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Ellis’ lawyers seek Commission of Inquiry

Filed under: General — UF @ 2:37 pm Tue 29th January 2008

..the Christchurch children were each subjected to an average 400 questions by Social Welfare Department specialist staff, compared with 200 in the American case.In the American case a daycare worker was released after an appeal to the Supreme Court, which found the children’s interviews were “highly improper” with interviewers using “coercive and unduly suggestive methods”.


A leading contributer to why <1% of early childhood teachers are men, and <20% of primary teachers.


  1. About the time of the Civic Creche case, I was accused of indecently assaulting my daughter, who was then 9 yrs old.
    I was shown the videotape of the interview, by the evidential video unit.
    I was appalled by the length of the process, and by the continual leading questions used. The interviewers attempted to persuade my daughter to make the “Disclosures” the interviewers were seeking.
    Unfortunately the misjudged my daughter, who was able to evade their attempts to entrap her, and they failed in their attempts.
    A prosecution went ahead, none the less, and I engaged a lawyer who advised me to plead guilty on the basis that “You cannot defend charges of this type” so that might get a reduced sentence.
    I dismissed the lawyer, and entered my own plea of not guilty.
    My daughter subsequently told a child psychologist that “I know my dad loves me far too much ever to hurt me” and “Even if he did something that I did not like, I would say so, and he would stop”.
    The case then collapsed.
    Based on that experience, I decided to avoid any contact with my grandchildren, for fear of further false allegations being made, and without the assurance of knowing that the alleged victim would be able to speak up for me.
    15 years on, my grandchildren have missed out on a good grandfather, due to the overzealous witch-hunt mentality of the CYPS, Police et al.
    I wish Peter Ellis well, and success in his appeal, however nothing will bring back the dads who just disappeared, or killed themselves, asd a result of such false allegations. Nothing will help the heal the children who have grown up believing that the dad they once loved is a child molester.

    Comment by John Brett — Wed 30th January 2008 @ 5:26 pm

  2. Thanx for posting this article.

    This would make a big difference if this can be overturned by the privy council.

    When I studied my first law paper the class was asked to collect information and make a decision on whether the Privy council should or should not go. As all new students to law everyone of us came back with the answer, “Yes” it should go. We had read all the Newspaper articles and the Government sites and the law society’s site to come to our conclusion.

    Our lecturer then told us that everyone of us were wrong but we got marks over our presentation.

    What fools we were to let it go.

    Comment by julie — Mon 4th February 2008 @ 12:16 am

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