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United Nations and New World Order

Filed under: General — Julie @ 1:08 pm Tue 22nd May 2007

Amidst tremendous turnout and support Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) was asked a question about the New World Order’s agenda for a one-world government during a campaign stop in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Ron Paul responded, “The first President Bush said the New World Order was in tune– and that’s what they were working for. The U.N. is part of that government. They’re working right now very significantly towards a North American Union. That’s why there’s a lot of people in Washington right now who don’t care too much about our borders. They have a philosophical belief that national sovereignty is not important. It’s also the reason I’ve made the very strong suggestion the U.S. need not be in the U.N. for national security reasons.”

This is the agenda for the pacific Islands.

Eradication of poverty and hunger, accelerated but sustainable economic growth, better education, promotion of gender equality and the role of women, lower child mortality and better maternal health, campaigns against HIV/Aids, maleria and other diseases, and environmental protection.

But as Reporter of NZ Herald Greg Ansley writes,

Beneath the swaying palms of the Pacific a new power struggle is emerging. It is the best kind of power play, revolving as it does around billions of dollars to improve the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet.

But altruism is more than matched by national self-interest and a range of ambitions for a region that can provide real value to much larger players. This is competitive diplomatic sport.

None of these things will happen as they have not happened in their own countries. These countries are using the usual excuses to take over being poverty and terrorism but to these players there is a lot of wealth in the seas surrounding the Pacific Islands that they are interested in as well as the wealth from tourism and consumerism. Groups that already give aid are worried.

And New Zealand is one of the big players with America, France and Australia.

France has very recently voted Right Wing but to the amazement of conservatives new French President Nicolas Sarkozy named women to nearly half of his cabinet positions.

I wonder what is in stall for New Zealand after our next election.

Below is a very intersting site to learn a few things of why so many people believe in Conspiracy and as we are seeing it is spoken of publicly now. Have you noticed how Helen Clarke is not that interested in our countries affairs but in overseas affairs? Have you noticed how the ‘No Smacking Bill’ goes back to the UN?

We are just a part of the Pacific – Asian group. Yes, there are 3 groups that we will be devided into world wide. The American Union, the European Union and the Pacific Asian Union.


  1. The **New World Order** is simply modern day Corporatism useing Feminism as a tool.

    The UN, EEC etc. is well advanced and some spend time tinkering with their favourite bit of law and or social policy


    Women in power think of Women

    Women thinking only of Women destroys Family and increases economy

    The strengthening of Women power will get the job and aims of Corporatism done without direct involvement which was Hitlers failer was it not

    Just a thought

    From inside the problem (HandsOn)

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Wed 23rd May 2007 @ 7:53 am

  2. Jim,

    That makes alot of sense. Someone has asked me if I have read the 2 documents of the NWO. I do not know of these documents. Do you know?

    Comment by julie — Wed 23rd May 2007 @ 9:11 am

  3. Points noted.

    Comment by Benjamin Easton — Wed 23rd May 2007 @ 12:48 pm

  4. When I was 16 (which was a wee while ago) I could give a good run down on the World order, not many 16 yr olds could. But the fact is (and we are seeing it now) it will not work. If you have biblical aspects, its God that said the world will never unite as one. He just puts his foot down on it. Others have tried in the past and failed. But thats not to say they wont give it a dam good try. I say good luck to them, but I live in peace with God on this topic.

    Comment by wendy — Wed 23rd May 2007 @ 1:03 pm

  5. Google will give them to you


    Take care when reading

    Onward – Jim

    Comment by JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent — Wed 23rd May 2007 @ 3:24 pm

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