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Every crime against women should be regarded as a hate crime.

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 1:20 pm Sat 2nd May 2009

Below is comment left on a site under an article written by Robert Franklin, Esq. I chose to share it because I think it gives good insight into misandry in America.

NOW (America’s National Organisation of Women) – New York State recently supported a resolution that “all crimes against women must be regarded as hate crimes . . ..” You read that right! Every single crime against women should be regarded as a hate crime.

But think about what I just wrote. According to NOW-New York State, if a gunman (or gunwoman) goes on a rampage at the mall and kills 15 men and boys and five women, the killer will receive enhanced sentencing — ONLY for the crimes inflicted on five of the victims, the crimes against the women. You see, women’s lives are worth more than men’s, NOW believes. Never mind that innocent men are victims of violent assaults by strangers far more frequently than women. (Don’t believe me? You can even consult sources that feminists would consider unimpeachable: “Yes Means Yes: Visons of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape,” by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Vallenti (2008) at page 23: “Men are 150 percent more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than women. . . . Men are more likely to be victimised by a stranger . . . .”)

Never mind that it is possible more men are raped than women because of prison rape. Never mind that domestic violence is committed by both genders with roughly the same frequency. And never mind that false rape claim victims are almost exclusively male.

None of that matters to NOW. NOW is not after gender equity. NOW is a lobby for certain women (not all women, by any stretch of the imagination), and its agenda is simple: it wants nothing less than a legislative articulation that women are perpetual victims of subjugation by males — even though they are not, and, therefore, women are automatically entitled to special advantages over men — even though they shouldn’t get them. And for heaven’s sake, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good gender victim meta narrative!

NOW is, of course, trivialising the meaning of “hate crime” for its own political expediency. Its attempt to expand the definition of “hate” crime to fit whatever crime against whatever female for whatever motive is an affront to the blacks, gays, young men like the Duke lacrosse guys, and all other minorities who actually HAVE been targeted for crimes because of the class to which they belong.

In effect, NOW is seeking to do nothing less than institutionalise misandry.

Written by Pierce Harlan. Comment #1.


  1. Yes thank-you Julie for alerting us to NOW’s agenda and for your thoughtful comments about that.
    It lays bare the lie that N.O.W.’s brand of feminism is a hate movement of the obviously Orwellian kind.
    For as Orwell brilliantly showed us in his epic novel ‘1984’
    (since made into a movie and required reading for all men with political interests I suggest)
    to say one thing whilst meaning the opposite is the essense of what he called DOUBLESPEAK.
    The national organisation of women is itself doublespeak – they are a small but vocal sub group of USA women. Thankfully they do not speak for many USA women.
    Also for them to say all crimes against women are a hate crime is exactly as you describe it and a gross hysterical hate-crime itself.

    These are people (the vast majority of them women) who declare themselves to be vanguards of feminism. They show themselves to be extreme and hateful towards men with this sort of initiative which is easily debunked as crackpot extremism. Yet what disturbs me about the situation is that I have over the years noticed very very few others who call themselves feminists denoucing N.O.W.


    Comment by Skeptik — Sat 2nd May 2009 @ 2:16 pm

  2. Julie, I don’t think you wrote this article yourself like the lack of attribution implies.

    It’s not OK for any MENZ authors to just copy material from elsewhere – why should I pay to host data that is already on the http://www.?

    If I’m wrong I apologise.

    Comment by John Potter — Sat 2nd May 2009 @ 6:35 pm

  3. I’ll fix this one, JohnP.

    And ….. be aware in the future.

    Comment by julie — Sat 2nd May 2009 @ 8:28 pm

  4. Skeptic wrote “For as Orwell brilliantly showed us in his epic novel ‘1984?
    (since made into a movie and required reading for all men with political interests I suggest)”.
    IMO communism is the ultimate form of capitalism with all the wealth aborbed into the hands of the ruling elite. Here’s a link to an article excellent article by Henry Makow Ph.D worth taking note of:

    I think it’s worth thinking about why familes are being destroyed other than that it’s just a money making business for those who fan the fires on both sides.

    Comment by Larry — Sun 3rd May 2009 @ 10:06 am

  5. Does that mean crimes against men are love crimes?

    Comment by Fearless Francis — Tue 12th May 2009 @ 7:12 pm

  6. It does not sadden me the cop that got shot dead in nappier is dead.
    He got what he deserved Cops are little more then paid thugs that hide behind a uniform.
    How about we ban there patches in public I say
    Good on the shooter for standing up for and dieing for what he believed in.

    A true hero in my eyes

    Comment by Ted — Wed 13th May 2009 @ 1:34 am

  7. Now when i read about such incidents, I always think that there must be a reason behind these mens’ anger, particularly if it involves women. I know that men are rational beings who are mainly pushed to violence when there is a great injustice in their lives.
    We are thrown out of our houses and out of our kids’ lives by a legal “Protection Order” stating that our ex’s feel “scared of us”, during trivial “violent” incidents which were probably initiated by the woman. But the cops can shoot, bash people and get away with it

    Comment by Ian — Wed 13th May 2009 @ 6:18 am

  8. Ted,
    I do not know your personal experiences but it is very sad that two men, at least one of them a father, have died. I don’t think either man planned to stand up for anything that morning, they were just getting on with their lives. Maybe both died for what they believed in, if that is what you wish to believe then so be it.
    Personally I find it sad that anyone feels so insecure in our society that they develop their home into a fortress. Maybe it is a mental health issue?
    Some cops act like thugs at times but many are compassionate family people. Yes, they are a gang in blue and we all need to accept the challenge of guiding them when they might benefit from such guidance. A polite letter to the Commissioner of Police about your concerns is a more helpful response than your post above.
    This website does not benefit from posts such as yours. It detracts from the issues that are our common concerns.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Wed 13th May 2009 @ 10:59 am

  9. Isn’t every crime a “hate” crime?

    Comment by Scott B — Wed 20th May 2009 @ 1:59 pm

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