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Our children and abuse

Filed under: General — Julie @ 7:02 pm Tue 26th February 2008

We hear of all the good things that our school system is doing through research released by the Ministry of Education from our Labour Party. We hear about all the good things that NZ is doing to protect our children from abuse.

We hear how our children need rights and that they should be free to choose their own sexuality. How they should be free from physical, Mental or Psychological discipline or leadership that could fit into the broad definition of politically correct abuse. If a child fears or feels any negative effort it is not discipline to learn from, it is abuse.

Everything must be affirmative action.

We can even read comments by the right wing and left wing sites discussing the bits and pieces coming out and debating between themselves over which side is the correct side to run the country. Funny thing is that they are both the same. Middle ground pushing the same ideology and agenda just arguing over a minor detail here and there.

And then we have the people. Those who see reality and research that sneaks out to the public through the media. Research that is ignored by politicians because it is not supporting their ideology.

Our education system is going down hill and has been for many years. No matter what is political correct and what funding is thrown at the problem and what is hushed to get funding and save status of schools, we continue to go down hill. Parents have been saying it for years.

We can say that this is just a Maori problem and that this is from bad parenting but we can’t ignore that all children are affected. Children are not in bubbles. They are not going to be protected from society or school teaching methods or bullies or drug users and drug pushers.

Teachers who have been around for decades will tell you of the changes. And they will tell you that the minority group of broken homes are not the only ones affected. So are well balanced families. But then broken homes is not the minority any more. They are mainstream now. The break down of the family is real.

They will tell you of the parents help in educating children that once existed. They will tell you how the mothers were responsible for the maximum of children’s well being and schooling. They will tell you of the time before politically correctness when both mum and dad played a big part. And when it was safe for parents to take children on excursions and excursions themselves were OK.

They will tell you of a time when male teachers were able to be one on one with a child without supervision from another adult. And when the teacher’s word was more important than the students. When girls couldn’t get away with threatening sexual harassment cases on male teachers to get an ‘A’ pass or to pass a paper they had failed.

They will tell you of the time children went home to family. When children were actually happy with life. Not drugged up on Ritalin or anti depressants.

But now, we need parents to help out. Now we need police in schools.

But not too close. After all it is the feminist goal to take over all of our children’s learning. Have you noticed how our children don’t bring text books home any more? Have you ever wondered what they are actually being taught?

And now our children are falling prey to rapists while they discover for themsleves which sex they are.

– Boys who are gay or are questioning their sexuality may be more susceptible to Internet-initiated sex crimes than other populations. Researchers found boys were the victims in nearly one-quarter of criminal cases, and most cases included facts that suggested victims were gay or questioning their sexuality.

But of course once again we have to blame the family unit. There is no other way this research can be used unless it is feminist inspired. The family unit must after all be destroyed. Communism and feminism is the only way forward as far as leftists are concerned.

And now our girls are just as violent as the worst violent boys. I can tell you the story of the girls at the Glen Eden train station in their school uniform bragging about the number of school age males they stab on the weekend. I can tell you of the young teen mothers holding their babies while kicking a male who was being beaten outside the Henderson court house. I can even tell you about the young female beating badly a young male on the beach at Mission Bay.

All this is in the public view. But not enough to change the views of the government. Not enough to change the views of policy nor laws.

When police learnt that rival gangs were planning a showdown in Chelles, east of Paris, they prepared for the sort of violence that has become routine in France’s troubled suburbs.

But even the most hardened officers were stunned as they arrived at the scene. The participants in what has become known as the battle of Chelles bus station were all girls aged between 14 and 17.

“They were fighting like the toughest of boys,” a policewoman who saw the confrontation this month said. “They had knives, screwdrivers, sticks and teargas and they were really going for each other. There must have been about 100 of them – some taking part and some there as spectators. It was quite frightening and if we hadn’t intervened quickly, it would have ended in a bloodbath.”

Do you think we have females gangs here in NZ? I hope you said yes. Because we sure do.

I am sure you are aware of the Killer Bees. The thugs that wear yellow bandanas and yellow clothing. They are recruiting our youth at a frightening rate. They are also the gang responsible for the stabbing of 2 couples in North Shore Auckland.

What you may not hear of yet is that there is a female gang associated with this gang. They wear yellow tank tops, other yellow clothing as well as bandanas too.

A very violent gang that police are having a hard time to control. Their age group is between early teens to 21 and the girls themselves say they have no fathers. They stand over men and young males in particular because they know they cannot fight back and take over peoples homes in West Auckland. They bash and stab and rob. And they love their life style of dishonesty and violence.

South Aucklandmovement

West Auckland movement

Bring back power to the family unit, I say.

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