:26 pm Thu 18th January 2007

Dateline: Ireland
By: Sean Eire
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

For what its worth I penned a few scribblings & musings this month on the woeful mainstream media, the MSM as I and many other MRAs irreverently abbreviate them short hand. They hang over our lives as a depressing shadow of Big Brother/ the Nanny State from Hell hectoring, ridiculing, and programming. How much quality & honesty and how much is really currently worth watching? I don’t pay a license fee to watch, and could not do so in any conscience. I do watch with a withering eye in the pub and at friends homes and I so do get to hear the details of media atrocities. From gleaning a little info, for those with eyes to see the clear and incestuous relationship the media has with academia and government, we do see much. The media mistress (or the happy hooker) and the government of eager and furtive Johns all coon the cohesive call of the pervading uniformity in outlook together. The cloying stench of nepotism and the casting couch reeks of cheap cocktails that make any normal man jump back upon its discovery. The old cold war joke comes to mind: “The Kremlins election results for next year were leaked.”

Well let’s look at the Equality Commission website for Northern Ireland in their own words shall we:

Bob Collins took up position as Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission on 1 August 2005. Mr. Collins worked for almost 30 years at RTÉ and was Director-General there from 1997 to 2003. He was central to the development of RTÉ’s policies and practices on equality and was a member of the European Commission’s steering group on equality in television. He is also Chairman-designate for CONNECT – a body to be established later this year to promote greater awareness of development issues in the media.

Not surprising that an RTE Director is now involved with one of the most PC organisations on the planet. A simple search of “equality” on the RTE website PROVES this- as if we needed any more after years of PC language and PC programming. To equality add women. Try and see what you get inputting men, and what do you get? Well I’ll tell you what you get; a single case where a man claimed discrimination (at least the last time I looked). The rest of all the cases, my fellow MRAs, you know only too well. We have bitched about it long enough, too long in fact. So now it is high time we did something. The fact that the media is biased & feminist controlled is well known, for those paying attention. We know they have their little hidden networks. Little secret societies the “Pink Mafia” or really the “mafia of the mediocre” the whinging effeminate parasites who could not earn an honest crust in the real world, so they cry discrimination and the state pampers them like spoilt weak children.

So how do we attack powerful organizations that are supported by the evil politicians: by mass civil disobedience, by waving signs, or by public disorder? NO none of these. These are too predictable and too manageable. I am too old for such antics anyway! We should not put ourselves in foolish danger. God knows enough men have died in the 20 century at the hands of moronic leaders and politicians. There is much to be done, and we can win by creating that in what we do best, writing – the pen/keypad is really mightier than the sword. We have truth on our side. We can do stuff – positive stuff- and we don’t need to tell the media about it either.

There are new mediums that the mainstream media has not caught on to yet. The hetereo – phobic media are too much a platform to consumerism and pander almost exclusively to female interests. Ever wondered why the preponderance of homosexuals in the media? Ever suppose there is a reason? “Let them keep it”, I say. I still hope it breaks down. I feel it will soon, and maybe men wont be around to fix it as before.

We can fight our war with humour and the arts (sport too lads). Think about it as selling to men through our same men networks, so we have a more open set of networks. Create a new media of comedy, sports, and even NEW sports (some great ones, I wish I was 20 now!). We don’t have to tell them where we are going now though, do we? There is left wing hegemony in the arts that has gone unchallenged for too long. Take heart for there are comedians, witty writers (and the like) who speak of it like it is, will they not become the rare and rich harvest of HONEST MEN that lies ripening ready for a new dawn? A world free from thought control and the chaff and stubble of political correctness burning on bonfires as the farm workers – men reborn freely laugh again and feminism’s lies are dissipated in the smoke.

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