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Principal Family Court Judge Boshier on TV One

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 7:17 pm Wed 1st July 2009

From Peter Zohrab

What do people think of what Judge Boshier said on TV One ? You can read what he said at

Watch the video here.

In particular, what do you think about what he said about Family Court statistics? You can see the statistics at:

He is saying that the stats prove that fathers and mothers are treated equally. What is our response to that?

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  1. Now here is an old hand who tells it like it is – I hope Peter-Z follows this post and comments – Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 7:55 pm

  2. “He is saying that the stats prove that fathers and mothers are treated equally. What is our response to that?”

    He knows my case proves him wrong, but Boshier does not give a flying f about that. Everybody knows the Family Court is riddled with unlawful male gender discrimination. How many examples do you need judge Boshier?

    Comment by dad4justice — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 7:59 pm

  3. Shame to read that interview. I thought you’d need to be half intelligent to become a judge. With the comments he made he’s shown what an idiot he is and what a laughing stock the system has become. Min Justice stats prove a bias. Men on here can vouch for it. I’ve even seen a lawyer for the child try to swing an agreement of 50/50 by 2 parents to a high pct for the mother… equality …. yeah right

    Comment by John (Doe ;) — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 8:18 pm

  4. I have been waiting for a hearing for a parenting order since 20 August 2009, despite six judicial conferences already being held. Boshier is simply a spin doctor for feminist governance and a poster boy for the Ministry of Women’s Affiars.

    Comment by Gerry — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 8:19 pm

  5. i presume you mean august 2008 ….

    Comment by John (Doe ;) — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 8:30 pm

  6. Hold on… when was this interview with Boshier? Cause if it was on the 28th of June this year or there abouts, something aint right with things he’s saying.

    Comment by Scott B — Wed 1st July 2009 @ 11:27 pm

  7. Family courts! It’s got to be RENAMED to “WOMEN BIASED COURT”.

    I would suggest them to just not to waste time on DV cases / protection orders because the outcome is 99% known outcome. So they can just have a set rule that if the protection order is applied by a girl against a boy, 100% it will be granted no matter even if he is a saint and even if she is a devil. All that matters is the GENDER.


    Comment by Men At Risk — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 12:22 am

  8. I hope Peter-Z follows this post and comments

    That would be wonderful. BTW Jim, you have some good articles on your site. Nice work.

    Comment by julie — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 12:22 am

  9. Ms Boshier claims that 50% of fathers who apply win custody of their children. He only counts those dumb enough to bother being ripped off by the system that pays his salary, like I was.

    I’ve been through the Femily Caught and won custody and yet I would strongly advise any father to turn your back on the entire misandric system.

    It cost me $10,500 that SHOULD have been for my children once I had won custody. She got free legal aid of course and yet I was the primary caregiver of my children since BIRTH! She lied and lied and lied. I asked my solicitor to complain to the legal aid authority. He did, citing the requirements needed by HER solicitor to secure funding fell short of their mark. The psychologist reported that SHE had a problem with the truth. The Judge remarked that the truth was probably somewhere between both HER story and mine. What absolute farking no-balls sh!t!! I grit my teeth and REFUSED to lie or embellish or manipulatively give any false impression by any discreet method. I DIDN’T NEED TO! And STILL the so-called professionals couldn’t fathom the serious mental problems interfering with facts nor the serious risk of harm that my children faced by YOUR LOT keeping them with HER for THREE YEARS before their idiot brains sparked. Can you imagine my despair Ms Boshier? FFS!!! SHE had already attempted to kill my children once before. The farking cops knew!!

    When a father deals with CYFS social workers, what are the odds he’ll deal with a woman? Even a childless woman? How many women understand that speaking over the top of a man is aggressive behaviour to a man? (Dr Alan Pease – author – Why Women Can’t Read Maps and Men Don’t Listen, awesome read!). What are the chances that this childless woman will most likely have more empathy, more in common and feel more at ease with the female parent?

    What are the chances that the female parent has a protection order against the male parent? What percentage of those are frivolous or dishonestly applied for Ms Boshier? How many of those Protection Orders were applied for so that SHE has POWER and CONTROL over your home, your furniture, your children and anything else that was previously claimed as ours? How many of these PO holders resume their relationship and abuse that POWER and CONTROL over their partner?

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 12:39 am

  10. I just learned a very valuable lesson. In future I’ll be typing on a text editor and copying it here when I’m ready to actually submit my post rather than when I accidentally press the wrong key :eek:.

    Boshier has no idea why the majority of men, according to his own statistics, don’t challenge custody in his domain. Fathers have to push sh!t uphill and pay dearly for the pleasure. Mothers get sympathy and fathers get the bill. I’d not waste my time if I had to do it again.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 1:07 am

  11. Yep sorry – Not getting much time to come over to MENZ – Building World-Wide unity with those who beleive **Equal Parenting** will break the **Empire of Injustice** and rid FAMILY of the many isms that damage us – Let alone the time it takes to service the FoodBANK side of Ration Shed – Thanks onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 6:32 am

  12. Dad4Justice,

    Boshier and his part of the **Empire of Injustice** only record, take notice of etc that which will feather his/their own bed – Boshier is most likely the highest paid Benefiary in New Zealand – If Ration Shed/Dad4Justice Etc had his income for funding we could turn these Injustices around in one, maybe less generation – Onward Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 6:37 am

  13. Talking about bias in the family court is nonsense.
    The family court is a Mafia. Could you now land in a Mafia net and talk about bias.

    Boshier you can’t have good arguments about equality and fairness because the dva and the related laws cannot produce fairness and equality. You are a victim and a soldiers of those laws. No evidence is required in your court and when everything fails you resort to invent psychological abuse. Did you at some stage tell your partner that the soup was too salty or why she is wasting hot water? That is putting her down, that is control, that is psychological abuse. Verdict:
    protection order, violence course, can’t see your own children. After all this trauma they send you to a psychologist who will write that the level of your anxiety is a risk factor for the children.

    Do you know that the majority of your officers(lawyers) are liars with full blessing from their superiors (judges) and deceitful people whose sole purpose is to prolong the process by creating and sustaining an atmosphere of enmity between parents. Your corporation Mr Boshier is a Mafia and Evil.
    I challenge you judge Boshier to call all the men that went through your fishing net and we will see how many would say that you have been fair to them.

    Comment by tren Christchurch — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 10:16 am

  14. I love how “Paul and his panel” quickly dismissed it all and said yeah it’s obvious, then moved onto the next subject.

    Comment by Scott B — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 1:12 pm

  15. This was just a PR and propoganda excersize by Boshier and the courts.

    Comment by Scott B — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 3:37 pm

  16. Right-On Scott B – Growing his **Empire of Injustice** – Onward – Jim

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 3:55 pm

  17. Yes, what he’d like to see is MORE fathers engaging in the services they provide. Is it just coincidental that more fathers = more money?
    Keep your money. If you feed a monster it will grow.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 4:50 pm

  18. You might be onto something there!

    Comment by Scott B — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 4:57 pm

  19. I have very serious concerns when a Senior Judge is quite happy for Police Officers to issue non-association orders at their whim. Effectively this Bill gives the Police the power to grant an interim injunction (normally reserved for High Court Judges) without any judicial oversight.

    Banning orders are yet another example of how New Zealand is moving further towards a Police State. The list grows longer and people just roll over.

    Boshier should apply for a job in Zimbabwe; his ideology is much aligned to Mugabae.

    To those who voted for National you have what you deserve.


    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 7:57 pm

  20. Hey guys, what would happen if the men in positions listened to you and agreed with you? What would you do?

    Would you rubbish them or would you support them?

    Would you fight for them if they tried something that you thought wasn’t an end result but a step towards it and had all the feminists against them?

    Comment by julie — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 10:01 pm

  21. Easy Julie…

    First of all I wouldn’t care if the so called feminists were with or against them, it is what they would be standing for and trying to change that would matter.

    I would support them if I could see they were really trying to make a change.

    Comment by Scott B — Thu 2nd July 2009 @ 11:37 pm

  22. I’d support any improvement that pressed for fairness for Fathers and their children.
    After suffering under the Power & Control of a Protection-Order-holding nut-job for years I’d regard any noise made by any opposing feminist as emotionally charged flatulence. Feminists appear ignorant to the plight of non-violent fathers being lorded over by violent mothers who gain the support of State employees to assist her with her violence toward of him and their children. They have no credibility any more.
    So…. what’s this something that you’re alluding to?
    NB: Please click my username to help with our efforts toward an annual survey that might help men.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Fri 3rd July 2009 @ 5:10 am

  23. I agree, it’s is very scary.

    The fact that he supports such things should be enough for any father conisdering going through the system to just give up. Once again they are failing children.

    Comment by Scott B — Fri 3rd July 2009 @ 10:38 am

  24. What an idiot Boshier is ! One day the spin will end though, he ressembles a politician with devious lies. New zealand lost tens of thousands of My tax dollars by allowing my violent wife to take protection orders out on me, all stemming from my refusal to buy her a massive seafront house which i could not afford . the NZ state had to pay for her social security for almost a year too. She no doubt left a trail of debt as usual from her mad jewelry shopping trips and massive telephone bills unpaid.
    My kids happy at their kiwi school were the big losers and i paid agreat wmotional price from all the trau atrauma that the state allowed this mad criminal woman to inflict on me. But the NZ state paid dearly financially, gave her free air fares

    Comment by Martin swash — Sun 5th July 2009 @ 12:26 am

  25. I think people have misunderstood what this judges message was. Ill spell it out.

    “I am important, I am intelligent and I am the boss of everybody. I am better than all of you and should be continuing to get paid this great salary at the same time that I have no accountability for my actions. How dare any of you criticize me or that which I have devoted my entire life. Peasants back to work.”

    thats about it in a nutshell

    These statistics were made by the government for the government. I dont believe them.

    Comment by miggy — Tue 7th July 2009 @ 5:23 am

  26. How many Jews would have returned to Nazi Germany if Hitler had proclaimed a willingness to play fair now after years of unforgivable abuses?

    The Femily Caught has gassed too many good fathers already and will forever remain soiled with the stench of misandry. Good luck with your advertising campaign Judgey Poo! You’ll need it.

    NB: Please contribute to our effort towards our annual survey development – Status of Men Index(click my username above).

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Tue 7th July 2009 @ 4:01 pm

  27. I don’t see one where we can contribute, they say they are closed!

    Comment by Scott B — Tue 7th July 2009 @ 4:15 pm

  28. There were two votes that have expired. We’re basically looking to find a method by which we can rate each of the top ten subjects of concern to those that voted. The top ten issues can be found listed here.

    Comment by SicKofNZ — Tue 7th July 2009 @ 5:49 pm

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