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The ways of certain women

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Vman @ 6:11 pm Fri 10th August 2007

A woman who killed her lover’s baby convinced him of her innocence for two years after the act, a Sydney judge has been told.

Even after admitting the crime to police, the woman tried to implicate a stranger she met by chance in prison, according to a statement of agreed facts tendered in the NSW Supreme Court yesterday.

The full story here.

Then there are the many cases of false sexual allegations. Which the cops themselves have to protect themselves from.

Now lying isn’t the exclusive domain of feminised western women. However the difference is that these women feel entitled to take these actions to get what they want. Even when they are caught out lying they still try to blame someone else. No matter how petty their wants are or how terrible the consequences are. They seem to believe they have done nothing wrong.

This seems to be a hall mark of feminism. Ancedotally it also seems to be more common in women above and below a certain age. Personally I don’t see many 21 year old or 71 year old women behaving this way. However in other age groups this attitude seems to come up fairly often. I have a recent example of this that I’ll share with you in another post.


  1. You are so right that these sick bitches don’t feel that they have done anything wrong. My husband (and me obviously) went through this scenario because the crazy “ex” wanted to get sole custody so she could take off to Australia. At present we have shared care, so she can’t go anywhere.

    Despite CYFs and the cops saying that there was no case to be investigated she still took it to the courts. He was found to be completely innocent, as we knew he would, but the judge gave her an “out” by saying that she had done the right thing to report what she thought had been said. There wasn’t even a hint of suggestion that perhaps she could have spoken to us first to see if we could shed any light on what she thought the child had said, as we could have cleared it all up very easily had she done so. But of course, she wouldn’t have been able to try and get sole custody by speaking to us first would she?!

    To this day we still haven’t received an apology for the crap we went through, at our expense because she got legal aid. Any normal person would apologise if they had made a genuine mistake and at least try and make things bearable, but no, not this one. She thinks she has done nothing wrong and doesn’t see the damage she’s done to all involved.
    The judge said that the perception is that there are a lot of these false allegations made when there is a custody dispute but that this was in fact very rare. Funny how the cop involved said exactly the opposite.

    Personally, I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that not only had I made up some false and very serious allegations, but that an innocent man had been put away for 7 years. That still baffles me as to how she could have gone on with her sad little life knowing that, without any feelings of guilt whatsoever. What the hell would she have told the child?

    Comment by pomcat — Sun 12th August 2007 @ 3:06 pm

  2. Hi pomcat,
    This is the way that women are heading.
    Make up any rubbish you like, because at the end of the day, they will believe the woman over the man in court.
    This seriously needs to be looked at, but, don’t expect any action any time soon, Helen and her Femi-group like it this way.
    Same old thing, psychological mind games, wear the man down to the point where he just submits to your shit.

    Comment by MikeT — Sun 12th August 2007 @ 8:07 pm

  3. I don’t have any studies to show “this the way that women are heading” as MikeT put it. However there is wealth of anecdotal evidence that supports this view. In fact I just discovered today that someone close to me has been put through the same pattern of behaviour in a business situation.

    At this point I also have to stress that from a personal point of view it is other women who deplore this type of behaviour more than men.

    No doubt feminism has a big role in all this. I think also, that the lack of actively involved biological fathers in society means that this cycle will get worse. I am not sure why, but longditudial studies show that biological fathers teach children there are consequences of their behaviour far more effectively than mothers.
    Mothers who we would consider to be good mothers don’t seem to be nearly as effective at this particular aspect of parenting. The studies don’t explore why this is the case.
    It is suspected [but not proven] that mothers have a greater conflict between caring/protecting for the child and allowing the child to learn consequences than fathers do. The sterotype of an over protective mother illistrates this point in an exagurated way.
    Fathers encourage children to take risks but also teach them consequences of bad decisions. It is suggested that fathers see this as compatible with caring for the child but mothers see it as conflicting with caring for the child.

    Comment by Dave — Mon 13th August 2007 @ 4:36 pm

  4. Dave, you say that the lack of actively involved fathers will make this situation get worse, however, from the stories that we have heard since going through this horror, it is the actively involved biological fathers that are the victims.
    Through trying to be involved with their children they are evidently “upsetting” the ex and putting restraints on her life. The father has no way of winning. If he doesn’t try and be in touch with his children he is accused of not being interested and yet, when he is fully involved by way of shared care etc, he is suddenly open to whatever vile accusations she can make up in order to get him out of the children’s lives.

    Most of the mothers I know, including me, ensure that their children learn by their mistakes and encourage them to take risks. No-one can learn without making those mistakes themselves.
    I couldn’t even begin to guess why it is that some women feel that it is their right to destroy their children’s father’s life, but they are out there and it is acknowledged by formal sources that this is the case however hard a judge may try and say otherwise.

    Comment by pomcat — Thu 16th August 2007 @ 4:43 pm

  5. pomcat –

    The father has no way of winning.

    Says it all really.

    Of course it is the child that looses.
    It is a form of child abuse and it needs to be recognised as such.

    Comment by Dave — Thu 16th August 2007 @ 5:21 pm

  6. I am a 36 year old male and I was charged with Male Assault Female after my just about to be ex partner assaulted me. I ended our relationship because of the fact that she was abusive towards me in every single way imaginable. Her abuse ranged from financial, sexual, mental, destruction of the relationship between our daughter and myself and also very much physical abuse. She has slapped our daughter twice and brutally attacked me previous to this incident. When I ended the relationship her promise to me was, “If you brake up with me I will teach you a lesson, don’t forget I have been there before and I know what they need!” She was referring to her divorce from her previous husband in the UK during which she managed to portray him as abusive. He finally agreed to sign the documents stating he was abusive just so she would move out of the house he owned! Because of her constant abuse of me one of us had to leave as this was not healthy for our daughter. Her next statement scared the life out of me. She said, “Are you f ing stupid, do you forget whose breakfast I cook every morning?!” She was referring to a Senior Detective Sergeant Someone Something who ate his breakfast at the Cafe where she flips eggs and slaps sandwiches together (I suspect he still eats her breakfast but now he might not even have to get out of bed?). She was always talking about him as he was so wonderful and solved crime at the highest level. She informed me that this Officer of the law pledged his assistance to her by saying that he will do for her whatever it is she might need doing! As I ended the relationship she had already moved practically every single belonging of hers out of the house and in to her place, she started abusing me and simply would not stop for any reason at all. She had this all planned out and was there at that point in time with one intent only. Regardless of how hard she tried and she gave it all she had, I wouldn’t bite back. She then simply assaulted me and walked out with our daughter and told me that I was F ed, completely F ed! She claimed that I allegedly pushed her but somehow I was the only party who had an actual clearly visible injury. Regardless of the fact that this was obviously a set up, I had the injury, the story she told was so full of holes that it was laughable and clearly complete rubbish I was arrested. This was only the beginning of the unbelievably complex story! Once I arrived at the police station I was asked whether I would like to give a statement and my answer to this question was, “I would love to!” It took me close on three painfully long months before I finally managed to have my statement noted. After having visited two different police stations on six separate occasions a constable finally slipped up and repeated what he read off of the computer monitor. I was informed that he was “not allowed to take” my statement! I have little to no doubt that my statement which took nearly four hours to deliver went from the printer straight to the bin. I was stunned when I found out that this disgraceful “Law” actually exists but I am dumbfounded about the fact that this violation of human rights is still permitted to remain in existence! How can it be that we, the people who are living in a country which is supposedly supportive of The Human Rights Convention and further also live in an apparently democratic society blessed with sexual equality simply tolerate having this unbelievably destructive Act hang over our necks? Not only do we permit its existence but we allow it to be held in place restrained “securely” by nothing more than a/any allegation made by a female against a male? For what greater good is it that we knowingly allow this weapon designed to obliterate men and families to see the light of day even as much as once more? What reason or right did that single police man have to remove me from my daughters life (I have already missed the first 6 years because of her selfish and vengeful mother), to remove me from my home, to put me in prison, to make me stand in front of a judge, to contact my place of work in order to inform the MD that I will not be in today as I will be appearing in court for assault on a female, to leave a set of keys with me ex partner and allowed her to remove my belongings from my house while I was locked up in prison, to attach a note which instructs that my statement was not allowed to be taken? There is so much more which I will keep to myself out of fear of being labeled a complete lunatic. It is obvious that I have never had anything to do with them as I didn’t even think of contacting them when she assaulted me, twice. I always thought they had better things to do and why would I put the “love of my life” through such an experience. Next time (I doubt I would ever enter in to a relationship again) I will not even stop to think just incase she is cut from the same cheap sack cloth as that egg flipper. I have always had nothing but respect for the police force and I always saw them in a positive light placed firmly under the banner of protect and serve. It is for this reason only that I somehow manage to excuse my ignorance. I have since learned to spot an undercover vehicle miles away, I instantly melt into my seat and safety belt each and every time and I seem to have lost my respect and trust so completely. It was replaced with a very unhealthy mix of fear and distrust. This Act was contrived from very little to no thought at all, it is destructive beyond any measure and it needs to be corrected by being given the highest priority simply because it is a disgrace to any countries legal system. It actually encourages and promotes the idea that if you are unhappy with your man for any reason at all payback is only a phone call away, you will also receive tax benefits, housing assistance, counseling, victim support and all the attention selfish people crave so dearly and seem to thrive on. The defendant (Male) will practically be forced to confess his guilt simply because the courts are so jam packed with the actual victims who are there to be victimised. Even if in the highly unlikely event of the allegation being found to be a complete fabrication there will be no questions asked regardless of the immense pain caused and tax payers money wasted. There is a reason why infants are not handed razor blades to amuse themselves with or any one else for that matter. When I cross an intersection I must abide by strict laws to protect myself and others, I am not permitted to drive my vehicle without putting a safety belt on first so I am forced to protect myself, I must wear a hardhat on a construction site in order to protect my head from falling objects but at any given moment a female can destroy any males life or an entire family (at the very least) beyond description armed with no more than any unsubstantiated allegation and will then be rewarded for doing so. Funny enough this woman has also been in contact with feminist movements since!

    I must quote pomcat, “These sick bitches don’t feel that they have done anything wrong.”

    Comment by Peter — Sat 28th June 2008 @ 4:21 am

  7. Dave et al,

    Actively involved Fathers is best for strengthening Family and thus nations

    Men teaching consequences at the risk of loosing their kids is OK by most men

    Women in most would never do such an important thing simply because they do not want to risk loosing the kids for all sorts of reasons, mainly narsistic.

    NO offence to Women

    The good Lord designed it that way for good purpose

    Thus I promote HandsOnEqualParenting as the way ahead because Children need BOTH sides of the coin to develope into independant well balanced members of society

    As Kerry Bevan puts it Helen and the funny girls and their previous ilk, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc, now mixed with FemiNazi are well aware that taking DAD and Men-Tor out of society effectively gives Govt far more control over the populace and creates economy

    Ration Shed – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Sun 29th June 2008 @ 8:15 am

  8. Interesting article, by a lady, warning to be careful around hazardous women….

    BLACKMAILED INTO FATHERHOOD; Borderline women, and men who love them.
    By Shari Schreiber, M.A.

    Cheers, MurrayBacon.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sun 29th June 2008 @ 10:58 pm

  9. New Zealand believed to be clean, green and family friendly. This was the first country to give woman the right to vote. I loved and trusted you. I spoke of you with highest regard. I brought my long lost love and daughter here at great expense out of respect for you. I spent a fortune to keep my family together here in this wonderfully beautiful country of ours. I love my one and only child with all my heart. She was the very reason I loved life as dearly as I used to. My daughter Julia made my existence a blessing and the purest of joys. Never was anything too big or too small and there was nothing I would not do for this miracle of love in my life. New Zealand I ask you with tears in my eyes, an obliterated heart and a magnificently ruined life why is it that I am now left being simply too afraid to be the father of my only child? My trust, respect, regard and love for you New Zealand is dead, every bit as deceased as my relationship is with my daughter due to your despicably evil law which was designed to assassinate that relationship by encouraging her viciously vengeful mother with your law which is in direct conflict with the Bill Of Human Rights which bares your signature.

    Comment by Peter — Wed 9th July 2008 @ 11:52 pm

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