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Perter Dunne – We are about to remind you.

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 12:24 pm Sun 29th April 2007

Operation 2008 has announced that it will begin reminding in Wellington shortly.

The time has come when Operation 2008 are to begin reminding Peter Dunne of his responsibility for the current mess that is child “support” and family law.

For some time discussions have been taking place on what can be done to achieve equal parental rights and responsibilities. The point has been reached where engagement with the political process is not delivering and the situation gets worse, not better , Officials and Politicians do not listen.

Re branding and tinkering with the Matrix of Family law has failed to protect a child’s right to be parented by both mum and dad and mum and dad’s right to parent their children!

We have for years followed the political process for change and still the One parent is the Custodial Parent (has “day to day care” in the new speak) and the other parent is the visitor parent taxed for the privilege (“parenting time” in the new speak) is the norm. The Care of Children Act is just a re branding.

Tinkering with the Child Support Act 1991 cannot remove the fundamental flaws of this approach to supporting children. Politicians know the causes of the problem, but they lack the political courage to Act. They seek political appeasement and produce nothing.

Reasoned and well researched pleas have fallen on deaf ears and Officials and Politicians continue to hide behind a veneer of democracy while all they are doing is ticking the box on the process check-sheet that says “consulted”.

When reasoned and reasonable pleas to address the root cause are ignored, as punitive and discriminatory policy is driven to law, your ability to be an active parent in your Child’s life is further diminished. The only option left to effect change is to exercise the democratic right to non-violent protest, designed to influence the hearts and minds of those who make the law and the officials who advise and administer it.

Those who are responsible for the mess that is the current law are those who enacted it and the officials who advise them.

Peter Dunne,Leader United Future New Zealand and Minister responsible for Child Support
is member for Ohariu-Belmont. Peter Dunne needs reminding.We will be reminding Peter Dunne on the streets of his electorate. That reminding is starting very shortly.

If you would like to join the reminding Join Operation 2008


  1. Scrap,

    Make sure you give Dunny-boy-dunce a serve from me.

    It’s DUNCES like DUNNE that make it hard to be a Dad in New Zealand.

    It’s his “Family Friendly” party that make me feel like I’m getting flushed down the DUNNeY daily.

    It’s DUNNE DUNNING Dads that means my kids don’t get to see enough of me.

    It’s the DELIBERATE lies and deception that hurt the most.

    It’s people like Cold-fish-cullen, Cun[silent-T]liffe, Wicked-witch-wilson and Dunny-boy-DUNCE who make life difficult for the REAL Kiwis amongst us.

    It’s his DOUBLE STANDARDS – say one thing to get voted in and then sell myself body and soul to the Anti-Clark in return for a ministerial salary.

    Two guesses as to just who got DONE in that deal, DUNNE? Give you a hint: it wasn’t the Anti-Clark.

    My Gran used to say to me [when I was a lad] “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

    DUNNE, it’s about reaping time, my friend. You’ve sown and I truly hope you are about to get your just desserts.

    Comment by Sparx — Mon 30th April 2007 @ 3:15 pm

  2. I’ve called off action directly challenging Peter Dunne in his electorate before the elections – not for his actions certainly, where the basic principles under which he has campaigned are overlooked when it comes to a responsibility to his oath.

    I’ve called it off because of Judy Turner’s suggested amendment seeking a referendum on an amendment to the s.59 repeal bill of the Crimes Act. Until PD gets his thinking around the problem that he is presented with his ability not to act in honour and integrity is vulnerable. This can be presented evenly before the public.

    Without any change to such commitment not to protest, it is interesting to note comments from Judith Collins in the House recently. She pushed for a full review on CS. If you couple this to the present fiscal refiguring, couple it to reform of tax implications through welfare and the sum of that variation, using Judy Turners acceptance in the house recently that the State is (possibly) capable (CYFS) in being involved as “child abusers” (discount the washable Ruth Dyson response Hansard 38 7940)and the group may just come up with a workable equation to achieve such a review.

    Comment by Benjamin Easton — Tue 1st May 2007 @ 1:43 pm

  3. Ben,

    I’ve called it off because of Judy Turner’s suggested amendment seeking a referendum on an amendment to the s.59 repeal bill of the Crimes Act.

    Without any change to such commitment not to protest,….

    Political Appeasement.

    Be clear that this is the start of a campaign of ongoing direct action.The first stage is Reminding. Peter Dunne, United Future Leader and Minister Responsible for Child support He and his electorate are being reminded.

    tr.v. re·mind·ed, re·mind·ing, re·minds

    To cause to remember; put in mind:

    Non violent direct action will reach crescendo in 2008 during the election.

    We will continue a campaign of escalating non violent direct action and have already begun a slowly growing attack on the doctrine of voluntary compliance. IRD haven’t clicked yet but they will :0)

    Its a slowly building momentum starting in Wellington, then who/where is next,?The next MP will then be reminded in his/her electorate, Peter Dunne keeps getting reminded, then next MP reminding will start…….


    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Tue 1st May 2007 @ 7:50 pm

  4. I say fantastic!

    I am obliged to stick to my word.

    The issue, however, under present scrutiny (not in the content of my comment) is how the momentum of change will be received. This review of the Ministry of Justice underlines “everything”. If the courts are not functioning, or more widely specific, justice is not functioning properly in the country, then everything will be reviewed.

    I won’t be protesting because I believe, rightly or wrongly that I am going to hold a position in that review. If I do, I promise, it will be because I am at “your” doorstep, seeking “your” answers to the problems to which you would protest. I highlight “your” because I mean that to embrace any father (particularly) who complains about the system. The system protects itself from its complainants as we know for very good reason. This binds the complainant as a victim for their complaint. The point I am making is that if I am in the practice of the review, then it will be because I offer a means to bring the system to “you”. If I’m not, then I’ll just be on the street with you folk again and I don’t really think that anyone really wants that kind of non violent description to hit the streets again – do they?

    Keep up the good scrap 🙂

    Comment by Benjamin Easton — Wed 2nd May 2007 @ 3:54 pm

  5. Easton,

    What a load of drivel! Dunne has LIED. There is no other word for it.

    He has committed FRAUD by representing himself and his party as “family friendly”. Because he has shown by his very actions that this is untrue, he is committing a crime.

    Judy Turner is a very practised and adept politician. Her tactics are simply appeasement for the masses: intended to give you the “warm fuzzies”.

    That you have been sucked in is shocking.

    That you appear to have wholeheartedly embraced this is sad.

    A very good friend of mine reminds me every 3 years how much she HATES elections simply because “it matters not how you cast your vote, you ALWAYS elect a politician” (I’ve taken out her adjectives and expletives to make this post concise).

    Dunne needs to be reminded of his obligations and responsibilities. His self-service has to stop. Too many parents and children are abused every day by this “man” (not sure if he really is, because a real man has the metaphorical balls to stand up and say “this is wrong”).

    His abuse has to stop.

    As does the abuse of all the other supporters: our flawed family caught, CYFsalis, Ministry of wimmins affairs, child “support” and (as Bevan calls it) the matrix of family law (really it is anti-Family).


    Go For It!

    Remind the Dunce that he has FAILED to meet his responsibilities to the people who elected him to represent them.

    Remind him that he is a CHILD ABUSER.

    Remind him that parents will no longer lie down and be kicked to death by self-serving politicians.

    Remind him that the time is fast approaching where he will be judged for his actions by a power much greater than you, I or any other concerned parent.

    It’s time.

    Comment by Ethos — Mon 7th May 2007 @ 10:32 am

  6. Mark –

    The purpose to achieve change is effectiveness and efficiency. If these two primary constructions establish the foundation to principle then the principle will manifest and it will be sound.

    Your description runs as inconsistent with this truth. If Peter Dunne has lied as you say, and I am far from one to contest the validity sourcing the cause of such an allegation, then it will be provable. So how do you intend to do this? Do you want a liar to be exposed or not?

    My submission is the function of a plan. It is a detailed means to rectify the injustice using the demand of effect and efficiency. I don’t see this a drivel. Drivel as far as I am aware is inconsequential and an unintended spilling of saliva from the mouth, metaphorically expressing ineptitude. I am hardly inept.

    Judy Turner is an adept politician I agree. yet I believe her responsive reply has more to do with the base that the arguments being presented by those families disaffected by CYFS or fathers disaffected from rightful associations with their sons and daughters for FC decisions hold merit.

    Yet if your lesser confidence in the integrity of Judy Turner is sound then her back pedalling will be for a reason. It would take a person with a daily political disposition to calculate what that could be accurately measurable within the condition of the present political condition. I’m reasonably familiar with parliament regularly attending the House as well as reading the Hansard. So I stand by my statement.

    The latter part of your message for Jim to institute your warning on the condition of the times is provocative yet without the physical presence of the threat difficult to coordinate into a justifiable challenge to merit the passion. Additionally the difficulty if such a challenge was to eventuate where you claim that the public will no longer tolerable such behaviour is to collaborate the allegation to the fact.

    Jim challenging Peter Dunne or United Future in his electorate during the elections is a good idea if the intention is to disaffect PD from his base support. If your challenges on Child Support law are reasonable challenges and when presented they are treated in deceiptful conduct then the allegations you present can be presented effectively accordingly. Yet if the position of challenge to which you subscribe is presented without a planned method, base and response then the energies you organise will get nowhere near the returns you demand.

    Comment by Paul Catton — Wed 9th May 2007 @ 12:10 pm

  7. Last post was by Benjamin Easton using Paul’s computer.

    Comment by Paul Catton — Wed 9th May 2007 @ 12:19 pm

  8. Ben,

    1)Keep up your poloitical appeasement and acting as an apologist for the polis.

    2)Stick to what you know, stratergy, as seen from your comments is not your strength. You in fact have confused stratergy with tactics, a common mistake.

    3)Because you are not privy to the startergy and have only a limited tactical view (based on what you have read) your comments are essentially irrelavent.

    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Thu 10th May 2007 @ 2:06 pm

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