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Children’s commissioner attacks good parents.

Filed under: General — Julie @ 3:07 pm Wed 27th February 2008

There is a saying that those in glass houses should not throw stones.

But feminist leaders do not seem to understand that the majority of people are working class people. It seems that we are uneducated. Pathetic losers unable to care for our children. And not just the most of us as parents but our own parents and our grandparents. And our great grandparents and their parents and … I hope you get the gist of this.

We are as she says, “Gullible”. We are gullible because we follow tradition. We are gullible because we do not follow the new world order of raising our children which has only proven to be chaos so far.

She sits on her almighty seat telling us that even her mother and father and her own grandparents did wrong. That somehow her study, yeap, that’s all these social workers have is study, is the correct way of doing things.

Family First is shocked and disappointed by an astonishing attack on the intelligence of New Zealand parents by the Children’s Commissioner.

The Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro has attempted to discredit the huge response to the two petitions asking for a Referendum on child abuse and the anti-smacking law by saying that previous generations of parents didn’t parent as positively and were less qualified in knowing how to raise their children than parents of today.

“This is an incredible display of arrogance and intolerance from Dr Kiro,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, “and shows the disrespect she has for kiwi parenting. Most parents I talk to often seek advice from their own parents and other parents and grandparents on effective parenting techniques. They acknowledge the wisdom and experience that older parents have.”

“Dr Kiro has also labelled the hundreds of thousands who have signed the petitions as gullible and misguided, and simply puppets to a political agenda. Once again, this is highly insulting to the more than 300,000 New Zealanders who care about good parenting and have thoughtfully signed the petitions, and is also an insult to the almost 75% of NZ’ers who in a poll this week say that a smack is not child abuse and shouldn’t be a crime.”

Dr Kiro also claims that police are not knocking on the doors of good parents because of the anti-smacking law, despite many cases to the contrary.

“This latest outburst shows how hostile the Commissioner is to anybody who disagrees with her intellectual and superior insight on parenting and families, and confirms the irrelevancy of the office,” says Mr McCoskrie.
Source Media Release:

Someone has just reminded me of a similar situation. One where the so called elite (which they are not) pushes unwanted and distasteful laws on another.

Behold the French Revolution.

the lynching by a revolutionary crowd of a hated official who was thought to have said during a famine in 1775 that “If [the people] are hungry let them eat grass.” Foulon was aware of hostility toward him when he fled the capital during the Paris Insurrection; he spread rumors that he had died, but he was recognized at Viri, a few leagues outside the capital, where he was hiding. “You want to give us hay, you shall have some yourself.” With a bale of hay attached to his back Foulon was brought back to Paris, to the Hôtel de Ville, where officials tried to protect him from the crowd. Too large and unruly for officials to control, the crowd seized Foulon and hanged him from a lamppost at the far side of the Place de Grève, across from the Hôtel de Ville. The crowd then decapitated Foulon, stuck his head on a pike, and marched up the rue Saint-Martin, brandishing its trophy as it proceeded.

French Revolution

Silly woman. (just being as nice as men are being to bimbo Sue Bradford)


  1. Check this link out also.


    Comment by julie — Wed 27th February 2008 @ 3:27 pm

  2. Like all of us in the Men’s Movement, I’ve been disgusted at the blatantly anti-male agenda of the Children’s Commission.

    But I think it is misleading to place all the blame on Cindy Kiro, who will have got the job because she is the correct gender, race and social status rather than because she is an inspiring leader.

    The real gatekeepers in this type of organisation tend to be somewhat less visible, in positions where they can exercise their power & control below the public radar. In this case I would say much of the ideological direction is set by the Commission’s Principal Advisor who operates under the pseudonym “Dr Emma Davies”, partner of long time MENZ critic psychologist Dr John Reid.

    Comment by JohnP — Wed 27th February 2008 @ 4:47 pm

  3. Hey Julie, the passage you quoted doesn’t mention it, but
    they also stuffed hay in Foulon’s mouth when they stuck
    the head on the pike. You know, letting HIM eat grass!

    Funny, yess? 😉

    Comment by fidelbogen — Fri 29th February 2008 @ 4:06 pm

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