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Domestic Violence against Men Day

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 12:59 pm Mon 12th October 2009

Indian men and their families are taking to the streets across India in protest of feminism’s domestic violence ideology.

Fed-up of being victims of domestic violence, harassed men and their family members across the country will take to the streets in prominent cities to protest against Domestic Violence Act. Representatives of Save India Family Foundation while talking to TOI informed that following an increase in the number of such complaints, they had decided to mark October 25 – day the Act was implemented – as ‘Domestic Violence against Men Day’ and have chalked a list of activities, including protest marches by thousands of men in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

“We will be organizing a protest march in various prominent places of different cities across country on October 25,” said Nitin Gupta, representative, SIFF, Chandigarh unit, adding, “In Chandigarh, we have sought permission to stage a dharna in Sector 17, whereas our Delhi unit is planning one near Jantar Mantar.”

Clearing the air, NGO members plan to observe the entire October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the first time it will be done in the country. “Our aim is to make it an international event for all men’s rights and fathers’ rights groups across the world. Our month-long campaign will focus on educating the Indian public about how the problem of domestic violence has been misrepresented; how DVA has been commercialized and how Indian laws, claiming to prevent domestic violence, are actually promoting domestic it as well as human rights abuse against men, women and children,” Gupta added.

Times of India

It is unbelievable what his happening in India. To take a look at how feminism is affecting their culture visit Save Indian Family


  1. The flipside Julie, if it can be believed:-

    It must be noted of course that this is a press release from the refuge industry!

    Bay ethnic refuge fears for women

    by Carly Udy | 11th October 2009

    Picture: Joel Ford: Priyanca Radhakrishnan, of Shakti Community Council, says Punjabi women are allegedly being pressured to withdraw applications for protection orders.

    Tauranga’s ethnic women’s refuge says it holds grave fears for Punjabi women who are allegedly being pressured to return to abusive relationships by members of their local Sikh society.

    The claims were made as the Shakti Community Council-run refuge continues to see a spike in Punjabi women seeking assistance. They make up 40 per cent of its clientele.

    The Bay of Plenty Sikh Society New Zealand, meanwhile, rubbished the claims and told the Bay of Plenty Times the refuge’s allegations were untrue.

    As well as being a women’s refuge, Shakti, which was known as Disha before it became an incorporated society in 2002, helps with life skills and education.

    In the last financial year Shakti provided 1474 services to Bay of Plenty women, up from 1053 the year before.

    The organisation, based at Tauranga’s Historic Village, works with abuse victims from ethnic backgrounds including India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

    Shakti has lifted the veil on the plight of dozens of migrant women in the Bay of Plenty who are caught in a cycle of abuse that is normally hushed up in the societies they left.

    Priyanca Radhakrishnan, the council’s policy and organisational development co-ordinator, says she has heard in recent weeks of Punjabi women in the Western Bay allegedly being pressured to withdraw applications for protection orders against their husbands and reconcile.

    Ms Radhakrishnan is aware of occasions when up to 25 men from the Sikh community, including the ex-husband, have allegedly shown up at an abused woman’s property and used “pure emotional blackmail” to organise reconciliation meetings on the spot.

    “The women are provided with verbal assurances of safety and asked not to worry about their immigration status – most do not have New Zealand permanent residence,” she said.

    Ms Radhakrishnan said such acts of “coercion and intimidation” by religious authorities and society leaders was placing women in extreme danger and Sikh leaders were blatantly disregarding the human and legal rights of the victims.

    She had seen Punjabi women in the Western Bay sustain broken collar bones and ribs.

    One woman was allegedly kicked in the stomach and suffered internal bleeding, another was hit with a stick so hard it broke, and another was allegedly attacked by her husband while holding her three-month-old baby, causing the baby to be flung across the room.

    “There is a huge amount of violence going on in this community and there is an emphasis on keeping the family unit together so the woman is often blamed,” she told the Bay of Plenty Times.

    “They fear that if they ignore such authority they will be rendering themselves isolated, abandoned and ridiculed by members and the rest of the Punjabi community.

    “Patriarchy is deep-rooted in these women. They are controlled by their husband and their faith … and it’s hard to make a decision of their own volition.

    “When they are already teetering on the edge they are easily swayed to going back [to their husbands] and withdraw protection orders.”

    Ms Radhakrishnan said this was despite the fact they knew they were putting their own lives at risk, once again.

    Between 2001 and 2003, four ethnic women were killed in Auckland, three from the Punjabi community.

    “They were in various stages of reconciliation brought about by the local Sikh temples. We hope that such a tragedy does not repeat itself in the Bay of Plenty.”

    Bay of Plenty Sikh Society New Zealand president Jatinder Badh said the Punjabi community only had a 2 per cent divorce rate and “no power” to tell or influence couples what to do. The picture Shakti was painting of them was “incorrect” and “bullshit” he said.

    Society secretary Lehmber Singh said members of the society had helped couples reunite but only when approached by either the couple, or an individual.

    He disputed they had entered properties unannounced and demanded reconciliation meetings.

    The society sought to act as a mediator if asked.Western Bay of Plenty family violence co-ordinator Jason Perry, said Shakti’s concerns had been raised with him but they could only act on reported incidents.

    Mr Perry said some new migrants, depending on where they came from, lacked confidence in police and that was always going to be a problem.

    Only 18 per cent of domestic violence in general is reported to police.

    “The Indian community need to have confidence that police will follow up protection orders,” he said.

    Those hassling the victim and acting on behalf of the person that had the protection order could expect to be charged, as well as the person with the order against them, he said.

    Comment by alastair — Mon 12th October 2009 @ 1:09 pm

  2. The point is that the vast majority of POs are made falsely in order to control and legally terrorise men by agressive women.

    Comment by Maninoz-no-cs — Mon 12th October 2009 @ 1:29 pm

  3. You guys are amazing with information. Thanks alot.

    I still can’t get over the amount of Indian women going to refuges and crying rape when they don’t get citizenship. And the scams in the hospitals where blood tests for physicals are being swapped deliberately blows my mind.

    But how amazing that they can have refuges everywhere with each one for a different nationality and men can’t even get one in the whole country?

    Comment by julie — Mon 12th October 2009 @ 9:02 pm

  4. Bah, set up some vaccination posts at every Woman’s Refuge. Invite ALL Family Court Judges. Give them all the Swine Flu vaccination.

    There’s 300,000 doses on its way from Baxters. Baxters are being investigated after criminal complaints having been received by the F.B.I. and the Austrian authorities for attempting to start an H5N1 pandemic(bird flu).

    Our uninformed Ministry of Health:
    Dr Wilson wrote an email in response to a query on the incident.

    “The Ministry has investigated allegations that Baxter Healthcare Limited supplied H5N1 contaminated seasonal influenza vaccine, and is satisfied that this allegation is not true.”

    Our Ministry of Health are lazy and dangerously uninformed. They’ve been getting their News off the TV too it seems.

    All you misandrists, Come get Yours!

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Tue 13th October 2009 @ 5:28 am

  5. In some ways it’s excellent that complaints are being made about broadcasts that denigrate men. However, there is a downside when complaints fail, in that case law is being made that will decrease the chances of future complaints. The quality of such complaints might be increased if several people put their heads together, e.g. if the complaint is put out for review by others before being forwarded to the relevant authority.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Tue 13th October 2009 @ 10:02 am

  6. Oh, I like that idea Hans.

    Comment by julie — Tue 13th October 2009 @ 1:46 pm

  7. Excellent idea. We do our selves a dis-service when we go off with a poorly researched and prepared complaint.

    Comment by [email protected] — Tue 13th October 2009 @ 2:16 pm

  8. I have been the victim of physical domestic violence. To be honest it is small potatoes compared to the damage done by false allegations of domestic violence.

    Comment by Dave — Tue 13th October 2009 @ 6:43 pm

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