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Archive of January 2008

Ellis’ lawyers seek Commission of Inquiry

Tue 29th January 2008:

..the Christchurch children were each subjected to an average 400 questions by Social Welfare Department specialist staff, compared with 200 in the American case.In the American case a daycare worker was released after an appeal to the Supreme Court, which found the children’s interviews were “highly improper” with interviewers using “coercive and unduly suggestive methods”. […]

Men’s Work

The sentencing today of a geologist and manager of the Black Reef Mining Company highlights the disregard NZ shows to men’s contribution. Robert McGowan died when the mine he was working in was engulfed by floodwaters from an adjoining mine abandoned since 1932. The Department of Labour prosecuted the geologist and manager, and police are […]

What is the Men’s Movement?

Sun 27th January 2008:

This was answered over a question posted on a “yahoo answers” where you can ask any question you like to the wide world Internet. This was the question: Do these groups represent Men Rights Activists, or are they just radicals? Who does speak for MRA’s? And a number of links were put forward. Links from […]

Minimization of Violence Against Men

Wed 23rd January 2008:

A National Radio interview this morning was another example of how violence against men by women is minimized. The mayor of Waitomo, Mark Ammon, described being assaulted by a Maori woman, Kahu Hohaia when he went to walk on a beach. Ms Hohaia believes visitors do not have a right to walk on the beach […]

The Disempowerment of Parents

Mon 14th January 2008:

The anti-smacking law brought in last year appears to be effective in persecuting good parents and wasting police time while our houses continue to be burgled, our children cut their feet on deliberately smashed glass bottles, and gangs intimidate many communities. I have not seen a gender break-down of those parents attracting police attention, warnings […]

Family Court problems for fathers.

Sun 13th January 2008:

Are things balancing for fathers in Family Court proceedings as Judge Boshier (head Judge of the FC) tries to make us believe is a question I raised on another site that helps fathers through this difficult time. Here is an agreed comment back from fathers who work with cases. My personal experience is that – […]

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