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Why is Ayn Rand popular in New Zealand?

Filed under: General — Julie @ 3:30 pm Mon 13th April 2009

I was somewhat shocked to see NZCPR promote Ayn Rand’s books. Maybe because it is right wing. But…

Have you read her writings? Do you support her and why?

For a period of time in January, “Atlas” outsold President Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope” and landed squarely in the top 30 books on As a matter of fact, sales of the popular objectivist allegory peaked last as work on the latest stimulus plan began to receive mass press coverage in mid-January.

For those who don’t know, “Atlas Shrugged” relates the tale of a group of highly intelligent inventors, businessmen, and industrialists, led by one John Galt, who abandon a more-or-less socialist society that has been tormenting them with absurdly burdensome taxes and regulations. Eventually, the socialist society breaks down and begs them to return, under their own terms. It’s worth noting that, among American investors & CEO’s polled, “Atlas Shrugged” ranks as their most influential book, next to the Bible.

So, what gives? Why has objectivism suddenly become so popular in a nation suddenly made safe for the New World Deal? Don’t say it’s “evil Republicans” plotting, because, frankly, Rand’s blatant atheism can’t sit that well with the religious right. …And the feud between mainstream Libertarians and Rand-heads is well known.

So I guess the left are picking up the book also.


  1. I have read all her books and she is the reason I left New Zealand for good. I discovered her book by accident. I was at the Pakaranga Library and I saw her book in the Philosphy section called “The Virtue Of Selfessness” Its about self dependency which is totally inconsistant with the ethos that preveils in NZ where just about everyone is on welfare of some sort. It changed my whole life for good and I am glad that by that one accident in a library it has been the source of so much happiness for me.

    Comment by Phil — Thu 16th April 2009 @ 4:12 am

  2. I am happy for you Phil. I hope your life is doing well. But remember that selfishness has it’s own demons. lol

    Comment by julie — Fri 17th April 2009 @ 6:57 pm

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