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Broken Hearted Family

Filed under: General — kasey @ 4:14 pm Tue 17th June 2008

First time writer. I just wanted tell my brothers story on this site as he cannot do it for himself as he is in jail due to FALSE allegations of sexual abuse & rape. My family & I are absolutely devastated by the guilty verdict the jury delivered, but after reading some of the listings on this menz sight I was horrified to find it seems to be the normal way things go for Men. My brother comes up for sentence soon & I’ve been doing a bit of research on ways to help him, as we know he’s innocent!. His so called TRIAL was a F—N shambles, I would love to tell you all the details but im afraid as he will be appealing the conviction & sentence & i don’t want to do anything that might f–k up his appeal. It seems to me that the justice system is so F–ked up that any female with a bee in her bonnet can accuse anyone with no evidence & even when the accused has evidence to prove his innocents it doesn’t matter cos if you’ve been accused you MUST BE GUILTY.  I am ashamed to admit being female after finding out how EVIL some bitches can be, as it was my brothers x wife’s & her daughter that accused him. We know they only did this because of the custody battle that has been goin on for years (he lost all those too!) as hes been trying to get visitation to his biological daughter. I rang a mens ph councilling line hoping that i could get my brother someone he could ring & talk to but he gets lock up for the night at 4.30pm & this councilling service doesn’t start til 6.30pm, which was rather disappointing so if anyone out there knows of another such service I would be grateful if you let me know, also any advice or info would also be gratefully recieved.


  1. Kasey, sorry to hear about these difficult events. An independent psychologist’s pre-sentence assessment can often help the Court to understand the person and the offending situation/behaviour better and this can help the Court to show lenience. This is more difficult when someone who has been convicted denies the offence totally, but even then his position and attitude can be conveyed and an assessment of future risk can be offered, often giving the Court evidence that can enable it to show lenience if it so desires.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 5:28 pm

  2. Thanks for suggestions, I find tho Im having difficulty getting a competant lawyer for my bros APPEAL cos none are interested in doing Legal Aid cases & I figure it will be even harder to find an independant psychologist in such short time as sentence is not far away. My bro tells me he had a visit from probation officer doin pre sentence report & was told you must be guilty cos a jury said so. I am so angry & frustrated it just about makes my blood boil, but at the same time I feel that its because of this it gives me the strength & courage to get off my arse & do anything I can to help my brother! And as for the court showing lenience I will not hold my breath on that one after witnessing the Trial, the judge was told by one of their own that the jury had been tampered with by accusers supporters but that don’t matter either cos if you been accused you must be guilty. FAIR TRIAL my f–kn arse!!!! Now my brother sits in jail because the cops helped the so called vitim change her story over 3yr period from not remembering much to remembering every detail. How do you defend yourself against such a f–ked up system???????

    Comment by kasey — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 6:09 pm

  3. Kasey,

    A sadly all to often story you have told – Stick with your brother and give him my regards – Who is-/-was his legal council

    Ration Shed – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 6:52 pm

  4. I’d rather not name him just yet as I am still in the process of finding someone else, & in the meantime we have to stick with him.

    Comment by kasey — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 7:29 pm

  5. Hi Kasey, i really feel for you and your whanau as i know what you are going through, not many good lawyers around unfortunately, there are too many allegations from former partners etc and it can ruin a persons life but stick with your brother and stay strong, the truth will come out in the end

    Comment by Hadi Akbari — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 7:53 pm

  6. Dear Kasey,

    If this posting is in regard to other communication I have recently received regarding a Kaikohe District Court Judgement and imprisonment whilst awaiting sentence please reply off the radar to [email protected] or at the number below.
    If this is a completely different case, again do not hesitate to unburden yourself and if able will try and assist.

    Kind Regards
    Paul Catton
    East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families
    (09) 940 6236

    Comment by Paul Catton — Tue 17th June 2008 @ 8:59 pm

  7. Kasey,My aroha goes out to your bro and whanau.Keep up the good mahi.I believe the accusers are paid out 16.000 dollars by acc win or loose.God bless the loneranger and tonto.

    Comment by Lone Ranger — Wed 18th June 2008 @ 1:13 pm

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments! Also thank you to Paul Catton for his advice to me on the phone! After speaking with you I spoke with my family & brother this morning & I must say you all have given us the rev up we needed to carry on. Thanks again! Going to make phone calls now. P.S I did pass on your regards to my bro, & they were much appreciated.

    Comment by kasey — Wed 18th June 2008 @ 2:03 pm

  9. Dear kasey,

    Thank you for allowing different perspective to extend an avenue that wasn’t under consideration.
    I hope that the contacts provided can be of benefit in the immediate situation and longer term however the situation of your brother conclusively pans out.
    I look forward to meeting with you and also any resident family in Auckland next week.

    Kindest Regards
    Paul Catton
    East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families
    (09) 940 6236

    Comment by Paul Catton — Wed 18th June 2008 @ 7:24 pm

  10. Kasey
    I visit a falsely accused father every Thursday at
    Paparoa Prison who is on remand and protection awaiting sentence.
    Never give up as so many innocent men get shafted by
    a corrupt and cruel feminazi judicial system.
    He was convicted after two mis – trials , EVEN THOUGH
    the complainant admitted she was telling lies when giving
    evidence. Only in New Zealand , the land of injustice!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Wed 18th June 2008 @ 10:44 pm

  11. Thank you for your comment & don’t worry I won’t give up till I get my brother out of jail. And I totally agree with you on the cruel feminazi judicial system!!!!!

    Comment by kasey — Wed 18th June 2008 @ 10:50 pm

  12. Dear Kasey, I have personally experienced the Kaikohe District Court, and I can tell you from experience that they and the Kaikohe police are total w@#@kers. It is a small community and when they get a case they go full out. Can you get the hearing out of Kaikohe ? I tryed but couldn’t. If you can, your brother will get a fairer hearing. If you can get it to Auckland then your brother may have a chance. The problem with Kaikohe is that everyone knows each other. It is generally a case of knowing the cops and the court officials up there. Half the cops up there drink and drive, they like to pick on the weakest people that they can find, and if your not from up there you are totally F%&*ked. They put me in remand for a phone call to 111 when I was asking for help. I was in remand for four months, and could not get bail. Even the Cahuies got bail, and that was a murder case !! My heart goes out to you, I personally know the stress you are all going thru. Try to take care of yourselves. I wish I could help in someway. Please let me know who your lawyer is, as many of the lawyers up there can’t get work in Auckland because they are so useless, so they go to Kaikohe for easy pickings.

    Best Regards

    Comment by paul — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 12:06 am

  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment I have replied to you off the radar. Thanks

    Comment by kasey — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 11:14 am

  14. Yes Paul is right Kaikohe police and court are shockers and you need to get transferred to Auckland but if the trial has been in Kaikohe the sentencing has to be done by the same judge so I can see litle chance of that.
    There is no High Court there so i guess the appeal will be in Whangerei.
    You need all the character references you can get before the sentencing.
    You should focus on that.

    Comment by whanga — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 11:46 am

  15. Thanks Whanga for your comment but as i told Paul my brothers case was not held in Kaikohe but near there & I’m afraid if i say where he may be identified & I’ve been warned not to do this as it may jeopardise the appeal. I have also stated that I would love to tell you all of the details because I’m sure you will all be as outraged as we are. So its for this reason that I am trying to be very careful of what I say here, & I hope you all can understand this. If you wish I will email you off air. Thanks again for all the support my family & I appreciate it so much.

    Comment by kasey — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 12:03 pm

  16. P.S I forgot to mention Whanga that yes we are now concentrating on the character references etc for sentencing.

    Comment by kasey — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 12:07 pm

  17. Hi Kasey, we do understand, that is why we are on this blog, we just need someone to talk to but cant go into detail in case some evil is reading it, i would write a character reference, myself

    Comment by Hadi Akbari — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 12:32 pm

  18. Thanks & I thank God that we do have this blog or we would be feeling very allienated. I only wish my brother was able to comment himself, but I do read all the comments to him by phone & I know he feels somewhat comforted by the responce we have had so far. I also wish I could do more not only for my brother but for all the men I’ve recently read about on this site as I feel so saddened by the way the NZ justice system, family courts & evil bitches have treated you. And like I said before it makes me ashamed to be female. I can’t figure out how these women & the cops that help them can sleep at night when they should know they are ruining peoples lives.

    Comment by kasey — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 1:01 pm

  19. Karma will get them!!Have absolutely no doubt about that!!

    Comment by whanga — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 4:03 pm

  20. I have always thought that there should be more than 1 judge sitting on serious cases as one judge could have a bad day or just be a 7th planet if you know what i mean. We can also thank the Jury system for letting us down as well. If you have a mortgage and a family to support how can the measly payment for the jurors cover their personal costs and as a result they want to get out of there as fast as they can. Good luck and keep us informed on how things go.

    Comment by Russell Redhead — Thu 19th June 2008 @ 10:32 pm

  21. You must be going through hell. My husbands case is not as extreme as that but it seems women can say anything and men have no rights. My husband applied for shared care and got a instant protection order served instead. This was with no evidence and no supporting affaidavids but it still got to court months later. It wasn’t granted but we still had to pay lawyers to defend it. We are nearly a year into it and no further ahead. Lawyer for childen is not impartial and she is unrepresented whilst we pay a lawyer. I keep reading that men need to be involved with their children. I also read that the court wants fathers involved. Howver when you try to get that it is not the case at all. Good luck with your fight.

    Comment by Chris Broome — Sat 12th July 2008 @ 10:29 am

  22. Hi Chris, Thanks for your comments. Yes our whole family are in a living hell and have suffered for coming on 3 yrs now. My brother was recently sentenced to what has been called an extrordinarily long sentence (more than a double murderer). As we are planning to Appeal the sentence and conviction I cant say exactly how long as this will identify him. What we wernt allowed to present in court as evidence is that my brother is not the only man this woman has put in jail for same charges in the same time frame. We have also recently heard that there has been charges laid against a third man. The Police seem to let this woman now point the finger at anyone she wishes with no EVIDNCE, & off to jail they go. We feel so angry & frustrated at the whole Justice system because now we know he was doomed from the start, and how to you gather evidence to prove your innocents from 10-12 yrs ago! The Police can lay a Representative charge over a 3yr period which is very difficult to prove what you were doing over a 3yr period 10 yrs ago. We have also found that when you have been charged with Sexual Offences you are looked upon as GUILTY right from the start. Even the Judge & Jury don’t care about your evidence. So called Victim support were no where to be found for us, as they were all fussing over the Complainant & her EVIL mother, but while their backs were turned they would laugh and taunt us. We now face the task of getting my brother urgently needed medical treatment but continually are being told by Corrections that we need to Remember he is in a prison. If anyone has suggestions on who or how to approach this matter we would be very grateful. Good Luck to You & Your Husband, Thanks again for your support.

    Comment by kasey — Sat 12th July 2008 @ 1:09 pm

  23. Evil bitch will suffer at the end kasey, we are all with you

    Comment by martin swash — Sun 13th July 2008 @ 9:33 am

  24. Hi Martin, Thanks for your comment and Thanks to You All for the support. It has helped our family immensely to know that we have people here that listen to our nightmare and offer support. The hardest part now for my Brother and our Family is living each day as a continuing or never-ending nightmare. We are hoping that the Appeal will be heard ASAP but I won’t hold my breath on that one as I have already witnessed how SLOW the JUSTICE SYSTEM works. Anyway THANKS AGAIN to ALL BYE for now!

    Comment by kasey — Mon 14th July 2008 @ 2:18 pm

  25. Hi there.I no what you are going through, we are in the same boat, crap lawyer, no witnesses aloud, girl thinking this is really funny and made the most of the attention she had through the trial, the personal hell you feel every day, the hapless feeling of not be able to do anything, and yes we have thought of suicide.
    We had an appeal on sentence and convictions, they dropt the major charge but still left the sentence as 12 years, our new lawyer was slapped down because he critisied our old lawyer and you are not aloud to do that, friends and family are still trying to find another loop-hole in the system to try for yet another appeal.

    Comment by Teresa — Mon 10th November 2008 @ 5:28 pm

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