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IRD demanded money from man in a coma

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:06 am Tue 11th May 2010

The wife of a Taranaki man left with brain damage after a vicious attack says Inland Revenue continued to demand child support payments from him as he lay in a coma.Brendan Hareb and his neighbour, Duncan Transom, were beaten after they confronted a group of young people smashing letterboxes in Eltham in 2006.

Along with a fractured skull and brain damage, Mr Hareb lost an eye, his hearing in one ear, the use of an arm and his short-term memory.Yesterday, Mr Hareb’s wife, Sarah, said Inland Revenue continued to charge her husband child support and late payment penalties as he lay unconscious in hospital.

“I was fighting it while he was unconscious but there was no compassion from them,” she said. “They told me he still had to pay. It was up to his ex-partner to decide if she didn’t want to apply for it.”Mrs Hareb, who contacted the Taranaki Daily News after reading of another couple’s wrangle with red tape yesterday, said repeated calls to Inland Revenue to plead her unconscious husband’s case all had the same result.

“They didn’t want to listen.

11 Responses to “IRD demanded money from man in a coma”

  1. mits says:

    ahhhh this must be another example of the continuing improvements at IRD child tax dept.

    I blame the money grubbing ex or the immoral claw back system for the DPB.
    I mean c’mon for godsake! fractured skull, brain damage, lost an eye, hearing, use of an arm, and short term memory and somebody felt such a sense of entitlement that they they get their child tax, they couldnt even defer it till he regained consiousness.
    ghouls out and out ghouls

  2. mits says:

    Just re-read it and this gem
    It was up to his ex-partner to decide if she didn’t want to apply for it
    yep that about sums it up since IRD kept chasing it obviously the ex partner felt her entitlment meant more than his health.
    What a callous bitch
    and thats being charitable I feel.

  3. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    ahhhh this must be another example of the continuing improvements at IRD child tax dept.

    Yes it surely is after all collection of the tax not people matter.



  4. Scott B says:

    Some men will come up with any excuse to try and get out of paying child support! lol IRD is a joke.

  5. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    Yes Scott,

    Any excuse to get out of paying lol.

    What unacceptable stress on a family with a critically ill father – no wonder IRD Child Tax staff have been known to jump off bridges – no compassion, no empathy, NO LISTENING!



  6. Skeptik says:

    Reminds me of the time when I’d run out of money and was reduced to sleeping on a friends garage floor because I couldn’t afford the down-payment on a flat. I still had to pay child tax. Meanwhile my ex was living in a lakeside mansionette, flouncing around in chiffon and holidaying every year overseas.
    Doesn’t seem like things have changed at all over the years.
    Would IRD for a moment treat a woman this way? Yeah right!
    Ah yes. Father friendly NZ. A paradise for men indeed!
    Is it any wonder there’s a marriage strike and men going their own way!

  7. Ms IRD Officer says:

    Lazy B
    Lying in hospital pretending to be brain damaged. We don’t car if he has lost an eye or an arm or his brains.
    We just want his money and penalties.
    We don’t even care if it was his ex who inflicted these injuries, the law says he pays and we make dam sure that happens.

  8. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    Ms IRD

    All you are interested in is collection, your the taxwomen and its a tax – Dunnes a tax minister interested in collection – your department should be called Removing Income from Dads RID.



  9. Skeptik says:

    Oh and check this out
    not the most scientific data around but very telling all the same.

  10. rc says:

    This has just gone front page at Glenn Sacks. What a great image to present to the rest of the world – our tax agency insisting on payment from a man in a coma. Right up there with ‘first country in the world to give women the vote’.

    Don’t it make ya proud to be a kiwi?

  11. rc says:

    The specific link to the Glenn Sacks story is:

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