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Feminist groups in NZ. I don’t get it!

Filed under: General — Julie @ 4:47 pm Thu 9th October 2008

I need help. Please help!

I made phone calls today as I always do now and then to groups. But groups seem independent IMO. I find it really hard to find groups that are anti male and yet we follow an ideology.

Is this ideology just a political thing? I am serious! Maybe I didn’t get a piece or 2?

Plunket in Auckland can’t figure how they boo’ed John Keys for they don’t think they work with children over 5 years of age and Banardos understand father’s issues.

It is as if we are dealing with a small group of women and yet I was frightened to think we are dealing with 380 groups for children’s rights.

I do not kid you when I say that I have a friend who made the statistics saying so many women die each year from DV and so many men. She told me that the stats have been lying for years and she worked 20 years to get to her position. She doesn’t want to be a politician even though the feminists want her to be. She says that men are boring because they don’t argue back.

I just don’t get it.

How come I can’t reach the enemy?

A friend now who was a boss for years and still is changes her story to suit me because I come from a place in society these women have never seen. I just can’t help but force women to change. But how can that be???

Did they never hear? And why did they never hear?

Do I need to go on TV to show NZ what is going on? I prefer not to you know.

Is this a war? And why? And how come things are different now? Why does every group I speak with including the biggest groups understand even before I argue?

Who are these horrible people who stand in the way of progress?

I seriously think it is time to name and shame for the benefit of all groups in society. Did you know that 65% of society was not born in New Zealand?

12 Responses to “Feminist groups in NZ. I don’t get it!”

  1. Alastair says:

    I have access to a Name & shame site any time you want to start. The site is overseas and inspite of threats by various politicians to Do what it takes to shut it down.

    After a Russian porn spam attack it is being rebuilt presently and is off line. It’s Sister site is in full flight, though more hidden. Visit (Running) and (Being rebuilt. Don’t let their names fool you, they are totally family oriented.

  2. julie says:

    Sad about the Russian porn spam attack. Seems lots of sites are getting hit by porn now.

    I should look to what you’ve got.

    I know that there are no policies for fathers or men in most political parties for this election and there are many groups who suggest men start having big meetings and inviting the police and lawyers and all other groups that could work to help out men.

    Maybe that needs to be on the cards.

    I remember Judge Boshier making a statement when the protests were on. He said, “Show me that fathers are important”. Maybe that is something worthwhile to explore.

  3. John Brett says:

    It’s as I have said in other posts- the enemy (of men, women and children) are a small, isolated few, who have reached positions of power.
    The majority in these organizations go along with their feminist rubbish because they don’t know any better, or have not been challenged.
    Change is possible.

  4. julie says:

    Alistair, I read an e-mail saying we now have a radio station.

    I think that is wonderful.

  5. Alastair says:

    The radio is a wonderful step forward Julie. Tou are obviously already a member. Please advertise these sites anywhere you feel appropriate

  6. Scott says:

    hhhmmmm conjouring up a plan…

  7. Alastair says:

    The same goes for you re Joining Scott. Possibly specialised. We will always need the openness of MENZ

  8. Dave says:

    Julie, I don’t really follow you.
    What exactly are you saying and what exactly are you asking?

    What radio station are you talking about?

  9. Spankeyj says:

    I do not realy get it, you think man is the enemy. First things first there are no enemies only peolpe who need more convinceing and for the ignorent they are always week and if let be will destroy themselves. look at America if they would have just stayed out of the middle east they would be killing each other no threat to democracey. radicals live risky lives and die easy.

  10. Perseus says:

    Maybe the Americans should have stopped fighting communism too, and hey the first and second world wars, let Hitler invade what was then NZ’s motherland, they should have allowed Japan to invade NZ, Oz and China and let Saddam Hussein keep Kuwait, they should have just accepted 9/11 gracefully, yes the world would certainly be a better place now.

    What you need is a 1 day brainwashing classroom lesson in a communist country or in a Muslim Maddrassah, then you would never say such stupid things and would revere your freedom. You are living in a free country protected by America, think yourself VERY VERY lucky ! Hundreds of Thousands of American men have died to protect your freedom !

  11. Tigerseye says:

    You’re spot on Perseus though the figure is closer to 2 million

  12. Perseus says:

    Changing the subject, this was in the news in Europe, a woman who skinned her own children and tortured them (with a female accomplice). Made the kids EAT their own flesh ? Strange how the kids are always MALE ! You couldn’t make it up

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