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The stereotype NZ female

Filed under: General — Vman @ 6:21 pm Tue 30th March 2010

Wikipedia (which you will know can be edited by anybody) has this to say about the stereotypical NZ female:

The kiwi female

There are few stereotypes surrounding New Zealand women, and these stereotypes are not as strong as those involving men. The two strongest stereotypes are:

* Independence: New Zealand women are sometimes thought to be more independent than women elsewhere. New Zealand being the first country in the world to give women the vote and the only to have all its most important positions of state power simultaneously filled by women is seen as evidence of this. This ignores the century in between these two events in which New Zealand was far from progressive on women’s rights: for example rape within marriage was only criminalised in the mid 1980s.

* Lack of femininity: Women in New Zealand are supposedly unfeminine, for example wearing masculine clothing and spending little time on makeup and other forms of personal grooming. This can also be seen in a positive light; Kiwi women are portrayed as not being held back by ideas about being ‘ladylike’ and are therefore willing to take on ‘masculine’ tasks such as car maintenance and playing rugby. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is often seen as an embodiment of this stereotype, for good and bad: critics point at her lack of children and her choice on one occasion to meet the Queen while wearing trousers; supporters like her passion for mountain climbing and ability to hold her own in parliamentary debates.[22]

Just thought I’d mention it seen as there is a lot of discussion about NZ women on here at the moment.

3 Responses to “The stereotype NZ female”

  1. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Dave

    ….Thanks, but a definitely a big ‘Nooooooo’ thank you, to Kiwi Woman…been there,done that…. been slaughterer and quartered ….Never again…..

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  2. paul says:

    that says it all,no more for me either

  3. amfortas says:

    “New Zealand Women” is far too broad a category. I am pretty sure that NZ has a lot of different sorts of women ranging from the gentle and kind, to the awful and harridan; from petite, well groomed and finely decorated girls, to muscular dykes in overalls and greasy hands. And the full palette between.

    You chaps have to live alongside them. They are as anyone else. Generally OK mostly, that one can ‘mingle’ with, with some really bad ones which one should avoid unless with a sword in your hand. As for marrying one…. they will have to make a first-class case. And the more persuasive that case, the less I would trust them !

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