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Simon Power, please give this Judge a job.

Filed under: Law & Courts — golfa @ 4:10 pm Tue 24th August 2010

Plotting ex-wife gets 7-14 years in jail

Kristin Ruggiero will spend 7 to 14 years in state prison for what police say was part of a years-long ploy to use the criminal justice system against her ex-husband, who was thrown in jail and nearly lost his career during a bitter divorce.

Judge Kenneth McHugh said Ruggiero’s attempt to set up her ex-husband and use the legal system as a weapon was unlike any other case he has seen.

3 Responses to “Simon Power, please give this Judge a job.”

  1. mits says:

    serious question here

    can we do something like this in NZ?
    can we file a case in a criminal court for someone commiting perjury in the family caught?

  2. tren (Christchurch) says:

    What this woman has done is nothing different from what women’s refuge is doing here in assisting women in the Family Court. The difference is just that the lies are cynically engineered to be close to the truth. And they have a lawyer, psychologists, counselors and many others to do the engineering.

  3. Ford says:

    id love to see nz judges doing the same…wake up to the lies and deceit or just stop ignoring it…i find it hard to beleive the ppl in power dont know or refuse to do something about this shit…start fining and/or jail..penalize the lying losers

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