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Archive of March 2008

Second meeting of the Auckland Father and Child Trust

Tue 25th March 2008:

The second meeting of the Auckland Father and Child Trust committee is next Monday. It will be held at the Onehunga Community Centre, 83 Church Street, Onehunga. Any local fathers interested in helping develop or deliver services for dads are warmly welcomed. You won’t be expected to take on a huge workload, Coordinator Brendon Smith […]

Book – “That Bitch”

Mon 24th March 2008:

While I was in Ireland I brought a few copies of this book. Which I am now happy to sell or ‘rent’. They cost me 19Euro each so I do need to get something back on them. If you want one send me an email. I think it is a pretty good book for guys […]

Self Representation in familycaught

Thu 20th March 2008:

Should we be encouraging men and women to represent themselves in the familycaught? Surely, if we trusted the values and integrity of the “judges”, then legal workers wouldn’t be required at all? By emphasising their unpredictability and unreliability, “judges” put massive pressure on to parents, to be fleeced by their junour brethren, the legal workers […]

Judy Turner’s Bill would allow compulsory paternity tests

This is a Coup.  UnitedFuture’s Judy Turner managed to by-pass the normal members ballot (where it is very unlikely to ever get drawn) and got leave of the House to get her Private members Bill straight on the order paper to allow the family courts to order paternity testing on request of fathers and/or ‘fathers’. There […]

Men’s health policy ‘needed urgently’ – Australian news

Wed 19th March 2008:

Five Australian men commit suicide each day compared to just one woman, according to an academic who says the nation urgently needs a national men’s health policy. Before the November election Health Minister Nicola Roxon announced a Labor government would develop a men’s health policy to complement the women’s policy created 20 years ago. Professor […]

Mayor refuses to swear in chairman over Domestic Violence

Tue 18th March 2008:

Mayor Bob Harvey is refusing to swear in the winner of the New Lynn Community Board by-election because of the candidate’s previous conviction for domestic violence. Wayne Davis won the seat by being elected by the people. But Bob Harvey says “This city is running a campaign that says domestic violence is not Okay. So […]

Jail for texting

Mon 17th March 2008:

I’m a 45 year old, white male, well educated and (my opinion only and reading on, I have no doubt many of you will question this claim) of above average intelligence. I run my own custom audio/visual integration business (TV’s, stereos, etc), I’m far too busy and incredibly dis-organised as a result. My wife of […]

National’s Father Bashing

Thu 13th March 2008:

National MP Judith Collins is at it again sweeping up further hatred towards men by using the derogatory term “deadbeat dads”, conveniently failing to mention that liable mothers are at least as likely as fathers to default on paying child support. She based her latest male-bashing bigotry on one alleged case the details of which […]

Stepfathers needed for research

Wed 12th March 2008:

Hi John, This person is doing research on step-parenting . She needs men to take part. Unfortunately she has nearly all women at present which is not good, as , given the Family Court, most step-parenting is done by men (where they live in the same house). Could you publicise this in some way that […]

What is the Families Comission up to?

Tue 11th March 2008:

In December 2007 the Families Commission issued a Request For Proposal titled: “Research on contact, care and financial arrangements made by separated parents for their children”. [14th March edit by JohnP – at the request of Paul Curry from the Families Commission this info is updated below:] Families Commission Research into Child Support Arrangements: The […]

Divorced Families – Myths and facts

Wed 5th March 2008:

Myth: Single-mother-headed households are not detrimental to children. Truth: Single-mother-headed households are the most dangerous place a child can be. Proof: The US Office of Technology Assessment (1987): “The increase in the number of mother-headed households and the corresponding decrease in father-headed households paralleled a 158% increase in child abuse and neglect in the 8 […]

Child Support changes in Australia

Tue 4th March 2008:

From July 1 all parents paying or receiving child support will have their payments adjusted according to a formula based on the cost of raising children. As part of the changes to child support, the agency has beefed up compliance rules. Parents who are not paying will face having payments such as unemployment and disability […]

False child abuse claims SHOULD be penalised in NZ too

Sat 1st March 2008:

West Virginians could soon face criminal charges for falsely reporting child abuse or neglect to influence a custody case. The House of Delegates voted 85-13 Wednesday to send the Senate a measure that would also slap any parent making a false report with a $1,000 fine or paying the other side’s lawyer fees. The misdemeanor […]

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