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Taiwan’s single fathers

Filed under: General — Vman @ 11:33 pm Thu 9th August 2007

FEATURE: Nation’s single fathers are not getting enough help

By Loa Iok-sin
Wednesday, Aug 08, 2007, Page 4 For many single fathers, “Happy Fathers’ Day” is a wish rather than a reality, as the social resources that could help to alleviate the economic and psychological pressures they face every day are unavailable to them.

“There are as many as 740,000 single-parent households nationwide, of which 40 percent to 45 percent are single-father families,” said Chu Chien-fung (???), president of Single Parent Association of Taiwan, citing statistics by the Ministry of the Interior and Taipei City’s Department of Social Welfare during an interview on Monday.

Chu is a single father himself.

“The numbers are from last year, but the figures are from three years ago. I think it must have gone up since,” he said.

In Taichung, a citywide survey conducted last year by the Child Welfare League Foundation with elementary students in the fifth and the sixth grades found 120,000 single-father families in the city alone, Taichung City Shiang Ching Family Center director Wu Ying-chi (???) said.

The center was created by the foundation and Taichung City.

Although the number of single fathers is high, the help available to them is small.

“The government’s single-parent services are available only through women’s welfare departments,” Wu said.

The full story is here.


  1. Dave, it is the same here. Many groups that give support for both fathers and mothers receive their funding from women’s affairs and the like. They don’t speak up because they care for their clients and know they are basically cornered. It is really sad. But you can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet, I hope.

    Comment by julie — Fri 10th August 2007 @ 7:05 pm

  2. The thing I found most interesting was:
    “…40 percent to 45 percent are single-father families”

    Of course the definition of a single parent family needs to be re-thought. Funny how things are all very PC in NZ until it means acknowledging fathers.

    Comment by Dave — Fri 10th August 2007 @ 7:31 pm

  3. Careful Dave. Single dads are single dads for a reason. Same with many single mums. Yet the statistics are real.

    Better to stay away from this. I would like to have our DVD shown on this site as we helped the Japanese Government make one for Hong Kong but it will upset the radicals. Yet it does show a big gap of support for single fathers. Actually, a huge gap.

    Comment by julie — Fri 10th August 2007 @ 9:14 pm

  4. But you can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet, I hope.

    They havent spoken up because they are more concerned with funding than anything else.They will remain focused on increasing there funding not change. Change would mean there funding stream would dry up.



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Fri 10th August 2007 @ 9:23 pm

  5. Er, wrong Scrap.

    People being men and women don’t want to get involved in this war. In fact, I don’t think I should either now that I have goals to make a difference.

    Yet, hearing from the already successful project workers; I should be weary of anyone who wants to take control and have heard that people left right and centre will. And sorry to say but your side is just as bad as the other side. So I hear. And churches too. In fact, you would not believe what I am being told. It almost makes you want to quit. The women wanting to support are very clear on me keeping control of my project. And from others I have heard that they will give a lot of money. And no, they are not feminists. In fact, I think being outside of the intellectuals and main stream is my niche.

    But as the saying goes, “There is no trying, just do it or don’t do it” lol

    What I would like if I had it my way is to do this with only the right support and refer men and women to this site for learning. I know you are more than capable and I know Dave is also. But where Stephen is, God knows. I am getting a bit pissed off with MRA around the world judging me. I had enough pressure over Jim being banned. And what I am doing is going to take a lot of work. Which Political Party picks it up and runs with it means very little to the end result, don’t you think?

    BTW, thanx for your help and BTW, why haven’t you e-mailed me back on a project I have already got the money for?

    Comment by julie — Fri 10th August 2007 @ 9:43 pm

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